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Oprah's Holiday Gifts for Mom ... On the Cheap

12/7/2010 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey learned a valuable lesson in Washington D.C. this weekend -- not everyone can afford the stuff on her "favorite things" list. Chill, broke shoppers ... O's got some ideas for you too.

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Just Sayin    

Bullsh*t that's really oprah's real hair.

1418 days ago


I thought she was going to slap him because he didn't have $100. to spend on his mother.

This woman doesn't live in the real world. Her ego is like a cocoon that shields her from reality.

Never liked her. She's so damn snotty.

1418 days ago


"LOWER than a hundred dollars?"

She is completely out of touch with the rest of the world. Her first response is to plug a product from her show. Her own idea wasn't very personal or thoughtful. She then delivers a pretty sarcastic Merry Christmas. I never knew lesbians could be so bitchy and condescending.

1418 days ago


I love Oprah's gift list. It always has something wonderful on it (and affordable even for TMZ cameramen).

1418 days ago


gravity is working wonders on okras face.....fake eyebrows and all..she is looking like bozo the clown,,a fat one at that

1418 days ago


All her money wont fix that face and fat ass

1418 days ago


She is a pompous ass ...........

1418 days ago


She never shuts her mouth. She's either eating or spewing sh*t.

1418 days ago


My ass is cuter than her ugly face. Awww!....I throw up.

1418 days ago


boy she really is pushing for publicity for that show of hers. it should have gone off years ago but she is smart enough to never put it on head to head against anything decent. rosie used to always beat her in the ratings..
now she is trying to piggyback off michael jackson for ratings constantly having something to do with him..
it must drive her nuts as she cant stand the man..
she ran out of credability years ago, she should set steadman the beard free and go off into the sunset with gayle

1418 days ago


btw, if these are oprah favorite things , why doesnt she remember anything about he jewelry box.they are her favorite things because she gets them for free in exchange for plugging them on her show ..

1418 days ago


What are you talking about Just Sayin???? That is absolutely her real hair and it's gorgeous. I don't think Oprah's out of touch with reality. She simply couldn't understand how a TMZ pap who works in Hollywood couldn't round up $100 for his own mother. That's not too much to ask of your average person at all. I love how all of y'all are hating on her and talking about her looks when the woman is pushing 60. Yet if she got plastic surgery y'all would still be talking s**t. I guess some folks have to find the negativity in everything.

1418 days ago


I have been tought if you can't say something nice about someone don't say it.....
But I do feel that there are a lot of local cancer patients that could use some extra help in getting back and forth to their Dr. appointments and hospital visits. I have always given to the cancer drives, but now I find out that the money doesn't stay locally to help people in our rural area. It is really hard to pay for the gas to keep these appointments when you are on a fixed income, with the price of gas going up everyday.
My thought is maybe some moneys could be placed where it could help those cancer patients. I'm not saying you shouldn't help with research but don't forget those that already have cancer.
It is people like you that others look up to for advice and direction.

Have a Happy and safe Hoilday

1418 days ago


A lot of people cannot afford $100.00 for a gift. If you don't have credit cards, or money saved up in a huge bank account, and if you live from pay-check- to pay-check ..there is no way in God's green earth !! I find it offensive that she thinks everyboby should spend $100.00 or more on gift !!!!

1418 days ago


I just don't see the allure with this woman. In the past I have tried to watch her show....then woke up. Boring..never interesting. I cant understand the media frenzy associated with her....Oprah's favorite things...who cares? I also find that she thinks she's so much more important than she really is...would the world stop if she retired? Sorry Oprah...I think that the Pediatricians who are treating sick children are far more important than you..and interesting too.....and far more deserving of the $$$$$ than you.....overpaid and underworked and overhyped....thank god you are going off the air...25 years of this has been enough...

1418 days ago
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