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UFC Prez -- Riot-Ready if Canadian Superstar Loses

12/9/2010 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There may be blood in the streets of Montréal this weekend if Canadian UFC champ Georges St. Pierre loses on his home soil -- and UFC boss Dana White already has an escape plan in case it happens.

It's all going down at UFC 124 in Montréal, Québec on Saturday -- when Georges defends his welterweight title against America's own Josh Koscheck.

According to White -- who was in Toronto this week -- Koscheck "better have a f**king helicopter waiting out front if he wins that fight" ... adding, "And mine will be right next to it."

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Rarely, will you meet a BIGGER douchebag than Dana White - with his addiction to the steroid and F bomb lingo, one can only conlude he is filled with insecurity and most likley, lack of endowment.

1391 days ago


the guy that asked the question???? what an A**HOLE. there won't be a riot for a minor sport like UFC... and what does he know about winning the Stanley cup......... it's been since 1967 that Toronto hasn't won it.
Doesn't he watch other places when they win a championship
again A**HOLE

1391 days ago


#1 all of you don't know what you're talking about. #2 if you are even somewhat of a fan of MMA (the sport that the UFC is) you would know that everyone in Montreal is die hard for GSP. # 3 there will be ariot if GSP losed and it'll be 23,000 people involved. Check your facts. As well MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and has leading PPV number (yes, ahead of boxing) so keep your verbal direahh to yourself.

1391 days ago


Since when has Canada ever done anything remotely interesting, let alone rioted??? Give me a break. The refuge of draft-dodgers who is now giving the Quaids immunity from US Law and Refugee Status from Hollywood Star Whackers. That is Canada. Rioting over some stupid wrestling match doesn't seem like their style.

1391 days ago


Montreal will riot whether he wins or loses, Montrealers riot over everything.

1391 days ago


Who cares? More sports and now something up in Canada. Honestly, is there no celeb news today?

This post isn't even marked TMZ Sports either.

Good grief.

1391 days ago


Don't forget about the riot when Guns and Roses quit a few songs into their set.

1391 days ago


@Mighty Mad...typical response from a douchebag American just like yourself

1391 days ago


Canadians are crazier than you think. We love our hockey, and MMA. When the Montreal Canadians lost back in May there was a riot- people were hurt, stores were smashed. Toronto ( a sad excuse for a city?) Toronto held the G20 summit to figure out what to do with our national debt ac***ulated by STUPID Americans. There too was a riot- Police cars were lite on fire and torn aprt- swat was involved. Do not talk, unless you know what you're talking about.

1391 days ago


Also your sad excuse for a leader (Obama) called his trip to Canada " his trip overseas". You are all like him. Don't care to know the truth-happy with your own ignorant thoughts. WE SHARE THE SAME CONTINENT. THINGS HERE ARE JUST LIKE THE U.S.A. WE ARE NOT LUMBERJACKS!!, WE DO NOT CONSTANTLY SAY EH!

1391 days ago

Jonas Jizay    

I am from Montreal and this UFC thing is a huge deal here.

GSP defending in his hometown against a loudmouth ass like Koscheck is a big deal here tickets are like 750$ and its sold out its been the talk of the town since last time UFC was here and Koscheck won the chance to fight GSP and **** talked the crowd.

We could riot we rioted when when we won the stanly cup we rioted when axl rose dissed us, we even rioted after a round 1 playoff win.

people here love to get drunk and brake stuff.

1391 days ago


If you are a guy & you like to watch UFC you are most likely to suck a dude off before you are 40.

1391 days ago


I live here in Montreal, have for MANY years. They did not riot during the Faith no more\Metallica\GNR concert in the 90's because GNR quit after a few songs. I was there. 5th row. Axel wasn't happy that they had to go on early because Metallica's James Hetfield burned his hand and had to leave. He said F.Y. Montreal, Slash spat in the crowd and they started trashing their instruments. But yes, Montrealers tend to riot whether happy or angry and I can tell you from the buzz around, there won't be a riot here but as always, some idiots will express their displeasure in an obviously immature matter.

1391 days ago


There won't be a riot cause GSP is gonna knock the crap outta that little trash talking p ussy boy Kockcheck

1391 days ago


Ya, America is such a loser country. You claim to be FREE, but you can't even be gay in the army when every other FREE country in the world has allowed it for decades now. Big fighting Americans are afraid someone gay might look at them funny. And you can't marry if you're gay. In Canada, that's no problem. We aren't run by religious nuts like those Taliban countries and the USA.

1391 days ago
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