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Howard Stern Ignites Sirius Subscription Mega-Surge

12/9/2010 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern single-handedly boosted Sirius Satellite Radio sales "through the roof" this morning -- TMZ has learned the company was hit with a tidal wave of phone calls immediately following Stern's big announcement.


Minutes after Stern revealed his plans to stick with Sirius for another 5 years -- customer service reps tell us they were overwhelmed by calls from listeners who wanted to sign up for new accounts.

But get this -- we're told "hundreds" of callers were also interested in "re-activating" accounts that had been placed on hold due to the uncertainty of Stern's return. 

All hail the king.


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Ogden Oglethorpe    

I was a huge Howard Stern fan since '89 but I stopped listening when he replaced Jackie with Artie. I could not stand the show with Artie, and I was so happy to find that Artie is gone from the show. Ive been listening illegally to check it out, and I can honestly say that Howard is better than ever and although I do miss the Jokeman, its all about Howard. He is the most intense, hardworking and funny entertainer on the Planet, possibly in history. No one delivers more consistent high quality entertainment than Howard. He is the zen grandmaster of radio and the sixteen handed elephant of comedy. I am more than happy to sign up for a Sirius package now, as Ive always naturally patronized show sponsors. Howard is the greatest, I wish he signed a ten year deal instead though.

1415 days ago


How is this old man relevant? Was he ever relevant? He made his millions off the backs of the mentally retarded and the physically disabled. Oh, and the ugly, lonely maturbators of the world.

1415 days ago


You know, Howard isn't going to be for everyone. But a large majority of people who say they hate him don't really know the show. Howard and staff cover topics and discuss things that everyone is thinking but don't have the guts themselves to say.

What Howard stands for:

1. Free Speech
2. Gay rights
3. Cleanliness
4. Personal Responsiblity
5. He loves animals.
6. He loves Beth.
7. Living your life and trying to be happy.
8. Loyalty

These are just a few things that make Howard, Howard. If you don't want to listen to him, don't listen. But if you haven't ever listened to him, take a few days and tune in. If after those two days you don't see the greatness, it's not for you.

1415 days ago

who dat    

It's a 99% certainty that Stern paid TMZ to run these stories. Nobody cares. I haven't heard his name in 5 years. His act is tired. The stock price of the company Sirius, is around 1.30 and circling the crapper. Gl suckers.

1415 days ago


If Howard is so irrelevant, than why did you read the article and why did you make the effort to leave a comment!?!?!?

1415 days ago


I'm not a big fan but that's pretty single-handedly boost subscription rates because of one person...there's a reason they don't mind paying him what they do. Win-win for both of them.

1415 days ago


I love the people who "can't stand" Howard, but feel the need to immediately comment on any article about him.

When Howard signed with sirius they had 600k subscribers. Now?? They have 20 million. Like him or not- he's very successful at what he does.

Posted at 11:48 AM on Dec 9, 2010 by wisey


1415 days ago

who dat    

I'll just bet that stern has spent some of his contract money to bump the so-called new subscribers to fluff up his numbers. The guy is an irrelevant fraud. Now TMZ go cash that fat check he paid you guys to post stories on him.

1415 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

> 6. He loves Beth.

Yeah Stern also said he loved Alison and would never divorce her. The 'boy scout in the shock jock mask' is an act.

Stern's become that which he hates the most: Don Imus

1415 days ago


I wont lie, i started listening to Howard and i was hooked.....but he got old quick, then I heard O&A, and im a fan for life....I cant really say ****e about Howard, everyone has their own taste, but I feel like O&A put more work into satellite radio than Howard, but whatever, happy for Howard

1415 days ago


How is this old man relevant? Was he ever relevant? He made his millions off the backs of the mentally retarded and the physically disabled. Oh, and the ugly, lonely maturbators of the world.

Posted at 12:36 PM on Dec 9, 2010 by wtf?

He is as relevant as you want him to be.
The millions he makes is because he is an entertainer and draws huge amounts of listeners.

Sirius had 600K subscribers when it was first announced he was going to satellite radio. Within 1 year, they had over 6 Million subscribers -- so you can't say he isn't worth the $100 M per year he reportedly gets paid.

1415 days ago


Howard is such a pu-pu head. It's just the same old crap over and over again. Boring. But, I don't blame him, it is Sirius who is stupid to pay him. Sirius could increase their subscribers if they would segment their service and their fees.

1415 days ago


Howard rules. Anyone who disagrees either a) doesn't listen to him or b) is an idiot.

1415 days ago


I am a big howard supporter. I have been a listener for the last 7 years. Sure he has crude humor at times, and loves to have beautiful women in the studio from time to time. but what you dont know if you don't or haven't listened to the show is that the strippers and porn stars only make up 5% of the content.

Howard is probably one of the most honest individuals in the media today. My wife is a professor of sociology and a feminist. When I first started listening to howard she thought I was crazy. She thought he was disgusting and crude. She began listening with me and after about a week she was hooked. She loves Howard and agrees with me about all of the above mentioned points. If there is something going on that she doesn't want to hear she simply changes the channel and checks back later.

Everyone likes to judge people based on what other people say. Listen to his show before you make a judgement about him.

1415 days ago


I cancelled my Sirius account because they started passing artist fees to their customers. They still call and send letters begging me to come back. I only listened to 100 & 101, having commercial free music on my iPhone, no need to pay for it. If Howard did leave Sirius it would be felt, they need to stop wasting money on useless channels & talent. Keep Bubba & Ferrall, they are part of the success when Howard came on board.

1415 days ago
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