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Wesley Snipes

is Finally in Prison

12/9/2010 2:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes is finally in federal custody to begin his 3 year prison sentence for tax evasion ... this according to prison officials.

Wesley Snipes Jail
Traci Billingsley, Chief Public Information Officer for the Bureau of Prisons, tells TMZ, "Wesley Snipes has self surrendered to the minimum security Federal Prison Camp at the Federal Correctional Institution McKean, in Bradford, Pennsylvania."

Another spokesperson for the B.O.P., Ed Ross, confirms, "Wesley Snipes has arrived and is at the prison facility in PA."

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Conspiracy Theorist    

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar Part 2: The Noxeema Chronicles

1413 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Nite, nite Nino Brown. Keep your butthole tight!

1413 days ago

Conspiracy Theorist    

No more pistachio ads Harvey! The nuts pause bumped me to the second page. I'm on a roll dam u.

1413 days ago


This was a railroad job from the beginning. He wasn't put in prison for tax evasion. He was supposedly put in jail for failing to file a return for three years. A misdemeanor! He has paid over 30 million in taxes over the last 10 years. The amount in question was $240,000. He came to court with a certified check for 6.5 million dollars. The s***bag prosecutor wouldn't take it. All you pieces of **** who hide behind keyboards are worthless turds. This government is selective in their persecution of a certain segment of our population. I bet Michael Vick is the only person ever to go to federal prison for dog fighting. Mike Tyson was tried in federal court for an alleged rape that wasn't a federal crime. Marion Jones went to federal prison for supposedly lying to the court about drugs she put in her body. What about Mark McGuire he looks like We Man he shrunk so much after the juice. They are still after 5 years trying to get Barry Bonds to say he knowingly juiced when everybody in all major sorts do it! Spare me you ****ing soapjokes and he needs to be in jail. Because you're next. Nobody that reads TMZ has any money to defend themselves if and when the government comes for you.

1413 days ago


Thank God!! Next time, pay your damn taxes like most working class people do.
TMZ....please don't give him any coverage for a while!!!
I don't want to hear how he is doing in prison.

1413 days ago


The law can be confusing at best... a guy gets 3 years for not paying his taxes and a girl who willingly gets behind the wheel of a car drunk..not just once or twice but THREE times endangering everyone around her and she get a few hours... a guy who willingly gets behind the wheel of a car and kills his teenage passanger gets a couple of years..yes, these are all movie stars... but don't pay your taxes and you get 3 years. Hmmmm, I guess you can put a value on life. Don't get me wrong, I pay my taxes and so should everyone else, I'm just wondering who makes up the judicial rules... just my opinion is all.

1413 days ago




1413 days ago


What I don't still understand is that alot of other people that don't file tax returns just have to pay it up, why send him to prison?

1413 days ago


Celebrities think that they are above the law. I doubt highly that he was only 240k behind, bc I know people who have not filed, and who worked it out with the govt to pay what was owed in a timely manner.

Celebrities better get this straight, you are nothing but an entertainer. You are NOT a politician, and therefore you do not get politician VIP treatment. Get over it. Only bankers, and politicians are tax exempt with their secret cayman island accounts, or blatant violation of the laws.

Unfortunately, too many celebs think that they are somehow better than the average joe, simply because they stay at the ritz and snap their fingers to get service to feel self-important.

Get it straight, and learn that you're a regular joe shmoe, like the rest of us. Do your time, Snipes.

1413 days ago


Don't play the race card. The IRS makes a blood bath out of someone famous every year just before the tax season. Then your voluntary compliance becomes compliance based on fear with massive help from the media. You have to confess every penny, but OJ had right to remain silent and not to be a witness against himself.

1413 days ago


I'm of the opinion that if our Federal Government is going to throw this man in jail over taxes then they need to also look at some of the legislators who are also doing the same thing as Mr. Snipes. They are just making an example of him and that's truly a shame.

1413 days ago

Conspiracy Theorist    

Black man in debt...go to jail.
Randy Quaid in debt...eccentric.
Stephen Baldwin in debt...instant publicity, rich again.
Nick Cage in debt...more crappy movies.

1413 days ago

Rob Morgan    

Boo Hoo..... you deserve it!

1413 days ago


why does tmz always use such bad photoes of black people

1413 days ago


You stupid jerks! READ! One of the jurors came forward and said that in the jury selection process they struck all black jurors and that some on the jury said he looked guilty before they heard any testimony. The star witness was the guy who was found guilty of all sorts of financial irregularities who wass supposed to file Wesley's taxes. LOOK IT UP! Kenneth I. Starr They made a compromise on the verdict thiniking he'd get no jail time. THE JUDGE GAVE HIM THE MAXIMUM ON ALL 3 COUNTS! A billionaire was convicted of tax evasion. A felony and got 6 months probation. You are ignorant if you think justice is fair or colorblind. US attorneys are losers who want trophies. He was one. They can't find a case where someone else was sentenced to the maximum on a misdemeanor.

1413 days ago
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