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Wesley Snipes

is Finally in Prison

12/9/2010 2:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes is finally in federal custody to begin his 3 year prison sentence for tax evasion ... this according to prison officials.

Wesley Snipes Jail
Traci Billingsley, Chief Public Information Officer for the Bureau of Prisons, tells TMZ, "Wesley Snipes has self surrendered to the minimum security Federal Prison Camp at the Federal Correctional Institution McKean, in Bradford, Pennsylvania."

Another spokesperson for the B.O.P., Ed Ross, confirms, "Wesley Snipes has arrived and is at the prison facility in PA."

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This is how our country is becoming unfair. If I were the judge
I rather let him work and make him pay what he owes rather that putting him on jail. There are other people who deserves to be in jail than Wesley Snipes for example Angelo Mozillo of Countrywide but instead of putting him in jail they make him pay a fine of
68 million why because he has a lot of people from the congress and
the senate who took advantage of refinancing their mtg at extremely
lower rate now tell me where is justice

1421 days ago


That picture is worth a thousand words. It looks like he's getting good and ready to open wide and take it all in.

1421 days ago

juan chaclana    

that's bill**** i got to what 3 years to see blade 4 mother****ers and all you haten ass bitches loves to see a brother down i hope you ******* end up in jail so what if he made millions the mother****er got talent did you see white man can't jump they can't so **** all you haters.

1421 days ago


This is great! He will be conned out of his money by people smarter than him and he will pay for protection. There's idiots willing to make a name for themselves by breaking it off in him. See how tough you are now jackass.

1421 days ago


That is the problem with this country "wasting tax payer dollors on sending people to prison for three years for minor crimes ...hmmm I think a big fine and house arrest and community service would be better suited especially since our goverment is broke. Its not even about him being a celebrity I no lots of people that dont file tax returns and dont pay No one deserves three years for that especially at our expense . Give him a option take most of his money and Real community service or do the time . He is no criminal and if you think he is look in the mirror "we are all guilty of something"

1421 days ago


of all the famous people i hear about breaking the law.

who get jail time let alone prison time he deserves it the least.

big whoop he did not pay taxs advised by an idiot not to.

sue him for money and late fee's . but he is going to prison because he is a "******" that is a horrible person . if he was white he be fined a huge amount and walk away. thats a fact.

1421 days ago


With that said, America needs to realize that non-violent offenders have no business being locked up. Give an insane amount of community service, but save prison time for murderers, rapists, child molesters. People who are a serious risk to society.

Not some actor who fudged on his income taxes three years in a row. Absolutely moronic.

Posted at 11:05 AM on Dec 9, 2010 by Random Mac User

Very true. I'm Canadian. I don't understand why Mr. Snipes is going to jail. Let him pay what's due and penalize him an extra amount but save the overcrowded jails for those who really need them.
I received an overpayment last year on taxes and just paid the government close to $900 yesterday including interest. It hurts just before the holidays but you have to pay your debts. I don't know all the particulars or if Mr. snipes suffered because of his accountant but I don't see why a man without a criminal record would be thrown in jail for three years over a debt.

1420 days ago


Like seriously...I work at an accounting office and we just had a client who hadn't filed his return in years and IRS sent him a notice saying they filed his return for him from the w-2s and 1099s sent into them and along with that notice came a huge bill of the tax he owed for those years...why didn't they do the same for Snipes? Of all the people who do not pay their taxes most of them continuously receive notices with penalties and interest tacked on...then they levy assets...why the sudden skip all that and send him to jail! To me them keeping him in jail for three years is a waste of the taxpayers money...

1420 days ago


This black woman never cared for anyone who denigrated a black woman. I assume that Wesley's mother is black. However, why does he gets 3 years and Charlie Rangel gets no years?

My peers and I owe taxes and are paying them monthly. Why didn't he pay his?

1420 days ago


That was his money, its up to Wesley what to do with it,
not some judge or some people's opinions.
I hope you get out soon Wesley

1420 days ago


all u whitebread chicken**** honkeies are just some jealous racist. f u & the taxman. black people built these crooked country. f da law, too.

1420 days ago


there are people in the white house that didnt pay there tax no on sent them to jail. the judge is doing this cause he black and he has money it not his fault that is no go account was stealing the money . so now he pays for it . his name is wesly Snipes he not the charter in NEW JACK CITY , So give people repect . lindsy lohan is drunk and crack and they kept let her go, why cause she has money , her money is get low , if i was judge i sent her to jail no question ask

1420 days ago


@ Bubbles The Chimp: I do agree with you. I don't feel sorry for Wesley, because he should have payed his taxes like we all do. There are no Exceptions made for celebrities!!

1420 days ago


ps: What goes around, always comes around...he paying right now for what he did 2 Halle Berry!! I can understand what Halle Berry saw in Christopher Williams & Shemar Moore but I don't understand what she saw in that ugly monster called Wesley Snipes!!

1419 days ago


@TMZ dont like me: lmfao;)

1419 days ago
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