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Billy Ray Cyrus

on Miley's Bong Hit:

'I'm So Sad'

12/10/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' father -- Billy Ray Cyrus -- says he just found out about the video of Miley smoking a bong -- and his first reaction ... "There is much beyond my control right now."

Billy Ray Cyrus Reaction To Bong
Billy Ray hit his Twitter page to react to the video of Miley smoking what a source says is salvia.

In the brief comment, he sounds upset and apologetic, saying --- "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad."


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Hi Mr. Ray.
Im a biggest Hannah Fan so i do really care & im so very concern.
Please take some step to control her... i alway follow Miley view to life, im so confuse what to do :((

1402 days ago


omg give me a break like shes the only teenager in usa that has smoked their our more adults that do drugs than anyone. shes a teenager. leave her alone. and as far as her parent know one really knows what they think we are not them. are we the ones to judge? Think not live and learn

1402 days ago

Who cares    

Seriously some of you are advocating assault and battery of an adult for choosing to do something that is perfectly legal?

What is wrong with you?

1400 days ago


you guys are all dumb... its not real.... nothing you hear about miley is real... if you listen to her in interviews she talks about how she handels rumor such as this and she states " i just brush it off you can get caught up in something fake, because then you become fake." this girl in this video doesnt look anything like her and its not even miley!!! give the darn girl some credit she does have more sense then that and plus look at who her father is he would never allow that.

1398 days ago


She is 18 and there is not much he can do anymore. But he and his wife always seem to have very loosley parented her....and it's showing. He's a good guy but she has been doing her own thing for a while. She is responsible for this behavior not her parents.

1397 days ago


so she smoked some grass who cares God put it on earth for us to enjoy He is probably sitting in his office in heaven catching a buzz as we speak

1389 days ago

Charitee McKenna    

Your daughter should be ashamed after all you have done to keep a good reputation we still love you and hope Miley sees the hurt her parents feel because of her actions and for her own good to start being responsible.

1385 days ago


She's been demonstrating wilder, sexier behavior beyond her years, as has her younger sister (look up photos of her birthday party with a stripper pole and see how *lovely* she and some of her friends are dressed). When the paycheck was coming in for those sexy performances and outrageous outfits, Billy defended her. He had previously said if she ever started behaving like Britney or Lindsey, he'd pull her out of the limelight. Professionally and personally (the photos of her exposing her bra, in the shower, etc., that she had taken then sent to people), she started those behaviors several years ago. Again, with the paycheck rolling, nothing was done. You reap what you sow, Billy. Your daughter started spinning out of control a while ago, very publicly, and you did nothing, so this "apology" rings hollow, and your sadness, well, your own da*n fault. Let's hope it stops here, but I doubt it. If this were just a photo of her taking a hit off a bong, and no other inappropriate behaviors, well, lots of kids try pot (although supposedly this was "salvia"?), but she's been demonstrating more and more inappropriate behaviors (new photo of one of her dancers or band members -- female -- pretending to lick her breast while Miley looks at the camera), so I think the horse has left the barn.

1383 days ago


I feel bad for you having to take care of Miley when she's doin things she shouldn't
Please comment back and god bless


1353 days ago


Ok, people. Im not one to 'love' miley cyrus, but shes a teen. About half the population of teenss do this stuff. I think its stupid to hate on her. Because shes famous, these things leek out. Put yourself in her position. You are 18. Having fun with friends. I understand that its illegal (thats the bad part) but other than that, its not a horrible as you all think. I bet she didnt know the video was going to go on the internet. Forgive and Forget!

1348 days ago


First of all, I do feel sorry for you billy, But you should've smacked her upside the head, Somebodeh needs to give that slut a piece of mind. Second. She's come'n down deh brittany spears road, Becom'n a slut and hang'n with hoes<--Her theme song.~ third. Shes 18, If she ends up living ina trailer giving blow-jobs for 5 bux, it's not your fault, Shes the one who wanted to this, if she didn't then she would've kept her shirt on and her mouth shut. Fourth. when she gets arrested, Tell her to F off, Yeah your her dad, Butlife. Fifth, Last but not least, Get her act toge she needs to see where shes gonna live for the rest of her god forsaken ther, I don't care if you have to tell her "YOUR A SLUT MILEY! I'M ASHAMED OF YOU!!" to make her understand what shes doing, Then F'n do it.

1347 days ago



He tweeted it.

1346 days ago


I'm so sorry for Billy, it's hard to watch your kids grow up alone, but watching them go down the wrong path is even harder. What she has done to poor Billy, she is obviously insecure about something and really needs a friend right now, and her daddy.... What she's done to you she will regret later but right now she needs you.

Best of luck, and god bless

1344 days ago

britton kuehn    

who gives a **** its legal she wasnt doing anything wrong honestly? shes 18 and hit some salvia i dont get what the big deal is. and to all the picture rumors and ****, what girl doesnt send pics to there bf at that age shes a normal girl that happens to get no fckn privacy. i feel bad for her

1323 days ago


no se que decir

1323 days ago
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