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Billy Ray Cyrus

on Miley's Bong Hit:

'I'm So Sad'

12/10/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' father -- Billy Ray Cyrus -- says he just found out about the video of Miley smoking a bong -- and his first reaction ... "There is much beyond my control right now."

Billy Ray Cyrus Reaction To Bong
Billy Ray hit his Twitter page to react to the video of Miley smoking what a source says is salvia.

In the brief comment, he sounds upset and apologetic, saying --- "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad."


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So much is beyond his control? And he did such a better job when he did have control? You let your daughter dance on a stripper pole at a teen awards show, grind on a grown man at a wrap party, shoot a cover naked with a sheet, dress like a hooker, etc. all when she was a minor and now she's over 18 and you want to act all concerned because she smoked a bong that probably was weed but people are covering for her so they don't get in trouble for having it. God, are you going to start the "I'm getting a divorce, it's all her mom's fault" Michael, I mean Billy?

1414 days ago

16 years old    

Shes A HO like her mother.....
Poor Poor Billy......

1414 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Billy, feel bad for you, bruh, but this is what happens when you pimp your children out for more fame and riches....

1414 days ago


you guys are so judgemental. don't you realize that if she wasnt a pop star she would still be doing this stuff, people just wouldn't know about it. can you honestly say that you know for a FACT that your own kids arent making stupid decisions too.

1414 days ago


I'm glad her dad at least gives a ****. If her dad thought it was no big deal, and her mom was probably with her when the video was taken, then I'd say Miley is doomed to more drugs and deeper ****. There's an ounce of hope.

1414 days ago


Billy, cant wait for the video of her swallowing a large black
pen is. Any day now...any day now.

1414 days ago


why is everyone tripping. everybody i know thats 16 smokes. id expect and 18 year old to smoke. way to blown up no joke. and anyone that says this has to do with being famous or nething is retarded . she would have been more likely to smoke if she WASNT famous

1414 days ago

crazy and hazy    

poor poor hillbilly ray ...... whats he gonna say when she puts out a sex tape?!..geeze. Lady Gaga Lil Wayne Michael Jackson track leaked...........jam on peoplez. Jam on...............

1414 days ago


Wait for it.......HERE IT COMES!

Very soon he's going to blame his soon to be EX wife. Just wait. Even though when this girl was only 16 and grinding her crotch against a 44 year old man, he said she was just having fun. And this year when she was baring her body and drinking beer abroad he said it's all okay.

Remember when he did a photo shoot with her that smacked of Brooke Hogan and daddy? He thought that was just okay as well.

Billy Ray Cyrus BUILT this problem but I'd bet my entire fortune he's going to come out within a few weeks and blame his wife for all this. Here it comes...

1414 days ago


Wait, He's so sad? Aww poor Billy. Now, tell us what drugs you did when you thought that Mullet was a good idea.

1414 days ago


Who cares if she is doing this. It isn't illegal. I think she broke away from her wholesome image a long time ago- between the straddling that guy and her videos. We all make mistakes and she will make a lot more. To all those parents that think she sets a bad example, reality check: teenagers make a lot of mistakes, that's part of growing up, mentally, and physically. So...... point is...GET OVER IT.

1414 days ago


I am torn here I feel kind of bad for him but then again he is the Dad here he needs to really be a lot more of a role model to her. If this was pot which I am sure it is, why not just cop to it?

1414 days ago


I'm a teen, I'd never look up to a crack ho* in the making.
She's done weed, salvia, some alcohol, obviously crack will be next.

1414 days ago


Hanah Bongtana

1414 days ago


Miley has been on this path for a while. She wants to act older than she is. It's too bad he doesn't have more control over her. The mother is letting her do what she wants because she's now her manager and meal ticket. I've never thought she was a good role model because of interviews she did with her dad and how disrespectful she acted on those shows and award shows.
The fact that she has been so serious with so many guys just shows how immature she is. She's another one that has been given too much too early and someone needs to step in before it's too late.

1414 days ago
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