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Billy Ray Cyrus

on Miley's Bong Hit:

'I'm So Sad'

12/10/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' father -- Billy Ray Cyrus -- says he just found out about the video of Miley smoking a bong -- and his first reaction ... "There is much beyond my control right now."

Billy Ray Cyrus Reaction To Bong
Billy Ray hit his Twitter page to react to the video of Miley smoking what a source says is salvia.

In the brief comment, he sounds upset and apologetic, saying --- "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad."


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Miley has been out of control and treated like an adult for many years by her parents-both of them. We all knew-or those of us with children did-that this would come full circle on them.

It's BOTH parents' fault.

1415 days ago


She's 18 and an adult, he really has no say in her life anymore. If she wants to ruin her career and her image, let her. Hasn't she paid attention to the Lindsay Lohan train wreck? Miley dear, that's you in about five or ten years.

1415 days ago


A Little outta control... DONCHA think? hmmmm

1415 days ago


Sorry he's sad--He didn't say anything much when she started dressing like a prostitute and drinking under age or even earlier when she was a smart-aleck know-it-all. She's always been a spirited and spoiled girl--now he (and the mother) think it's too late to discipline her.

1415 days ago

keep stuff private    

Whats so funny is she is old enough to do what she wants its not his fault that she did it. Who grounds an 18 year old girl she has her own place is he going to take her new house away? Maybe these stars should stop letting people film them doing stupid stuff that way they don't look so bad..When I did stupid things I sure didn't let anyone take photos or film anything I did..That is the stupidest thing they are doing most teenagers try things that is normal it has nothing to do with her being famous...I bet all those kids that do or don't look up to her will try it too because their friends do it. I pray my baby doesn't but the truth is most kids do.

1415 days ago


This isn't Miley's ```first `` bong rip!! She's over 18 people, so the EFFF what she does `` hits from the bong!! It's NO the end of the world!! YO!!

1415 days ago


Sorry guys, I'm so sad


maybe do something a little more than I'M SAD

1415 days ago


You are her father...go kick someone's ass..

1415 days ago


Billy, she is 18 now. You knew you would not be able to set rules once she is of legal age. She has to take responsibility for her own actions. She is not doing anything illegal so people mind your own business.

1415 days ago


Uh, guys - she's 18. Her dad really doesn't have any control over her now (although parents of high school kids can confirm that control slips away inevitably all through the teen years.... can't keep kids in a cage or strapped to your waist with a leash, much as some parents might be tempted some times). He can't "punish her" for this. No more grounding authority...

However, hopefully he has a chat with her about it, adult to new adult, both about the risks of drug use in general (she has ambitions that may be derailed by it) and the public image problem (there will always be somebody to sell her out) and how she doesn't have to do such things to prove to the world that she's an "adult". She never did have much sense about how her career may be impacted by these leaked videos, but she's getting past the "well, she's just a kid and kids do stupid things without thinking" age. She didn't do anything horrible, though, just a tad unwise. That's really true for all the stuff TMZ has gleefully reported about the past few years. She hasn't burglarized anybody, shot anybody, hit anybody, gotten a DUI, driven recklessly, shoplifted, etc. Honestly, keep things in perspective, please. TMZ is so intent on finding another Lindsay or Britney level train wreck, they keep trying to imply more than is there. Especially with Lindsay in rehab and Brit looking wonderfully relaxed and healthy and happy these days... It's even been quiet on the Mel Gibson front. Poor, poor TMZ! Whatever shall they do?

By the way - marijuana is a "natural herb" also! :) If you want to understand why the government got so obsessed with it (despite the fact that there is an infinite list of potential substitutes if people study a little botany) - check the history of the Great Depression and the curious case of the "war on marijuana". There's a very good PBS do***entary on such things, can't remember the name, but they go into detail about this subject along with the changing attitudes toward other drugs (you do know how Coca Cola got it's name, right? The formula has changed..). Southwestern states just wanted to get rid of Mexican workers when jobs became scarcer, so they concocted this big lie about Mexicans getting high on pot and of course rampaging through town as a result - contrary to all medical experience at the time. Marijuana mellows you rather than triggering violent episodes like alcohol. If you hear about violent episodes after use of marijuana, you can bet other drugs (most likely alcohol) were also used simultaneously.

So the "war on marijuana" has always been purely political, and doctors at the time protested about the ridiculous statements being made (as in Reefer Madness). And I speak as one who not only has never inhaled, but even has never smoked marijuana despite being in my teens in the 1960...s. I don't like any psychotropic drugs (including alcohol) and don't like being around people under the influence (too many drunks in my family) and certainly encourage slamming people hard if they are stupid and thoughtless enough to drive under the influence. Also people should be discouraged from using marijuana and other smokables around the kiddies - second-hand smoke effects are very real (hence bongs are more responsible), not good for the kiddies and not good in general for the adults to be less alert if supervising small children. But our drug laws are certifiably insane.

1415 days ago


I've long suspected that Miley is a prime candiate to suffer from what might be described as a work hard/play hard addictive personality. I wouldn't be surpised if Miley had no idea that this tape existed when she woke up the next morning.

1415 days ago

john johnson    

hey billy ray, go &%@ urself u bastard, u created all of that. be careful what u wish for.

1415 days ago


Life is a journey. We all have to find ourselves. We all evolve
as we gain life's experiences. I am not the person I was at 18. We all need to find our own way.

1415 days ago


The guy can't even get a decent hairdo and you want him to raise a child? He has a mullet. He's lucky it's not worse.

1415 days ago


It's okay Bill Ray. I have a feeling you haven't had control for a long time and was just waiting for her to turn 18 to publicly wash your hands of the situation.

1415 days ago
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