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Billy Ray Cyrus

on Miley's Bong Hit:

'I'm So Sad'

12/10/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' father -- Billy Ray Cyrus -- says he just found out about the video of Miley smoking a bong -- and his first reaction ... "There is much beyond my control right now."

Billy Ray Cyrus Reaction To Bong
Billy Ray hit his Twitter page to react to the video of Miley smoking what a source says is salvia.

In the brief comment, he sounds upset and apologetic, saying --- "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad."


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so now she is being attacked for smoking something that is legal niiiiiiiiiiiiice when she gets 21 she will be attacked fro drinking.

1349 days ago


Dress like whore, be a kid in an adult world, go out drinking, but do not, under any cir***stances, smoke weed.

I'm missing the surprise here. Ummm... she's 18 and she's been acting 18 for years now. Don't act surprised and don't be sad Billy. Embrace your daughter for what you raised and what she is. Alot of people smoke weed out there. Believe me... it's not the end of the world.

1349 days ago


personally I think if you throw a kid into the industry then it was completley in your control.

1349 days ago


Regardless of the past, she's a pop star and 18 years old (legal adult)...doing what most kids her age are doing.
nuff said.
Everyone get off their high horses.

1349 days ago


another michael lohan in the making...

1349 days ago


Hey I think shes cool shes human big deal so she hit a bong Wow Weee Come one for gods sake its not the end of the world At least she not lohan who could smoke more crack than the entire east end of LA itself. A toke is a toke its cool in my eyes if she didnt do it i really would wonder about the girl seriously

1349 days ago


It's sad that these parents of the child stars let them do whatever they want instead of giving them stability and discipline. It's not like she's the first one to lean toward bad behavior and look what she's been doing the last year or so. And now they are shocked! She will be the next Lindsay Lohan. I know kids will sew their wild oats, but they can do that without spiraling out of control and ruining their lives and missing out on being young.

1349 days ago


I saw the video. Wow! Not only is she cackling like a witch and spouting gibberish, she is dressed and painted like a country hooker (can anyone say lousy taste??). Sad--if this event doesn't finish her off, i'll be flabbergasted. Only the latest in the long line of fallen Disney boys and girls, I guess.

1349 days ago


She'd be better off smoking weed than smoking salvia. But Miley knows that already since she's been smoking weed since she was 11.

Yes Miley, drivers do talk to people. They have cameras in their phones like everyone else too.

1349 days ago


You raise her in hollywood, what do you expect? He probably gave her the idea, because the herb is 'legal'.

1349 days ago


who cares? even if it is weed she's an 18 year old girl and its 2010 not 1950. at least she's getting stoned and not blowing her career up her nose...

1349 days ago

Mrs D    

Billy should have kept control and showed his daughter the right way instead of letting her go wild during her teens. There is a way for a pop star to be under control. It is your fault Billy!

1349 days ago

Rich Boston    

Hey she is a 18 yr old, What were you doing as a 18 yr old? I know what I was doing the same ****! The only thing differant I was broke and not famous. But she has to be above us? WHY? Just hope she doe's not turn into Lindsey and the other I am Better than you Hollywood a-holes! She will be ok I hope! Billy Just keep in contact with her and be a Dad! Forget that she is rich and be a dad!!

1349 days ago


At least she is not smoking Brett Michaels bong... like her mom did

1349 days ago


Your looking at the next Lindsay Cyrus.. Watch her be used up and washed up at 25....

1349 days ago
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