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Miley Cyrus

Not Dazed by

Bong Controversy

12/12/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus isn't letting the uproar over her bong use knock her off her game -- in fact sources say since the video of Miley experimenting with drugs came out ... the 18-year old's been a total pro on the set of a movie.

Miley arrived in New Orleans last week to shoot "So Undercover" -- and sources close to the production say hours after TMZ published the video of Miley taking bong hits ... she showed up for rehearsals.

We're told Miley and her co-star -- Kelly Osbourne -- ran through script lines, as scheduled, on Friday. According to our sources ... Miley knew the bong video was out, but "she kept her focus on the movie."

Miley's mom, Tish, is a producer on "So Undercover." It's unknown if she is on set yet ... filming isn't scheduled to begin until later this week.


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en Todo Momento!!    

tmz!! quit annoying the girl! she's still high!!

1412 days ago

Miley is a joke

1412 days ago


@Moe Green On what altered universe is Miley Cyrus "fat"? She's not close to fat, she's thin but not scary thin like many women in Hollywood. And, equating her with Kelly Osborne? Kelly Osborne is the daughter of Ossie but, she doesn't sing and act, doesn't have 7 albums out at the age of 18. Does she? Now, she's on TV shows and acting due to connections. Do you realize that Miley has siblings that also play instruments and sing. Her brother Trace has a band that is mildly successful, but nothing like Miley's. Her sister Brandy plays piano and sings, her year young brother Braison plays the guitar yet none of them has Miley's success. Miley works tirelessly, is really a brand as a person, is a consummate professional according to the accounts that I've read of her. She's human and very, very, young and she'll do things that aren't in her best judgment or interest. She's a freaking human being.

1412 days ago


well...wat can u least its not crack..or cocain....least see if she wont turn out to be the typical child star.mommy and daddy yall still have a child to raise. hint hint

1412 days ago


it's not as if she brought attention to her 18th birthday on purpose...

1412 days ago


her moms the producer? no wonder hwy she go the movie..

1412 days ago


enough of miley cyrus already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1412 days ago


I'm kind of glad that she's ignoring the hype...just as long as she doesn't do it again, and if she does...she should do it by herself in the solitary confines of her home.

1412 days ago


As someone who has smoked salvia and salvia extract on two occasions I don't think it's something that people would want to abuse. The salvia leaf itself doesn't do anything and as someone said its like smoking grass clippings. Salvia extract is something that I wouldn't recommend to anyone either. It does produce high hallucinogenic "trips."

I'm just saying I don't think we need to worry about Miley smoking this because I highly doubt she would ever do it again. It isn't fun, the effects don't last long, and as from what I understand there is nothing in it that makes it addictive in any way.

Focus more on the girl drinking and leave her alone about this crap.

1412 days ago

lindsay lohan    

leave the girl alone everyones done it we all just arent in the limelight like her i feel bad shes got talent but wtf is going on in hollywood with these girls since britney its been one after the other whos next dakota fanning that girl from little miss sunshine like seriously wtf?

1412 days ago


She's a hot mess, one day when she's older and on a breathing machine, she will realize that her lungs are a vital organ. When she falls out of a heart attack or has a overdose, maybe she will be grown then since she wants to prove she is a grown up. All the good will she could do with the money she has to help others less fortunate, seems is going up in smoke. Miley if you read this there is something money cannot buy and it is good health.

1412 days ago


ok...and then what....

1412 days ago


Hey Miley? At the rate you're going you might as well star in a porno film already - with Taylor Momsen.

You're coming across as cheap, trashy, classless, and stupid. That's no way to go through life, kid.

1412 days ago


Fazed, would be a better choice. Not dazed. For Gods sake hire me as a proof reader.

1412 days ago

Teen sick of idiots     

I'm sorry. But this is one of those moments when I really wish I was just not alive anymore. I absolutely hate how okay the world has become with drugs.
When Cyrus came out with the 'Can't be Tamed' Video I was the first to be like, know what, if I was playing a Disney Virgin until I was 18, I would probably be a little bad ass too, but I mean its not like anything really bad happened in that video, I never really got the huge controversy over that;
Now, I kind of wish Disney would pay her to jump off a bridge, because her new movie sounds like a lame excuse for someone to make a 'Girls gone wild: Barely Legal (look what Miley does!)' Movie that makes it to theaters.
And now this? I don't care if you all 'Tried it in your bong and it sucked, so we should let her be'. (In fact that makes my stomach turn) I don't think salv, or any other drug should be legal, no matter how crappy it is. Thats my opinion, and you all can sh*t on me for that. Quite frankly, everyday I see a new thing happening in this world, & it makes me beg for the day when I get out to be sooner and sooner, and I have not been here long, because it makes me sick to my stomach.
Do the world a Favor Myles and Retire before you loose all of your 'hard earned money' make albums less and less people will listen to, and movies that will go straight to DVD at Wal-mart.

1412 days ago
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