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Nic Cage to IRS: It's Time for a Little Payback!

12/12/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nic Cage is slowly climbing his way out of that MASSIVE debt he owes to Uncle Sam -- TMZ has learned the actor has PAID OFF $360,545 in back taxes he racked up from 2002 to 2004.


As we previously reported, Cage owed roughly $14 million to the government for unpaid taxes and fees for the years 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007. Cage had blamed his former business manager for driving to "financial ruin."

But now, TMZ has obtained documents showing Cage has officially knocked out a small payment -- getting one teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy baby step closer to being even-steven with the IRS.

Hey, it's a start!


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"And there's a big difference between not filing your taxes and copping an EFF U UNCLE SAM attitude - like Snipes - versus just screwing up, but making a good faith effort to try and pay it back - like Nic. "

For clarification. Snipes paid ALL of the money back as opposed to Cage who has paid .3 mill of a 14million debt. BIG difference

1410 days ago


Ok, only 13.6 mil to go.

1410 days ago


Ok people, here is the deal about Snipes-
Not only did he not pay his taxes, he filed for an undeserved $12 MILLION REFUND! Talk about a slap in the face, you don't mess with Uncle Sam like that.

1410 days ago


Wow, so many of you claim to know the intimate details of Snipes case, jumping to major erroneous conclusions about unfair treatment.

If you are too uninformed to know the details of these cases, stay quiet, and don't opine.

Snipes is just where he belongs, jail. A man who works with the IRS to pay back his taxes owed does not go to jail, which is what SNIPES DID NOT DO.

Sheesh, some people always looking to blame others, when the blame lies in the fool who breaks the law.

1410 days ago

Pat Culligan    

It's private and nobody's business exceptfor the irs and Nic.

1410 days ago


NO JAIL! This looks odd Wesley only owed 5 million. Smells Racist to me.

1410 days ago


Good for Cage doing the right thing , which is paying his taxes. UNLIKE WESLEY FRAUD SNIPES!!!!

1410 days ago


I think Wesley would like a roommate. It seems like Wesley had paid some 5 million dollars towards his debt. Nic would be perfect! Why isn't he being incarcerated?

1410 days ago


"Good for Cage doing the right thing , which is paying his taxes. UNLIKE WESLEY FRAUD SNIPES!!!!"

LMAO NIC didn't pay his taxes for 5 years and you say good for him? Snipes paid back ALL the money he owed while Nic has paid back less than 1/14th and you say good for Nic? you're full of horse manuer

1410 days ago


Go read up on Snipes and IRS.

Cage failed to pay my manager ****ed up but said I will pay.
Snipes failed to pay, my accounting firm ****ed up and argued that he shouldn't have to pay non resident alien when he wasn't.

That's the major difference.

Death and Taxes are inevitable.

1410 days ago


can't you settle you tax debt for less than what you actually owe? why doesn't he do that?

1410 days ago

billy cema    

A book could hardly contain the list of stars who've been ripped off by business managers, spouses, and others they trusted implicitly.
Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds and Betty Grable were just three who were robbed by their spouses.

1410 days ago


Thanks MACK for posting the facts.

Snipes was and is responsible for all of that FRAUD. He KNEW what he signed, those were not accidents.

1410 days ago


Pinhead, the only color the IRS knows is green. The color of money.

1409 days ago


I'm a little confused by these liberal celebrities. Don't they all want the rich to pay more taxes? Then, how come they aren't paying their taxes? Do they realize to "put their money where their mouthes are" they should actually be sending in a huge, fat check over the amount the govt. tells them they owe!? Silly rich people.

1409 days ago
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