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Ja Rule Pleads Guilty, Will Serve Jail Time

12/13/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Ja Rule pled guilty to a felony weapons charge in New York today -- and the judge guaranteed he will be sentenced to two years in jail.


The charge, attempted criminal possession of a weapon, stems from a July 2007 traffic stop where police found a loaded semiautomatic gun in the rear door of his sports car.

A date for sentencing has not been set, but the judge today promised a two-year sentence. Ja is free until sentencing.


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How Pathetic!

1409 days ago


them boys shure love prison life

1409 days ago


How hard is it to go through life without doing time in a jail somewhere? Truly, is it that difficult? What's wrong with these idiots? Leave the damn guns at home. If you're that worried about someone taking you out, then you obviously are either hanging with the wrong types or doing something seriously wrong. Either way it's a pathetic way to live. Wise up people.

1409 days ago


"Its Murdaaaaa"

1409 days ago


take any income from residuals that comes in from any music to make sure he cannot maintain an income singing about the same illegal activity he will be in jail for..send a message out to the gangsta rappers and hit them in the pockets.they will soon realize its not gonna buy them a grill or they might have to sell the grill to pay for legal fines for carrying a gun.make them instead donate the money to anti gang/anti violence campaigns and make them court ordered to do a whole anti violence campaign including a CD that all profits go to families of those who were bystanders killed in violent crimes.

1409 days ago

Proverbs 22:1

Cool vib

1409 days ago



1409 days ago


"police found a loaded semiautomatic gun in the rear door of his sports car." -- What?! Douche.

1408 days ago


Another fool. I still can't understand how these guys are being busted with weapons in their PRIVATE vehicles!
I don't condone the need to carry a weapon since they are well off enough to hire armed bodyguards but one would think that with all the money they usually pay for those cars they would have least have a secret compartment installed to secure the weapons from the prying eyes and hands of law enforcement.
As for those of us rowing out the racial canoe on this,enough already!
Yes there are some black folks who have more money than you,will always have more money than you despite what you, your grandpappy down on the farm, his ilk and the bible thinks or says. Therefore don't go off trying to pass off your envy or resentment as a racial tit, its rather boring and obvious.

1408 days ago


#4 thing you are in heaven but you living in hell time will tell.

1408 days ago


WTF, why did it take over three years for this piece of sh*t to get a judgement, [he was indisputably in position of firearms that were intended to kill people] and the judge STILL hasn't sentenced him. What is it, is he hooked up with Mr. Big, Money, another Californian star struck judge or all the above.

It's situations like this when you have to wonder how serious the United States is about crime and drugs. There is NO REASON that ANYBODY needs a semiautomatic gun.

1408 days ago


What's with all these athletes and rappas with their weapons?! Don't they have any self-respect? What happened to being a law abiding citizen? Sheesh!

1408 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, Jeffrey. 50 1up'ed you again. TMZ got pics of him hugging up on some homely white chick with a late night cable show, and you're about get sent up for a bid.

1408 days ago

the truth    

these people who bring weapons to NY are such idiots!!! NY has one of the toughest gun laws! why do they need guns? fight like a man . the old fashion way WITH YOUR FIST!
stop being losers and learn how to fight ....wimps!!!

1408 days ago


I seem to recall our dear president making some comments during the presidential race saying something to the effect of "white folks clinging to their GUNS and religion...".
Seems like there are some BLACK FOLKS who are also "clinging" to their guns...

1408 days ago
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