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Miley Cyrus & Salvia

'I'll Have

What She's Having'

12/13/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is now the inadvertent celebrity endorser of salvia -- because ever since that video of her smoking a bong full of it came out ... we're told sales of the herbal drug are sky high.

Salvia Divinorum
According to people who deal, legally, in salvia divinorum ... sales have increased since Friday -- in some cases up to 3 times the usual tally.

TMZ spoke with several head shops in the Los Angeles area and we're told -- not only have sales jumped -- but many of the customers specifically asked for "the stuff Miley was smoking." No ... mentioning Miley did not get them a discount.

While Miley's experimentation is generating curiosity in the hallucinogen -- one smoke shop employee tells us, "Salvia is one of those things that you only try once because it is so intense."

Another impact of the Miley video -- as we reported -- is renewed discussion about banning salvia in California. It is already illegal in 15 states.



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My kids have only TWO role models. Their parents. I wouldn't allow some rich snobby actress be their role model.

1374 days ago


do not shoot drugs

1374 days ago


What's the problem? ALL young people hit on stuff that completely incapacitates you and makes you act like an ass. If she doesn't experiment with everything that's available how is she going to find her drug of choice? Her drug of addiction is out there and she just has to find it and fast if she's going to outdo all those other screwed up young female "celebrities" that she's imitating.

1374 days ago


eti bad if you do this

1374 days ago


It is truly a shame for her to put a video like this on the web. Now lawmakers, who should be focusing on important matters, are all wanting to be the forefront of the banning of this Ancient and Spiritually connected substance, herb.

I think we should ban videos of idiots on the net doing things like mentioned before me, doing substances that are perfectly fine being left alone now under pressure to be illegal. thanks whore.
I tried this a while back, very strong dose, a 50:1 extract from canada, wow, too much, really is intense. I did not try and post it on the internet and sure as hell didn't want everybody to know about it and watch me act a fool. And most importantly, I don't want to make it illegal.

I can't stand this stuff, but that doesn't mean it should be illegal. I don't like McDonald's or cigarettes But everyday science and research is proving they kill people.... they still are making Billions of dollars, oh and aren't illegal. Salvia harmless as it is hopefully can stand up to the pressure of the scrambling, fumble-headed media and remain as is pre- Miley Cyrus. It's a shame too that cigarette companies have so much denial and so many lawyers. This is where the real problem is.
once "Psychoactive" or "Psychedelic" is mentioned,,,, people panic and freak out,,, oaahhhh, let's ban it because we don't understand it..... aaahhh. media frenzy.

1374 days ago


just another stupid hollywood person successfully ruining their lives early i guess

1374 days ago


Interesting, I have the same reaction when I have a tiny can of that "5 Hour Energy Drink."

1374 days ago


aaaahahahahah loved the video. LOVED the "ill have what shes having" title. this video made me appreciate miley cyrus even more. she reminds me of one of my crazy and i mean crazy friend's. lol. love it.

-ashli 23 ga

1374 days ago


My gaggle of 40-50YOish friends take the trip down Salvia row every few weeks, we dedicate one night and just sit around, like Miley.

Yes, it is a trip, a psychotic break from this common reality and it takes you to a place where you see and hear and say things only you can begin to fathom. To those with a mind for spiritual growth, these things are hints and the first holes where the illusion of reality breaks down and we can see to see the reality of it, that life really is but a dream within a dream. Its also a place of unspeakable joy and beauty.

I hope this doesn't cause my state to criminalize Salvia, then I'll need to go down that back alley and rub elbows with pot-heads and criminals to buy my tickets to paradise...

Meanwhile Marlboroughs and Southern Comfort can be bought legally, for those of you craving a more violent and deadly way to enjoy your own personal break from reality...

1374 days ago


I will say salvia is an intense, 7 minute trip (depending on how many hits you take) I tried it once and will never again.

1374 days ago


all of ur little innocent 10 yr old children that have "you" as role models r gunna grow up n get f*cked up at sum party. it will happen. so shut up. and all u ppl criticizing miley and her teeth... ur bitchin bout her bein a bad influence but ur judging and makin all lil grls out there w imperfections feel like ****.
no1s perfect get tha f*ck over it and look at this video as entertainment. I havent dun drugs for like 3 yrs but im not criticizin those that still do. is that not how we live and learn?

miley has a raspy voice. so duz that mean rachel ray smokes crack? um. no. all yall do is find noticeable characteristics about a person n try 2 make them seem bad. um...
ps all it made her do was laugh for a long time. how scandalous...

1374 days ago


Yeah right Salvia my a _ _!!! We all know that was some of the sticky icky chronic cheeba .... I have never ever heard of that crap until the fake excuse was made after the video and pictures were posted

1374 days ago



1373 days ago


Post 106: Well put. There are many more dangerous ways to hurt yourself and others and they are available "in most places" on every few street corners. Alcohol and Tobacco should be on the stand here in this court.

Save Salvia for Salvation! Hear my Cries, Listen to my Prayers you sacred herb, I love you, ......A+ for Salvinorin A!!!!

1373 days ago


Post 104: Awesome Post!

1373 days ago
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