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Justin Bieber Off The Hook in Laser Tag Assault Case

12/14/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's assault case -- the one in which he was accused of punching a 12-year-old kid at a laser tag facility in Canada -- has been dropped ... TMZ has confirmed.


Bieber's manager tells TMZ the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will not file charges against Biebs over the alleged attack on October 15.

As we first reported, sources tell TMZ the alleged victim was actually the aggressor -- calling Bieber a homophobic slur before getting physical with him.


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So gay!

1374 days ago


Biebster just wait till the hormones kick in buddy. Career over. Then you'll sing like Borat describing when Kasik women turn 15. And your vag will turn into sleeve like wizard.

1374 days ago

He was bullied by a kid younger tham him. Of course he's off the hook.

1374 days ago


Lame, kid should get arrested.

1374 days ago


I had forgotten about this story...ha ha ha lol...too funny
Looks like his dad spent too much time teaching him how to sing like a chick and no time teaching him how to defend himself. $50 bucks says Bieber turns gay.

1374 days ago


Americants are a buncha cry asses. As if the Biebs needs your ****ty country. lmfao

1374 days ago


Number one... Canada is not a second country...second.. thtas why the states is so well hated, from small minded people like you.. and as for Justin..i agree, he is gay !! lol.

1374 days ago


Number one...Canada is not a second country, second...thats why the states is so hated, from all the small minded people their that think like you do. And as for Justin, yes he is gay !! lol

1374 days ago


I'm not going to say anything nasty here or toss slurs around about Justin Bieber because he's still a child and that would be tacky. But if a 12 year old and a 16 year old get into an 'altercation' there's something weird about that. When you are 16, if some 12 year old is harassing you, you realize that they're just a little kid and walk away. To categorize Justin Bieber as the 'victim' of an altercation with a 12 year old seems ridiculous. The other kid may have started it. I'm sure being a celebrity Justin probably gets his fair share of harassment out of spite...but come on...the kid was 12. Next time walk away Justin. And don't let anyone (the press, your managers, whoever) spin the story as though you were attacked by a 12 year old. You're growing up now and you have to know when to take things seriously and when not to. That of course does not excuse the 12 year old's family from making a grab for money. But at your age you've got to figure out how to handle those situations with more maturity, be the bigger (and substantially older) person, and not get involved in petty squabbles. This whole thing is foolish and does not help your reputation either way.

1374 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

now he should go kick that little punks ass.

1374 days ago


Number one... Canada isn't a second rated country, number two..thats why the States is hated so much, from all the smal minded people their. And as for Justin... well in my opinion...yes he is gay !! lol.

1374 days ago

Little Boy Blue    

If Bieber threw a 'punch' it was probably all nails. Reeer! That other kid probably saw Bieber making out with another guy in a dark corner, and Bieber freaked out.

1374 days ago


Bunch of dumbass Ameri****s thinking they are beter than the Biebs. lmfao..

1374 days ago


I've never listened to this kid and probably won't, but this story caught my attention because it just seemed like a famous kid just wanted to have a good time -- and got taken advantage of in the process. There are many 12 year olds who are just as big and bigger than some 16 year olds. Having worked extensively with both age groups, I know that both can be equally aggressive and downright vicious. Besides the obvious age difference though, most 16 year olds have a far better sense of self-control, as demonstrated by Bieber. Finally, to those American ninnies who would attempt to slam Canada - face facts: the USA is not only a third rate country scorned and laughed at by the rest of the world, one that makes no effort to take care of its people, but also one that ranked 27th in the world for education, while Canada ranked 5th. As Canadians we find the ignorant American bravado both comical and pathetic. We're laughing at you.

1374 days ago

Yu Lee    

Royal Canadian Police investigated for 2 months & not only finds Justin Bieber innocent but found evidence the other kid was the real aggressor! So if the BIEBs doesn't press charges, doesn't take revenge, he will look like a real SAINT.

We are expecting hundreds of comments from haters & fools. If u were not there to see what happened, u are just expressing your bias. This uncensored internet remains a real open stinking sewer for crazy nutters. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if all that changed tomorrow (eg. Wikileaks) & u were traced via your IP address & held to account for all your hurtful comments! Maybe some day u will get charged for "verbal assault"?

1374 days ago
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