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Katherine Jackson -- Hangin' in Britney's Hood

12/16/2010 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ordinary people usually hit up a Motel 6 while their home is being renovated -- but Katherine Jackson is no ordinary person.

Here's where Katherine will be living -- along with Michael Jackson's three kids -- for the next few months. It's a 12,670 square-foot mansion in Calabasas, CA -- just a block from Britney Spears!

Katherine is plunking down $26,000 a month -- the exact amount of her monthly allowance from the Michael Jackson estate -- while her Encino home is being extensively remodeled.

The 7 bedroom rental features a game room, movie theater, guest house, Jesus juice wine cellar, and much more.

UPDATE:  TMZ has learned, the MJ Estate is paying the $26 grand a month for the rental, in addition to all the other perks Katherine gets, including cooks, security, cars, taxes, house maintenance, vacations, house renovations, etc. etc. etc. 


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It was probably that blond bimbo that wrote this article. You the one who made the smart azz joke about putting a microphone under MJs mouth when he was knocked out to hear his grunts for a cd.

Posted at 12:41 PM on Dec 16, 2010 by Barb.A.

I had the same thought. She was something, huh!

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1406 days ago


There goes the neighborhood, *fer sure*!

I'm tired of trashy celebrities. Calabasas was a one horse town with some historical early California ranchos and even a hanging tree. Later, in the 1960...s+ it became an oasis for local artists and animal sanctuaries. Now it's an arm pit location for the nouveau riche, and botox boyz and bit.ches who can't compete with the neighbors in Beverly Hills.

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Posted at 9:04 AM on Dec 16, 2010 by kathy 40
i agree with your post and that is exactly why i will not turn the innocent phrase jesus juice into something vile.the vile **** was all in the dirty media..
i feel the same way about the ..hold my hand
they tried to turn an act of compassion , holding a sick childs hand into something vile also andthanks to enough hysterical people , they managed to make it sound absolutely sick.
compound that with an angry little boy because he thought as he said in his own words on the stand, "my best friend and the coolest guy in the world was avoiding me.."
hence the accusations and money grab by his mentally ill mother..

everytime i see that video ..of people caring for the dying, the handicapped , just the compassion in that video ..and joy
it makes those small minded people look like morons.

1405 days ago


phantom..that was a beautiful one..thank u for putting it up

1405 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Just who do you think should spend MJJ's money if not his Mother and CHILDREN?

You can't really trust media, but unless I missed something, the will did not suggest Katherine get an ok for her living arrangements or spending from somebody posting on a web site. So what if she asked for more money? Will it be deducted from your bank account?
Has there been a clear fact of what non family members are spending on themselves?

We don't know if Michael really wanted to rehire people he fired for a reason. We don't know if non family members put something in his system to render him incompetent, nor if they created debts and hid money.

Having said this, some with brains may see that Joe and Katherine are trying to get into court to legally gain knowledge about their son's last few weeks.

Some people seem to forget about MJJ telling her someone may be trying to kill him.

With just half of a pea brain, one could conclude that MJJ would never, (.with a clear mind) stipulate in the will, if someone named in the will questioned the will, they would lose their share. Now if that is true and legal, who could the questions come from? Who would you say he was speaking of..His children are minors, charities would gladly accept any amount, so who does that leave? HIS MOTHER....that is BS.

This happens to be my thoughts, and everyone can voice their opinion, qestions of concern, but when it comes to living an easier life, as MJJ made provisions for, she can do whatever she desire. We have no way of visiting all of his concerns, fears, personal information, nor secrets he shared with his MOTHER. We have no right. It could very well be the non family members living off MJJ, and they create crap to keep people looking at his parents as a greedy family and their lives,( which does appear to be dysfunctional), while they laugh ther asses off.

If that is the case, they played the piano, and people with hatred, jealousy, and ones speaking out of body parts are singing every verse, and making some up.

Now I am out until someone who controls this site get back to news and not snotty remarks about the Jacksons, and kick out the personal cat chatters, or create another trash room for them.

Leave the Jacksons alone, pleasexxxxxxoooooxxxxxx

1405 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hey! they should just make a song/video together!! now that'd be awesome!!!the mother of the king of pop, and the queen of pop music.

1405 days ago


geez....I COULD say alot here....BUT....
I'm in the midst of a self imposed MJ truce/Pax Dei.
A Happy Holidays sabbatical so to speak.

Please show mercy and Peace/& pity toward the Jacksons, especially during this time of year.

Had the golden gloved one not exited during his "death"....
they would most likely have been living in E. LA by now (Encino was once again under foreclosure & Katherine was having to borrow Graces credit card for groceries, etc), and having Christmas dinner at a local food pantry.
The "death" saved the day....the overwhelming response to the posthumous recordings/remixmashes/TII have permitted the remodeling process and the temp digs. (all with MJs input and blessings)

SO, now.....please let the Jacksons enjoy this season and their $$$$...
if history repeats itself (and it's looking like it will)...
it'll be short lived.

I only hope the gifted one is aware that he's only going to be able to "die" once.

& Happpy Holidays

1405 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Bitch is as much of an idiot as her pedophile son.

1405 days ago


Have Yourself a Merry Christmas.

1405 days ago


Leave the Jacksons alone, pleasexxxxxxoooooxxxxxx

Posted at 5:49 PM on Dec 16, 2010 by Gsharon 710

I hear ya. Very interesting post.

1405 days ago
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