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Miley Cyrus:

I Was Just Having Fun

12/15/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is telling her friends ... the bong video published by TMZ is no big deal.

Miley Cyrus Bong Video
Miley, who has taken a lot of heat since TMZ posted the story that she was smoking salvia, has been saying, she's just young and having fun ... this, according to friends in direct contact with her.

Miley acknowledged she's seen the TMZ story and also knew it was going to eventually surface.  As TMZ first reported, Miley's camp was trying to bury the incident by scooping up copies of the video.

One friend put it this way:  "Miley doesn't care. She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."


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Master Po    

Her parents must be proud. But then again they set her up for this.

1407 days ago


How many have not smoked a little? Leave her alone. She didn't hurt anyone.

1407 days ago


Because it's not a big deal! Who cares?! REALLY! WHO CARES!!! LMAO!

1407 days ago


I love how she doesn't give a **** about hating ass people and mom's who are so arrogant that they blame her for their kids not being able to make their own decisions. Please parents of young girls teach your children right and wrong. Don't leave it to other people because that would be your problem not Miley's. Trust me it works I was a fan of LL nd I'm not out there doing coke.

1407 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

So I suppose when she gets caught blowing hobos in an alley it will be "just for fun"?

1407 days ago


I have a feeling that she's gonna experiment more. What's next xtc, lsd, pepsi, toad licking ? oakey mcsmokey mcdiddly doo.

1407 days ago


why would she blow a hobo ? Yu are nuts I bet when yu were younger you tried harder **** than an legal drug.

1407 days ago


This story is getting old fast but at least it FINALLY takes the spot light off of Mel & Oksana. So sick of hearing about them!!

1407 days ago


Lets deal with the FAKE weed first THEN we can talk about "Blowing Hobo's" later................ LMAO!!!

1407 days ago

BFD...Leave Miley alone...I would be more concerned if an 18 year old had never gotten stoned. She's a normal girl. At least she doesn't have that disaffected look that all those 'stars' from the Twilight series have.

1407 days ago


Actually, blowing hobo's would also be legal, so I guess that must okay too

1407 days ago


That's fine. She should get on with her life and filming her movie -- a movie my daughter will not be allowed to see -- and will not be going to her concerts -- and will not be downloading her crap on I-tunes. It won't take long for her to get the picture. Fame is a privilege not a right.

1407 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I dunno, but with this experience she might want to record her own specail version of the thong song. bongbabongbongbong.

1407 days ago


come-on... she has made tens of millions of dollars on a squeaky clean image (hannah montana) that my son and daughter and others have adored and looked up to. then to do something so juvenile, impetuous and selfish. way to go! make millions then shun the fans who made you what you are.

1407 days ago


The problem with Miley is she's having a little too much fun, and a little fun can go a long way. Lost in one fairly insignificant bong hit video is the fact that she seems to be doing an awful lot of early morning night-club partying. That night club she was seen at in New Orleans at 2 in the morning is nowhere near the first night club she has been to. I'm betting that the most erratic of her behavior likely coincedes with her realizing that the marriage of her parents was on the rocks. They didn't just up and get divorced one day suddenly, just completely out of the blue. Miley must have known for some time that the relationship there was deteriorating.

1407 days ago
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