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Miley Cyrus:

I Was Just Having Fun

12/15/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is telling her friends ... the bong video published by TMZ is no big deal.

Miley Cyrus Bong Video
Miley, who has taken a lot of heat since TMZ posted the story that she was smoking salvia, has been saying, she's just young and having fun ... this, according to friends in direct contact with her.

Miley acknowledged she's seen the TMZ story and also knew it was going to eventually surface.  As TMZ first reported, Miley's camp was trying to bury the incident by scooping up copies of the video.

One friend put it this way:  "Miley doesn't care. She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."


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Oh no, Hannah Montana got stoned! Oh wait...only people stupid enough to think that actors are the characters they play or the public persona their agents and managers cultivate give a flying ****. Seriously, if you depend on a girl like this to be a role model for your kids, you have bigger problems than her smoking some salvia. Talk to your kids and take an interest in their lives. They deserve your attention much more than some dancing clown trying to have some fun doing something really stupid.

That having been said, never cared about Miley Cyrus so I mostly just find this funny. You see a news report about how sexually active kids are and how every day drugs are more common in schools and people seem to ignore it. Some teenage celebrity gets caught doing something legal (I say give her the benefit of the doubt...innocent until proven guilty) and all you people get your panties in a twist. Hilarious.

Oh, and so what if she does end up blowing hobos? That's her journey and, as someone pointed out, also legal. I'd say there are probably a good number of hobos who would greatly enjoy that. Why do you people hate hobos?

1415 days ago


When I was 18 I was in Viet Nam, automatic rifle, grenades, and a good supply of joints. She is the kind of girl I was looking for when I came home.

Stopped smoking the joints, got an education, and got on with my life, she has a lot of money so if she is careful she will not need to break her butt in college and I think the drugs will disappear soon enough.

Everyone should realize that the only reason everyone knows about this is because society now spends it's time trying to live vicariously through these blog pages.

Doing stupid things is a rite of passage into adulthood, some people are a little slower to learn than others and do a lot of stupid things before they learn.

1415 days ago


Dear Mylie,

I am 35 years old and have never smoke salvia.. never "experimented" with coke, lsd etc. NO it is NOT normal for a kid to "experiment" like this. You are heading down a bad path that you won't return from normally. "normal" kids don't do this. Loser kids with no home or family MIGHT but no the majority of kids DON'T. NO ONE I knew growing up did any of this crap. Lifes hard enough. Grow up.

1415 days ago


I like her better now than I did before. shes a kid, doing something that is perfectly legal. no big deal. the people who sell this stuff are making a fortune because of all the hype. Like 4 loco, kids will be buying this stuff up before its taken off shelves.....

1415 days ago

The Love Sponge    

I went from salvia straight to heroin within a week. I kinda enjoyed it. I got off it and now I worship Satan. I'm going now to give American Idol a try. Wish me luck.

1415 days ago


Miley Cyrus is a rich girl because of the adoration of her fans. And, her fans are tweens! It is irresponsible of her to advocate a lifestyle that involves drugs. Tweens parents put every dollar in Miley's bank account, and she is spitting on both parent and tween! The hypocrisy in Hollywood is astounding!

And the clueless parents are typical of a generation. "I just wanted to be her friend, I don't know what happened?"

1415 days ago


Blowing hobos? Hahaha guy's who cares what she does on her spare time? She is 18 years old she can do what she wants.I mean if she was doing anti smoke things then yes but let's look at venessa hugens she took nudes and someone "hacked" them and that was over with. So let's get back to real celebrity gossip and continue to talk about michal Jackson hahahaha as if anyone cares.

Ps Im going to take bong rips of salvia then of bud who cares ? No one and I'm 18 too but because she's famous everyone has to talk ****. Miley has a lame voice.

1415 days ago


Are u kidding me! How could she do this. This IS a big deal! She let everyone of her fans down. XD

1415 days ago

Adult who wonders    

I wonder if she will get a free arrest from California State Troopers or whereever the hell she is and then go on to continue "being a great role model and tell kids don't do drugs" like our olympic swimmer did. Hello stupid ass why did you let your friends film you. Attention they all want attention and it amazes me with a war going on this is the stupid crap that our news channels like CNN MSNBC will spend devoted time to. I love tmz. but the others come on ppl

1415 days ago

randy baker    

it shows shes a normal kid not a bubble girl give her a break

1415 days ago


Honestly, I think she's stupid for not caring about her younger fans and the fact she's too wrapped up in trying to grow up that she's being stupid about it. There's a lot of teenagers who are doing stupid things and at least she's not smoking pot but we're also not making mistakes and putting them on camera. Are we sure she didn't do this on purpose? Just saying, wouldn't be the first time...

1415 days ago

Roland Der    

It's okay for Miley to endulge herself (for fun) once in a while, but considering herself celebrity lifestyle, when she starts reaching for something of harder substance out of necessity, that will be the time to worry.

1415 days ago

Ann marie    

WTF...who the **** cares......mama and da........will be there if she screws up Why the **** shall we care!! More News at 2300hrs

1415 days ago


So What!!!!! She has enough money to last her & her family many lifetimes. If she wants to spend now to eternity tokin on a bong who is it going to hurt? I wish everyone would mind their own business, and these TMZ, E-Enteratinemnt shows would GO AWAY. They like to stir up sh*T!!!!!

1415 days ago


shes 18 let her do wat she wants to do its none of any1 elses bussiness but hers shes just haven fun

1415 days ago
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