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Miley Cyrus Talks About Bong Video ... Ok, Not Really

12/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Saturday Night Live" version of Miley Cyrus addressed TMZ's bong video last night ... and according to her, she's learned a very valuable lesson.


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LMFAO Loved it!! hahaha

1372 days ago


that's a bad impression. the real MILEY has HORSE TEETH.

1372 days ago

Chris the writers! The concept could have been funny but this wasn't. Bring back the Sarah Palin comedy sketches. Those were good.

1372 days ago


The real Miley is sexy, beautiful and doesn't say "cool" that much, but I'm sure she would have a sense of humor about this because SNL makes everyone look bad. And it just shows how famous Miley is.

1372 days ago


I have to agree with #3 - this was pretty lame.

1372 days ago


Wow, where are the Miley bikini shots. We want that hot little body on the beach photos.

1372 days ago


Yes, I agree the "SNL" 'in-personation' DOES NOT look any thing like Miley. And, yes, Miley has bigger (horsey) teeth. Teeth like Hilary Duff got when she got new veneers! In Hilary's case I think that she must have had her veneers "filed down" or whatever. Hilary's teeth do NOT seem quite as "horsey" / too large for her mouth as they did the very 1st time I saw them. OR, perhaps the public has grown more accustomed to seeing them (in Hilary's case).
Hopefully, Miley will get her "act together" and stop with her non-sense in trying to act "older" than she actually is. I understand that Miley has always "hung out with" people older than she is. Her one girl friend was like 21 OR 22 when Miley was just 16 years old. And, her dad, Billy Ray introduced Miley to that "underwear male model" who was 20, going on 21 when Miley was just 15. That is just waaay too old for a 15-year old girl. PLUS her father allowed the guy to move into their home (at the time)! I don't care if they live in a castle or a home with 3 or 4 extensive "wings" just isn't right! A 20/ALMOST 21 year old man is NOT, NOT, NOT a good or healthy relationship for a 15-year old girl no matter how "mature" a girl is at 15 years of age. Her dad should have known better!! Then there was the Vanity Fair article (where the photogapher Annie L-"something"..was it Levowitz?) took a picture of 15-year old Miley with a sheet draped around Miley ...making it look like she was not dressed when she actually was dressed & sitting on a stool of some sort. In fact there was also a picture of Miley sitting in (lying across) her dad's outstretched that photo REALLY, REALLY creeped me didn't look like a normal "father-daughter" picture! It looked more like a boy friend / girl friend "pose" 15 year old girl sits like that (as the picture portrayed) in her dad's lap!
Immediately AFTER all of that Vanity Fair article/pics mess Miley
left IMMEDIATELY to go & film the Hannah Montana Movie for several months & (she) was out of the public "lime-light"! Now after the bong smoking picture appeared..she has once again (nearly immediately)left California to go to New Orleans to film (along with her co-star, Kelly Osbourne) the movie "SO UNDERCOVER" (which her mom, Tish is helping to produce)! Miley will ONCE AGAIN be out of the public eye & all the bong-smoking "scandal" will have awhile to "die down". I will be totally shocked if Miley does not closely follow the same path as Lindsay Lohan has been on since LiLo's mid-teenage years! Also (I) will be shocked if Tish continues to attempt to be Miley's BFF...Miley does not need her mom to be her friend. She needs a mom who is a PARENT...not a friend with whom she can "party"! Her mom,Tish, was out partying w/Miley at the clubs for Miley's 18th b-day...another thing Tish has in common with Dina Lohan! However, now that Miley is 18...I don't believe that her parents have a "snowball's chance in he!!" to influence Miley or "reign her in"!!!

1372 days ago


It was okay. I don't know the name of the girl playing Miley, but she's no Gilda Radner.

1372 days ago

Moe Green    

Miley's future earning potential is going downhill exponentially. Kids love chipmunks but she has no chance of reaching any college age or adult audience.

1372 days ago


OMG this chick did Miley AWESOME! Voice was down to a T!!!

Miley is Pathetic lol

1372 days ago


@Karen fanfic rambling. Miley is on set doing a great job putting in extra hours, Tish is at her side and obviously Miley after last Satuday hasn't been out partying since.

As far as this impersonation goes, not great. Miley's voice is way deeper and a bit more nasal. The Billy Ray character is poor as well. The sketch has already become repetitive with the interviews and they could have done more with the video aspect. I watched SNL last night for Eminem and Little Wayne. I've been around since SNL started and this stale show should have gone off the air decades ago.

1372 days ago


Hehe, sounded just like Miley's nasal, immature rambling. When Miley opens her mouth, you can tell she has not had much education, because even though she is comfortable with her verbal diarrhea, she has really poor grammar and vocabulary.

1372 days ago


The real Miley is much thinner, with little chest and small hips. The SNL girl's body looks like a cow's compared to her. And Miley has a deeper, throatier sound to her voice that's quite unique. Like most teenagers, she does talk fast sometimes which can give the false impression of shallowness, but Miley is actually more perceptive than the way she's portrayed here, and anyone who's seen Hannah Montana will note her comedic instincts are quite good too.
Also, what's with the Billy Ray impersonator - that's NOT the way Billy Ray talks. The accent may be close, but the inflections are way off. Billy Ray is much more low key than that.

1372 days ago


I guess this was pretty good based on how many of you Miley fans got pissed. Actually, the actress here is far too together to play Miley and she didn't say near enough stupid things. The anti-drug part was close but still not enough ignorance. Miley's horse teeth and hunchback was also missing and she could have done one of Miley's spastic humpbacked dances with the crippled arm and it would have been better. Why were all you adults watching Miley's show? Says a lot about the mentality of a lot of you.

1372 days ago


not even's lame & she hardly talks like that..

1372 days ago
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