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Miley Cyrus Talks About Bong Video ... Ok, Not Really

12/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Saturday Night Live" version of Miley Cyrus addressed TMZ's bong video last night ... and according to her, she's learned a very valuable lesson.


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Master Po    

Holy sh*t #7 karen is that your rambling miley impression? Learn to use paragraphs and take a damn breath.

1406 days ago


@Wiley, The only one that seems pissy here is you. Most of the people that didn't like it said they weren't Miley fans. So how old are YOU and why do YOU think you know so much about Miley? I didn't know old geezers watched TMZ so why are you here commenting on a Miley story? I already said the SNL thing didn't bother me and I am a huge Miley fan. And I just can't wait for the new Hannah Montana episode that is on tonight! I think Miley is the hottest woman on the planet. She is talented, sexy and beautiful, including her teeth. She is the real deal and not some plastic bimbo with botox and fake body parts. And Miley is plenty smart with a great fun personality.

1406 days ago


Would someone please put a bullet into this show and put it out of it's misery? The cast is second/third rate at best with maybe Bill Hader going to better pastures while Kristen Wiig is a one note performer and Fred Armisen as Obama is not convincing. It's like the whole show is nothing but phoned in radio bits. The writing stinks.

1406 days ago


It's just a matter of time before Miley does a porno shoot with her boyfriend and someone breaks into her place and posts the video all over the internet. That's coming stay tuned?????

1406 days ago


She is ugly as ****, Miley is pretty. And Miley does not talk like that at ALL!! If ur gonna impersonate someone, DO IT RIGHT!! Stupid bitch!

1406 days ago

SNL is not funny.

1406 days ago

Sad sad    

Chris Farley- "You remember when Snl use to be funny?"... "You remember that?"... "That's awesome!"

1406 days ago


Miley likes to suck hair azz ballz. Just wait until her "friend" films it and salez it to TMZ. Miley, as much as I cannot stand you - you should evaluate your "friends" - they are gonna screw you to the wall - something I am sure you have experience at but blinded to realize your "friends" are not FRIENDS.

1406 days ago

Gloria Unread    

SNL has always thought that the impression of the celebrity (voice, mannerisms, etc.) was more important than actually *looking* like them.

That said, this still sucked.

1405 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

Some of the funniest stuff this show has done in years.

1405 days ago


OMGoodness! It's an exaggerated version of Miley... The actress isn't trying to 100% to be like her... It's a freaking variety show for crying out loud. I thought it was funny... but it could've been funnier.

1405 days ago


The whole show is "exaggerated", thinking that they're that funny.
Saturday Night Live sucks wind. Cancel it, fire the whole lot and start over (maybe call it Mad TV?), do something. Please no more lame Miley, Jeff'd, or three characters singing christmas songs. It wasn't funny when Kevin Nealon, Phil Hartman and Jon Lovitz (Tarzan, Frankenstein and Tonto) did it, it's definitely (exaggerated?) not funny now.

1405 days ago

TMZ fan since 2007    

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

1405 days ago



1405 days ago


omg this was funny but come on...get someone who can do a better accent than that....she sounded like she was tryin to be bill cosby not miley cyrus...

1405 days ago
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