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Chris Brown Tweets

Domestic Violence Diploma

12/20/2010 9:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has just completed his court-ordered 52-week domestic violence course -- and he's so proud of himself ... he posted a photo of his completion certificate on Twitter.

Brown received the certificate earlier today -- thus satisfying another requirement from the Rihanna case.

As you may recall, Brown pled guilty to felony assault after beating up the singer in February 2009.

Brown will remain on probation until 2014.

So the big question about the diploma -- do you frame it?


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Moe Green    

He's a sad d lister, woman beater, creepy type person. Rihanna is a bit creepy also.

1405 days ago


....And Chris has a lot to be proud of. He can be proud that he embraced his responsibility for his actions and that he has evolved into a manhood at 21. As a minor at 19 he found himself in relationship that was out of control on both ends. It is unfortunate that because of his young and instability, that he was not able to maintain control of his emotions during the altercation between he and Rihanna. He at least owned up to his abuse, but Rihanna did not even though she had been smacking Chris for months. He can be proud to know he can walk away for a violent relationship, that he does not have to participate in the action and reaction involved. He can be proud that he has officially put this chapter from his YOUTH behind him, and that he can move forward as a GROWN man and be all the better with the wisdom and understanding he now has. All you hater keep on hating, you are insignificant and you pettiness will destroy you one day. Chris will be just fine!! Proud of you Chris - Keep your head up and only accept the positive into your life!!!

1405 days ago


First of all the ignorant stupid people on this blog are those of you who take time to be negative. Keep your insignificant, wish you were somebody selves and get a life that is positive for a change. All of you people here that don't have a positive accolade for Chris are the worthless pieces of whatever... Chris has embraced himself overcome many obstacles over the past almost 2 years. I think you will be surprised when you see that it will again be Rihanna in the middle of another situation that touts domestic abuse.. Then you will see the pattern and who really needed help all along. Chris is so much better to have moved on. Now he can only be better!!

1405 days ago


Good for you, Chris. Sometimes really good people can make really bad mistakes. Now you go on and have a happy, productive, responsible life and put it behind you.

1405 days ago


I know a cousin who was in an abusive relationship for 5 years and she got out of the relationship,but her husband received counseling and seek the lord for guidance and she is not back with him but she forgives him. The only way she can be happy with someone else in her life, she has to forgive him. They actually is on talking terms. We really don't know what happen between Rihanna and Chris, I don't believe the media.Media can exaggerate the incident or photo shop the picture. Rihanna never stated in her interviews what exactly happen, she just said it got ugly, She always talked around it, so leads me to believe that it is more to the story than what was reported. I know Chris knows now if he gets in a situation with a women and gets out of control he will leave the relationship before it get violent. My brother girlfriend used to hit him and get violent with him until he almost lost control. Women need to keep their hands to themselves, you can't control a man.

1405 days ago


He is doing what he has to do - not what he wants to do - playing up the fact he graduated from his class or whatever was required and puts on this act like he is a good person and finally on the right path - but once all of his court ordered requirements are finished you will see a very different person!!

1405 days ago


He'll do it again...

1405 days ago

carmen jones    

Everyone should mind their own info.... and leave him alone. Hes a great and talent person.. Lets move on....Carmen

1405 days ago


"Hes a great and talent person.."


1405 days ago


@54 He'll do it again...

Posted at 6:59 PM on Dec 20, 2010 by alice

I totally agree!!!

1405 days ago


a felony charge? wtf? how come if you or i did the same exact thing, we'd be still in jail, not showing off our completion of battery class certificate. just shows again and again how some people are treated differently then us common people, our justice system is just the greatest, isnt it? bet he'll do the same thing again within the next 2 years- only this time he might have to spend a whole day in jail this time.....

1405 days ago

Khate sucks    

It's a shame he is disgraced, even tho she was nasty as **** to him and hit him first. She deserved it! Don't hit CHO man, if you don't want him to hit back! She gets all the sympathy when SHE started it! Nasty freaky dirt ball!

1405 days ago


Congratulations Christopher Brown.......You should be proud of your diploma. For the past year, you have committed yourself to becoming a better man. Your diploma is tangible proof of your committment. And the judge in your case (Schnegg) has given us her verbal testimony of your accomplishments.
Some posters obviously have NOT been following Chris' music career, so let me give them a quick Breezy Breakdown:
He currently has 4 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.
He currently has 5 songs on the Billboard R and B Charts. (He has 3 of the top 11 songs)
He is nominated for 3 2010 Grammy Awards.
His song "Deuces" spent 10 weeks at Number 1 on the R and B Charts.
MTV named "Deuces" one of the Top 25 songs of 2010.
He recently won 8 MCP (Middle Child Productions)MUSIC Awards.
According to a backstage source, He won the AMA R and B Award for Best Male.
He has released 3 mixtapes for his fans in 2010.
So, in the words of a great philsopher, "Rumors of his demise have been GREATLY exaggerated."

1405 days ago


u ppl are unbelievable he at least have taken responsibility for what he did how many Celebe's did that huh??? i'll wait !!! yeah just what i though and u don't have the right to judge him cuz u don't know what really happened between him and RIHtard So Haters STFU before u get Smack The **** UP

1405 days ago


Great job Chris! Haters hate to see others doing well, when they always expected you to fail. Congratulation!

1405 days ago
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