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MJ Album a Travesty

12/20/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ne-Yo is staging a one-man boycott of the new Michael Jackson album -- telling us he doesn't want to listen to it because he doesn't think MJ would have EVER wanted it to be released.

The singer/songwriter/producer was in NY this weekend -- where he explained MJ was such a perfectionist, "If Michael was still alive ... I don't think the album would be out yet."

He added, "I'm gonna stick to my old Mike." 


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Who cares what he thinks?All the speculationes are rediculous!
Enjoy the Album, we don`t know what we will get in the future!

1371 days ago


When I heard there’d be a posthumous Michael-Jackson-album I was admittedly upset. I decided to cover my ears, NOT listen to it, to dislike every snippet of sound which – unwantedly – would get me and to be heroically abstinent concerning “Michael”.

Of course I bought it in the end.

And I liked it. Each single song.

Meanwhile I even LOVE it. And think that Michael should have found the courage and the self-confidence to release these songs when he was alive. It’s a wonderful album, and he had deserved to enjoy this success.

Posted at 8:40 AM on Dec 20, 2010 by moni

I like it too , its so up to date and when Michael thought these songs are not good enough, then for me it only shows what a genius he was.

For me its more then good enough i really enjoy `Michael`!
You know with tears in my Eyes


1371 days ago


Ne Yo's actions only HURT Michael's estate(Michael's children).This is a very poor decision made on this man's part.

1371 days ago


@Billy Ne-yo is a phenomenal and success singer/songwriter who actually was approached by MJ and worked w/ him, thank you very much. I agree w/ Ne-Yo and that's why I didn't buy the album. I would rather buy MJ's old albums 10x than to buy his "new" cd, and by the looks of it, so would a lot of ppl. "Michael" the album certainly isn't living up to MJ's expectations and it's because we boycotted $ony for murdering or hero. MJ, I love you and God bless your family. MJ's old and classic albums will sell forever and his kids will reek the benefits from them and his royalty, they are set.

1371 days ago


Look people the album is already out!! If you dont want to buy it then don't its your choice!! I happen to love the album. I know it is unfinished by Michael since he is sadly no longer here. Also come one his unfinished music is much better then anyones finished songs!! I rather hear more unfinished demos knowing it also supports Michael's babies. Why would Michael put these songs in a vault if they are not meant for release? I think MJ had a plan for these songs in case something happened to him. I know he was worried that something would happen to him. Now come on ppl think about it!! Michael was a brilliant musician, entertainer no one will ever be him. His trash is better compared to other artists finished work. I would love to hear more unfinished music I just love MJJ with all my heart and soul. Wish he was here !! I think thesSony just needs to release the demos with the songs so that people can hear the difference as well . Maybe that will get ppl to support the album more.Maybe that will shut people up. I am not a Sony supporter b/c the way they treated MJ but I am a MJ supporter.I would recommend the cd to anyone its really really good.My favorites are: Hollywood Tonight, (I like) The way you love me, Best of joy, Behind the mask, Monster, Hold my hand, Much too soon. R.I.P MJJ your the best and I love you

1371 days ago


#20 Yes Yes Yes!!!! Totally agree with you!!

1371 days ago


Michael Jackson WAS a perfectionist no doubt about that. I have this CD and I truly love it. But sadly and as far as we know Michael is gone. I am getting disgusted with those artists speaking against this new cd. They call it a "travesty" because if Michael was still here the end result would be that of what Michael would have wanted. The loss of Michael as an artist and especially as the man he was will be missed forever...

1371 days ago

Eric Ego    

I don't think Michael would have wanted these songs released until they were completed. Even though the songs are good. They are still missing that Michael Jackson magic. It's very nice and cool of the people who made this decision to wanna share these songs with us. But it should have been released as a special collection from his vault.
Love kd199415 (follow me on Twitter @kd199415)

1371 days ago


To Doreen: There are lots of different kinds of MJ fans and all of them love him no matter what. If you buy the album or not, we are all fans and have our own reasons. Because nobody knows what would Michael want. Myself, I feel the same way as Ne-Yo, although I have listened to the album and love some of the songs. But I'm not buying it since Michael did not want to have anything to do with Sony. I just don't understand why Branca and McClain would sing a contract with Sony if they're suppose to act in Michael's name. Shame on them.

1371 days ago


I like it too , its so up to date and when Michael thought these songs are not good enough, then for me it only shows what a genius he was.

For me its more then good enough i really enjoy `Michael`!
You know with tears in my Eyes


Posted at 10:59 AM on Dec 20, 2010 by Butterfly


Hi Butterfly!

So true what you say about his genius.

I just believe Michael had become very insecure about his art, and the roots are to be found long ago. From the moment the critics reviewed "Bad" as no advancement in comparison to "Thriller" and when he received no single Grammy for that (fantastic) album he started to doubt his qualities. IMO this was also the reason for telling Quincy Jones good-bye. Michael never gained back the musical self-confidence he had had in his early years. And it was even more ****tered after the (Sony-caused) "Invincible"-mess. I believe he didn't quite dare to release new songs because he wasn't sure about his ability to realize what's good and bad anymore.

Wrong, as we see (or hear) now.

Maybe somebody should have forced Michael into the studio and told him resolutely "Michael! This-is-fine! This-is-great-music! Do-it! Release-it! Now!" Then again, the perfectionist Michael was wouldn't have let that happen. Sigh.

1371 days ago


Michael has part ownership of Sony and the CD is very good.
It's better than any finished work out there and it supports
his children. I just wish Michael was here. Love You Forever

1371 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I agree with this guy. I sticking to the old Michael stuff too. No one wants to hear Akon on a MJ song.

1371 days ago


It is still a good cd either way i love itt

1371 days ago


For the people who don't get it...

Just because MJ's voice is on the album does not mean that it was in a state that he would have wanted it to be released.

The man used to micromanage his albums to the point where HE would have the final say as to whether it was his version of perfection. Millions agreed with him in this regard every time.

Releasing this album is downplaying his artistic genius to a significant degree. He was in no way an artist who merely lent his voice to a project. He WAS the project.

Those who are aware of the above fact will understand and boycott this album, as well as any other projects that they will attempt to plaster MJ's name on in the future.

Those who aren't obviously will lap up such half-hearted efforts to make money from MJ's name.

1371 days ago
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