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Lindsay Lohan to Betty Ford: Fire that B**ch!

12/21/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will file a formal complaint against the woman who triggered a criminal investigation against the famous rehabber ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with Lindsay tell us Lindsay is adamant ... the staffer whom she pushed earlier this month was the instigator, berating Lindsay and grabbing her before LiLo pushed her.

As TMZ first reported ... the staffer has told cops she wants Lindsay prosecuted for battery.

Lindsay wants Betty Ford to take action against the staffer ... stat. 



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@ Ilovegossip Post 21

Telling lies again are you? Michael Lohan didn't say anything of the kind on ROL! He said the staffer berated Lindsay instead of addressing all three girls, he also said she grabbed Lindsays arm and HE wants Lindsay to file a police report against her!

1405 days ago


LOL she is full of lies.

The staffer hit her, the black kid was driving, she didnt fail the drug test oh wait TMZ knows about it ok she did, she attends all of her alcohol classes oh oh the court finds out about it ok she didnt but she tried really really hard, she has zero problem with drugs, she gets found out all of the sudden she is an addict who needs help, she gets fired from Inferno she comes out the next day saying she quit and on and on and on.

Lindsay is a chronic liar and drug addict. She needs long term help. Linday getting put in rehan was a HUGE gift from the judge because anyone else would have gotten the DA recomended 160... days in jail. Lindsay has shown time and time again she can not conrtol her self and she can not follow any form of direction from the justice system, rehab, or anyones whose name is not Lindsay Lohan.

It seems like drama always follows this girl. She can not do anything without violating probation, breaking the law or being involved in some type of altercation.

The stalker story was a nice touch. Team Lohan needed an excuse as to why Lindsay was no longer photographed around town in her BMW posing it up for the paps in any random parking lot she could find.Betty Ford gave her too much freedom too soon, thats for sure.

1405 days ago


This happens to thousands of people a day who happened to be in some kind of institution but now it's an issue because Lindsay feels so privileged. WTF?

1405 days ago


I don't even think she could even land a job on celebrity rehab at this point. Mcdonald's might be hiring - can't wait to see her in the drive thru window!

1405 days ago


Had a sis-in-law in rehab for drugs and alcohol and lack of personal accountability, was under state's protection....the whole thing. Guess what. Never any freedom. Visitors once a week on grounds, supervised. THe only real freedom she had was getting to have a smoke on the front porch. Until she was done with the treatment the state said she needed (about 3-4 months) we really didn't have much contact. AND if she acted like LiLo they would have thrown her A@@ in jail. *itch please! Grow up and accept responsibility for your actions.

1405 days ago


What's the matter TMZ you Mel Gibson and Oshanna story run dry !!!

Tried to start a Miley Cryus pony and that didn't work so you ran back to your tried and true neverending tale

Lindsey Lohan and her Media Whoring Family........

RIDE THAT PONY , HARVEY ......5 tidbits today with pictures .
shot you had the kiddies working overtime on this little tale don't ya ???? Got to get the clickers going court has really dropped since you've been ordered to lay of Mel and Oshanna stolen do***ents an she cut your little sourse's line off.......Harvey must be having a kinippson and working up a ulcer having his hands tied....

Just make due Harvey ..RIDE YOU LINDSEY PONEY A WHILE I sure it got a few more good TRICKS left in it.......

1405 days ago


she never takes responsibility for any of her actions... she is only in rehab due to being court ordered to do so ... she still clings to this "it's not my fault" approach to everything...

fact is she was late checking in because she was out partying at a bar.. regardless of whether her drug test was clean.. this is not the behavior of someone that is taking her rehabilitation process seriously and i'm sure the employee's of Betty Ford recognize this.. do they get annoyed with her ... i would imagine they do .. if this person took her arm to lead her to take a required drug test and lindsay barked at her and pushed her .. that is hardly the behavior of a humble recovering addict... which is what lindsay should be.. after all the chances and opportunities she has gotten.. she still thinks she deserves more...

news flash.. the world does not revolve around you lindsay.. contrary to your warped way of thinking...

get a clue and grow the hell up

1405 days ago


I know I do not just speak for myself when I say...can everyone stop talking about this ridiculous, self entitled, drug addict who has contributed nothing to this world....I am so sick of hearing about all of these Lohans...please lets have a Lohan free holiday!!!!

1405 days ago


The sooner this skank dinks or snorts herself to death the better.

1405 days ago


Whatever happened to her to make her so messed up now must have been pretty bad. Could it be that both her parents are total wack jobs only looking at her as an ATM? They are disgusting.

1405 days ago


Look EVERYONE knows that the only reason Lindsay is in rehab is to avoid jail and she just wants her freedom back and to get off probation.
So unless this person actually was abusive and provoked Lindsay then WHY would Lindsay react when she was almost done with rehab and the only thing she cared about was getting out and going home.

1405 days ago


Lindsay is adamant?? Can you even imagine the staff at Betty Ford having to deal with Lindsay and her BS? She still has that entitlement problem, clearly evident with this incident

So lets review, LL rehab many many times, finally this is the one that will work, making amends with her father, looking like shemay clean up her act and but no, she is still the same.
Wonder how Dina will spin this?

1405 days ago


If this really all about a push, then it's much to do about nothing. One push doesn't constitute battery. Lindsay had to do more, or there's really nothing here.

1405 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay is a very smart girl and has been sober for over 100 days. She was a straight A student in high school and has a very high IQ. Lindsay had a previous incident with this Betty Ford employee and was assaulted by her last month when she was pushed by her. Clearly with only two weeks of rehab left Lindsay is not looking for any confrontations or bad publicity. Lindsay is going to have a great career and will enjoy much success when she is released. Lindsay has already been offered several fiilms and has been asked to appear on Dancing with The Stars, which she declined. This employee of BF needs to fired, if there was any truth to her claims either Lindsay or her or both would have been arrested. Support Lindsay!!!

1405 days ago


If she isn't in law enforcement custody she has a right to her "personal space." you people seem to have quite a bit to learn about the American justice system. You can't just say, she is an addict, I am not. Therefore I can file any charge I want against her. I couldn't care less about Lindsey Lohan, but this employee better have some evidence to back up her claim. After all that she has been through, Do you think Lindsey lohans top notch attorney would allow her to file a false police report?

1405 days ago
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