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Lindsay Lohan to Betty Ford: Fire that B**ch!

12/21/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will file a formal complaint against the woman who triggered a criminal investigation against the famous rehabber ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with Lindsay tell us Lindsay is adamant ... the staffer whom she pushed earlier this month was the instigator, berating Lindsay and grabbing her before LiLo pushed her.

As TMZ first reported ... the staffer has told cops she wants Lindsay prosecuted for battery.

Lindsay wants Betty Ford to take action against the staffer ... stat. 



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She shows up after curfew and thinks it's no big deal? sheesh.

1371 days ago


You know they've got it on security camera...get it, TMZ.

1371 days ago


You people need to get a life. All of you. Supporter and bashers of this person who you all have opinions on and have no clue who she is. You idiots make me sick. Get a freakin life you spoiled pieces of sh*t. You all are a waste of life and don't deserve the air you breathe.

1371 days ago


Not good PR for BF. Celebs and others will stay away if BF can't control their people what with them turning around trying to sue the patients. I don't care what the cir***stances were.

1371 days ago


Lilo, you are the problem. Look around you, you are the one in the clinic honey. Court ordered as well. You really need to give it up, the victim routine failed the last time, thats why you are where you are. You showed up late, you were in the wrong. And in case you forgot, its this places job to straighten you out and help you get sober. Part of that entails calling you out when its warranted. Get used to this Lilo, this is the life you have created. Take ownership of it and try to learn if your drug addled mind can handle it someday.

1371 days ago


It seems as if Lindsay passed the tests associated with this incident anyway. And TMZ has already said that they could not independantly confirm that she was ever at a bar. There was only a rumor regarding a bar. TMZ tried to find actual evidence that she was at bar and they couldn't come with anything. Also, no evidence that she wasn't sober, from what I've heard anyway. If there was no punch thrown, then, like I said, there isn't anything here. Just all overblown, the way the media tends to overblow stuff.

Then again, there's a lot of speculation here anyway. Nobody even waits for the full truth of anything to come out these days before jumping immidiately to their own conclusions.

1371 days ago


i wish this snobby little bitch would do everyone a favor and OD on something or just hang herself. im so sick of seeing her name on TMZ every damn day. lilo, just go away and stay gone please!

1371 days ago


What is the name of the staffer? does someone know where she lives we need to see some pictures....some rehab folks can get real high and mighty most of them are in reocvery too....people in recovery have all kinds of issues about control even if they are sober it doesn't mean they act accordingly after years and years of abuse to thier brains they can be kinda whacky....yes even the councilors in rehab facilities relapse too...maybe they should drug test her too.

1371 days ago


Life would be great if the dumb b#^*! would just die. I really get tired of pulling up TMZ's website and the first thing I see is Ditzy Lohan!

1371 days ago


#52. You are never going to get to "do" Lilo. You can stop kissing arse now. And by the way, she is uninsurable. Look up what that does to a career. Its OVER.

1371 days ago


Why was she around people drinking anyway ....because she isn't taking this serious just doing time to stay out of the pen. Then she can get out and smoke some legal salvia or that other legal weed . The only reason we talk about her is we are waiting for her to die or go to prison . I hope one happens

1371 days ago


For once I actually believe Lindsay on this. She seems to be doing really good in rehab so what has to lie about? On the other hand, the staffer is probably looking for one big fat payday.

1371 days ago

Jim in Cali    


1371 days ago


Can't wait for Mama Dina to go on the today show again claiming her perfect daughter is not to blame and that everyone is out to get her. Poooooooooor Lilo.

1371 days ago

Tracy B    

Lindsay your in rehab little girl not The Ritz. Grow up and quit throwing around your celebrity attitude. Obviously, she is not learning a thing by being there.

1371 days ago
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