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Selena Gomez -- Now With Less Promise Ring

12/27/2010 6:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Instead of  wanting rumored new boyfriend Justin Bieber, 16, to put a ring on it, Selena Gomez, 18, has taken her ring off ... her promise ring!


Back in 2008, the Disney starlet vowed to abstain from sex until marriage and donned a promise ring to prove it. But last weekend Selena was spotted going into Justin's tour bus without the chastity symbol around her pure little finger.

While there's no word Selena has broken her vow, hopefully she can resist the steamy temptation of those underage Bieber bangs.


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Purity rings were just a trend started by the Jonas Brothers for PR. They were only popular for a minute and then everyone realized they were stupid and promptly took them off. I can't think of any Disney poptarts who still wear one.

1362 days ago


i you have'nt noticed that in 2008 the ring is located on her left hand now in 2010 that is a picture of her right hand the ring is on her left one duh and you can't see it because justin is holding her lft hand and that would be sex with an underaged child anyway and your never supposed to take it off anyway the main big proof this is fake is that that is a picture of her right hand in 2010 present the ring is one her left hand .

1362 days ago


TMZ, is this your lame attempt to make Beaver looks straight?
Newsflash Beaver still as gay as ever, if he has sex - it must be with MALE coz he would never get it on with girl.
Selena alongside Taylor Swift are notorious young Hollywood BEARD with them always paraded around their FAUXMANCE with gay guys

1361 days ago


@ lo,
your delusion desperation to prove Beaver ain't gay is really pathetic and sad, wake up girl, that's what Ricky Martin said 10 years ago with all straight guy image, Beaver is GAY, there's no way those two having sex. If Selena does having sex, it ain't with Gaynas Brother, Gaylor Lautner or Gaystin Beaver

1361 days ago


When a girl is playing the part of "beard" for an obviously gay guy does she really need to wear a "purity ring"? Just being with Bieber is like having a giant glitter disco ball rotating over your head beaming out the message of "we ain't doing it!"

So true and it's really sad that some gullible dummies believe this crap

1361 days ago

truth hurts    

i'm just glad he started puberty

1361 days ago


I see two young people enjoying themselves. Leave them alone, there is nothing wrong with the two of them being friends. People calling him/her names are pathetic. Let them be teens!!!!

1361 days ago

jon fesi    

so what your saying is that people are that is ok for a 16 year old boy to be having sex with an 18 year old girl.. wow the world has gone nuts... people should be telling them to wait.. not posting this all over then net..where is mr and mrs bieber.. cut his **** off.. my son would be grounded for life at that age

1361 days ago

david reyes    

maybe she forgot to wear the ring right ?

1361 days ago


i think selena and jb are good couples

1361 days ago


In the 2008 pic she's wearing it on her RIGHT hand. Remember common sense people, it looks like the left hand because she is facing us in the picture. So TMZ got it right
But who gives a flying ****? If Selena Gomez wants to **** a boy that looks pre pubescent then let her.

1361 days ago


Wow, really TMZ? first of all, that photo is two years old. i bet you can find others with her wearing it. secondly, you do realize there's a strong chance she simply forgot it? i know i've done that a few times, it doesn't mean my bf and i are hooking up. third, i can't believe you guys are making this as a big of a deal as you are. it's their relationship. if they "need" to be doing that, whatever, but stop blowing this out of proportion.

1359 days ago

alicia pedrozya    

Selena is a sweet girl but shes gonna get so many hurtful comments since she possibly might be going out with Justin Bieber. I love Justin bieber!!! IM HELLA JEALOUS!! Shes pretty though, they make a good couple. :) Love you Justin

1359 days ago


its the wrong hand in 2010 she's pointing with her right hand and in 2008 she has her left hand on her hip so haha

1359 days ago



1359 days ago
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