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'Spider-Man' Fall Caught on Video -- Actor Injured!

12/21/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spider-Man was rushed to the hospital last night after a stunt went horribly wrong.

A 31-year-old male was taken from Broadway's Foxwoods Theater to Bellevue Hospital on Monday night after the "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" performer accidentally fell into the pit in front of a preview audience.

Another performer in the musical identified the injured man as Christopher Tierney, the show's main aerialist who does stunts for the role of Spider-Man.

The accident happened with only seven minutes left in the show. An audience member with a cell phone shot the mishap as it happened -- the video shows Spidey's cable snapping before plummeting into the pit.

Spiderman Falls Down Video

A rep for the show tells MyFoxNY: "An actor sustained an injury at tonight's performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. He fell several feet from a platform approximately seven minutes before the end of the performance, and the show was stopped. All signs were good as he was taken to the hospital for observation. We will have more news shortly."

The actor reportedly gave a thumbs up to the crowd as he was being loaded into the ambulance.

UPDATE: We're told tomorrow's matenee has been canceled -- and the "OSHA, Actors Equity, and NY State Dept. of Labor have met with the Spider-Man company today to discuss addition safety protocols."


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Christopher appears to be a homosexual.

Are there nude photos of Christopher?

1349 days ago


I feel bad for the guy, but not TOO bad because at this point anyone in that show has to know that they are risking their health by participating.

1349 days ago


i think this is too much...something is starting to smell...a cable does not break...i think they have someone who does not want the show to succeed.

1349 days ago


remember, with great power comes great... (splat)

1349 days ago


This show is a definitive train wreck.
I'm sure people are showing up just to see everything fail. Or, like NASCAR fans, they show up to see a crash.
Just give Julie Taymor tens of millions of dollars to do what she wants, right?

1349 days ago


Cute guy :) Hope he is okey!

1349 days ago


HA! This show is an epic fail.

1349 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

It wasn't an accident. The guy was just showing which direction the musical will go within 3 months.

1349 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I hope he's not too badly hurt. Boy, the comments on this one are way more idiotic than is typical. TMZ, you misspelled "matinee".

1349 days ago


First of all its spelled matinee not matenee, (learn how to spellcheck before posting stories tmz)and second, theres been so many accidents reported from this play. At what point do they shut the whole production down? Clearly its not safe for any of the actors.

1349 days ago


I saw the play on 12/9 and there were only minor issues that didn't delay it at all. I was impressed by the areal stunts, especially when they were directly overhead. I have to give credit to the performers which have dangerous jobs in this show. The play needs more help in the writing dept. as there is a lot that gets confusing in the story.
It's a good thing no one has fallen on the audience. This is a complicated show but it's sad that people are getting hurt.

1349 days ago


Time to close this show.

1349 days ago


I just got finished up working a fly rail on peter pan and watching that video there I at least don't see any indication of the cable snapping like they are saying happened on here. I can see the line wrap around the platform and stay attached all the way up to the black out. Those are aircraft cables that they use. I'm not even 100% sure that is the fly line that you can see in the video. For starters he is falling headfirst to do that it would be logical to use a 2 point harness not a one point because a one point is located between the shoulder blades and when he stops he would be snapped into and up right position because his center of gravity would be above the connection point. what i thought it might be is like a web that is just there for aesthetics. in addition to that i read some where that actors equity guild called it human error not equipment failure which says to me that someone let out too much slack in the system. by no means am i saying that i am an expert in flying or anything but i suspect i have way more experience with it then any one else commenting here. If there are any fly directors/choreographers out there tell me what you see and think you'll know better then me.

1349 days ago


matenee? TMZ's creative spelling?

1348 days ago


the solution for the safety of all the stunts is.... a 5th wire holding them all the time from above.... right now they have only 4 wires, s, if one of those breaks they will fell somewhere no matter what.... but, it's not acceptable that the wires cut itself, that's kinda impossible, each wire is not holding huge weight so that it breaks, so... something (someone?) is happening backstage, I think..... nuf said

1348 days ago
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