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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay's Accuser Is Full of BS

12/23/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says the story that she told Lindsay Lohan to refuse a breathalyzer test is pure poppycock.


Dina is lashing out at Dawn Holland, the former Betty Ford chemical dependency tech who told TMZ Dina was jawboning with Lindsay over the phone, instructing her to just say no to a breathalyzer test.

Dina says, when she was speaking with Lindsay, she was merely trying to comfort her after what the employee did to her.  Lindsay claims Holland berated and grabbed her.

Dina adds, "I stand behind my daughter 100% ... the whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy."

And finally, Dina has praise for Betty Ford:  "With all the fabulous employees they have, it's unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through.  I stand behind Betty Ford.  It is such a fabulous facility.  They have been nothing but great.  They really helped my daughter and changed my life, too."



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and that's coming from the "Mother of the Year"....

Lindsay needs to be in jail but once again the legal system favors these idiots!!!

1377 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Dina is as Looney as Lindsay. Dina loves all the publicity. How much does she charge for interviews? Who works in that family? Who is paying for the Rehab? That whole family is NUTS !!!!! Has Betty Ford ever actually cured anyone? Since when can you go out to Bars while you're in Rehab? All this is to keep Looney Lindsay's name in the public's eye.

1377 days ago


Since when's jail helped any addict get and STAY clean?
We realy shouldn't know ANY of this stuff, regardless who's responsible for leaking the info, it's NOT in any way in the best interests of Lindays sobriety-it's a sad indictment on Betty ford.
Posted at 5:28 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by Chris Gambera
Jail has helped many people get and stay clean. Going to a crappy cell where nobody's gives a rat's a** about you and you get no attention has been extremely effective on many people. I think it would be very good for Lindsey. 6 months, no early release. I know that sounds harsh for infractions stemming from a misdemeanor traffic citation, but in light of all her screw ups, it is what she needs and deserves. She's still a star at Betty Ford. She is still in the limelight. In jail, she is nobody, and she can sit there for six months and let reality slowing sink in.

1377 days ago


whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy...which women??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????life is a two way street.anything the lowhoes say seems sketchy to me

1377 days ago


@Delmar, Having been baorn in the USA but raised in many other countries, I am more than fully aware of laws and life in other countries around the world. No one denies that children have always been, and still are, thrown into lives whwere their survival, and others, are forced upon them. Of those many, some survive, of those, a very small portion succeed to a productive life. To point to a few, while ignoring the facts of the rest, the masses, is ignorant, at best.

Were the "legal" age raised to 21, it would unarguably vastly reduce the sheer numbers of problems heaped upon society by the unready, uneducated, and immature. Sure, we would still suffer them, but at a high reduction. Parents protection, and responsibilities, for these additional years is not a guarantee, just obviously necessary.

Last summer two simultaneous ivy-league studies came out regarding male and female "maturity." Both concurred with each other. Women emotionally and intellectually mature in their early to mid-twenties. Men, in their mid to latter-twenties.

Kind of underscores the issues of Lindsay, doesn't it?

1377 days ago


17 year old all over the world are responsible mothers of 2 living on $300.00 a year.

25 year old Lindsay should stop acting like a self entitled teenage brat, for her own good.

She's just a semi entertaining scofflaw D list celebrity with bad management. Note how the Kardashians, Hiltons, Sheens of this world have extricated themselves quickly and discreetly from their owm misdemeanors. Only Lindsay is unable to comply with the basic level of respect for the process that would have wrapped this thing up years ago......

1377 days ago


Dr. Hardwick, a sprained or wrenched wrist doesn't show on the surface of the skin. Didn't you know that?

1377 days ago


6 full months is absolutely ridiculous
Alexis Neiers did 30 days out of 180 for a felony conviction then she violated and got rehab.

Paris should have NEVER served 50% of her 45 day sentence but she didn't appeal and just decided to get it over with. Lindsay won't do that for a actual 90 to 180 day sentence

1377 days ago


@Nicole, it took Robert Downey, Jr. 18 MONTHS in lock-up. An event that he personally attributes to his turn-around.

The proof lies in the pudding.

1377 days ago


Well now we now what happened. I mean, Dina Lohan always tells the truth. Just look at the Matt Lauer interview(s).

1377 days ago


And so are U Ms. Dina

1377 days ago

pink glitter    

Someone wrote on the LA Times that Betty Ford has been covering for Ms Lohan since incidents began happening in early October. I believe that is why Dina speaks so highly of Betty Ford. Lindsay is STILL using, isn't that right Dina? Hopefully BETTY FORD will be thoroughly investigated...SHAME ON THEM.

1377 days ago


@Almightythen I have a non-American background where the whole social system is different. So, there are say "extended" family situations for late teens that are in situations where they need to have a certain level of responsibility. As for maturity, I think around 44/45 is when people really mature, but it is different for people, some do earlier, some later, some not at all.

As for Lindsay, she's at the maturity level of someone in their early teens. She's lacking in self-control that I think is based not only on her addictions, but a chemical imbalance. Add nurture to her nature and you get a very impulsive woman entering a mature phase of her life with a teen's mentality.

1377 days ago


Oh Dina, you're full of bs! Your daughter is so screwed up. You just gotta keep the gravy train going. I believe the employee. Not Lindsay.

1377 days ago


Lindsay needs a rehabilitation clinic to cure herself of her mother, Dina, which is the true cause of her problems.

Is mom ever going to go away and let her live her life? Geesh

1377 days ago
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