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'Lost' Creator -- Sorry For Mocking Spider-Man

12/22/2010 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Damon Lindelof -- the co-creator of "Lost" -- is finally issuing a formal apology for one of the biggest mistakes he ever made ... unfortunately, we're not talking about his show's finale.


It's all over a joke Lindelof cracked on his Twitter page yesterday in the wake of the Spider-Man on Broadway accident -- he wrote, "With great power, comes great respWAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHSMASHCRASHKATHUMP!!!!!"

Kinda funny -- but kinda inappropriate considering the accident may have ended the stuntman's career.

But today, Damon owned up to the situation -- tweeting, "I had no idea that the stuntman was so seriously injured. Bad taste. Honest regrets. And hoping for a speedy recovery."


Still waiting for an apology for not explaining the numbers ... the DHARMA initiative ... the polar bear .... the smoke monster ... Walt ... the frozen wheel ... the lighthouse ...


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How dare you question Taller Ghost Walt. He needs no explanation. He just is.

1403 days ago


At least now we all know that he is an idiot.

1402 days ago


have a nice trip and see ya next fall//

1402 days ago


ohh nooo I didnt realize the guy lived,,oh soo sorry yeah right...

1402 days ago

D Wayne    

That joke was the shiznit! No? Too soon? F-that. From tragedy comes great comedy, or something like that. Waaa, I've fallen and I can't get up. I hope the "stuntman" fully recovers. However, funny IS funny. btw, Spider-man on b-way? wtmf, Spidey-douche, Spidey-douche, does whatever a ...........

1402 days ago


What's wrong with this country? People joke about 911, Manson, killing, drugs, it's humor. People need to get a sense of humor.
"Jesus is on the cross and he yells to his apostle Paul to come up here, Paul get's to the base of the cross and Jesus says, Paul, I can see your house from up here"

America Sucks!

1402 days ago


I agree with #24. I watched LOST faithfully and wanted to punch a mf in the throat after watching that b.s. finale. All of you who are going off on ppl for stating their disappointment need to calm down. Yeah they may have explained all the stuff like the numbers and the lighthouse but it still didn't do anything to explain the show! NONE of that sh*t had ANYTHING to do with the ending. It was a waste of 6 years. WTF did a polar bear and Alice in Wonderland references have to do with Jack crossing over??? Nothing. And that's what ppl are pissed about. I truly believe the writers had good intentions at the begininning but then got in over their heads. I don't think they knew what the hell to do to tie everything together which is why the story was so all over the place. It sucked balls.

1402 days ago


That's what's wrong w/ America these days; no one knows how to take a joke anymore. Our imagination and sense of humor have been hijacked. Laugh and grow up people!
btw, Lost rules!

1402 days ago


Did you write that post, Daniel?

1402 days ago


I like it when people own up to their mistakes!!Responsible adult behaviour is refreshing !!!

1402 days ago


no harm no foul in my opinion...but tmz writer i hope your not the one who used to write about lost each week..most of the things you mentioned were the smoke monster, the numbers, the polar bear, dharma, ill give you Walt but maybe you didnt get the show as much as the rest of us. dont hate of damon hes a genius

1402 days ago


A lot of these things WERE explained. Just get your facts straight, TMZ. Instead of trying to be witty.

1402 days ago


hotbitch YOU DID NOT GET IT. It's that simple. "A Faithful viewer" would not think it sucked ...IF they understood it!!!

The only mistake the LOST writers/creators made was thinking mass America would comprehend such a stellar show.

I THINK LOST was Genius. If you THINK it sucked, fine. If you THINK it sucked BECAUSE as you said they did not explain the show. YOU'RE WRONG.

Do some reading.... start with the basics of Hinduism and/or Samsara. Heck, pick up a Bible. Maybe you'll get what the WHOLE show was about.

Oh and a "faithful viewer" would know EXACTLY what the Polar bears had to do with the>>> island... and/or Jack, just saying.

1401 days ago


That's how low a person can go to have his name on newspapers. Maybe he should just shut up on twitter.

1401 days ago


obviously youre not a big fan of lost.every single question u had here had is already answered.

1222 days ago
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