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Kelly Osbourne -- Some 'Ass' Hacked My Email

12/23/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Osbourne claims a hacker broke into her personal email account and may have stolen private information -- but the "ass" behind the cyber-crime may have made a crucial mistake ... and now cops are hot on his trail.


Just a few hours ago, Kelly went to her Twitter account and revealed,  "Someone has hacked my mail account the police are now involved who ever did this is in big HUGE trouble!!"

But Kelly also points out the perp's mistake -- saying, "The ass that hacked my account had all my emails forwarded to his email address so I now know who it is I will find u & u will be arrested."

Kelly says she's "Genuinely heart broken" ... but she still issued one final threat to the hacker --  "if you try and sell any of my information you will be prosecuted even further."


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Then stay the F! off the internet.. talk about super special entitlement class generation!

OmFG.. i dont give a D! about someone whinning about their account pw stolen from these stupid ignorant social sites.. you dork.. you run the risk when you use those things.. DOH!

Celebs like her needs to get a life and go outside instead of always trying to plug their life via cell phone/smart phone and put their bussiness all out in the streets like that..

you make yourself a target.. DOH!!!!!!

they can look for the hacker all they want.. he/she is likely in South Korea... then what?

Stay the hec off of social sites.. idiots

whats next.. whine about someone stealing your text?? then instead of always texting.. make a damn phone call.. or are you too lazy to even do that.

1401 days ago


Breaking News? Slow news day?

1401 days ago


wow. Cranky much? She's probably just hungry and wants to stuff her piehole with Krispy Kreme but knows if she does she'll balloon back to her cabbage patch doll body.

1401 days ago


Oh cmon, what are the cops gonna do? Slap em on the wrist for forwarding emails? How do they know the hackers didnt just forward them to someone he hates or just some random person. Celebs are so freaking lame and stupid. Get a better password if you dont want to get your password cracked.... And for clarfication.... This is called cracking! Stop giving hackers a bad name by linking them to this BS. Crackers are the s*** of the IT world. Big difference

1401 days ago


Wow! What an inflated sense of your own importance you have there! So, you still wnat to be famous? Lets see, you benefit from being someone's daughter, you DO nothing yourself, of any real benifit to anyomne else but yourself. You possess no upper education or real world working skills yet you live a life that is beyond what most GLOBALLY will ever be able to live and you are bitching and using up TAX DOLLARS, that due to your family's wealth you get all kinds of breaks on, cause someone stole your e-mails?? I would worry about what is missing from that little head of yours.

1401 days ago


Go smoke some oxiconton and calm down

1401 days ago


You are rich and a little famous because your dad would do anything for attention. Now he's as close to brain dead as humanly possible without actually being brain dead. STFU and eat some Doritos.

1400 days ago


Wow. Are these comments serious? @ #2-8. Hacking into someone's email any account that is not yours is a FELONY. If this guy tried to sell this information that could add even more to his crime. Sure you run the risk when you're online, but you run the risk of getting shot when you go into a busy city, does that make the shooter any less at fault?

1400 days ago


She bothers me for some reason. I do feel sorry for her about her e-mail account. They are in "big HUGE" trouble? lol.

1400 days ago


Oh, I'm sure the police are going to investigate! What a load of HORSE PUCKY...Why don't you ramp it up a notch and say the "Federal Government" will be called in (via a personal request by Pres. Obama) to get to the bottom of this horrible crime? There is no way this is anything but a publicity stunt.......notice haw many times she and her mother have been on TV lately?

1400 days ago


Police have better things to do this xmas instead of hunting down some kid who decided to peek under kelly's nose and hack her non-life having emails.. maybe the person was searching for the lost fat.. who knows.. but again.. you place yourself and accept the risk when you use the social sites. PERIOD..

Felony.. yea maybe.. but how many times have ex's hacked someone's email accounts.. lots.. but still unless she has another stalker.. she should not challenge this person over the net.. she's calling out a person who stole her information and runs further risk of that mentioned person releasing all of her information in retaliation... its just not the smart thing to do.

best practice is to avoid the entire issue altogether by NOT signing up for it and being on twitter..

you're gonna try to make a hacker afraid of what could happen to them and they already have your personal info?? LOL.. thats just asking for more trouble.

Kelly needs to get a life and go outside and try to stay off social sites if she wants her privacy.. the fault is still hers for deciding to join it and participate and use it..

she wants followers..LOL.. yea as if she's some GOD.. talk about ego

life is not the internet nor the internet is your life.. and regardless how many perceive the internet is taking over our lives.. we can always.. press that Off button and be done with it.

1400 days ago


It's probably someone wanting to get something on Miley. There is nothing these sickos won't do.

1400 days ago


I picture some loser like barney fife investigating this crime against humanity,
sure andy ill get right on it
can i have my bullet please

1400 days ago


She is a non talented hack herself!

1400 days ago


She will never find out who hacked her cause I know several hackers who have fake email accounts and they use them only once and then delete them and use other people's pc's and library computers, etc.....The person who did hack her will never be found and my guess her stuff be sold to the highest online bidder which I'm sure is a porn site cause I bet her skanky ass made some home made porn vids.

1400 days ago
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