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Lindsay's Alleged Victim Will Refuse to Cooperate

12/24/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her earlier this month will not only drop her criminal complaint, she'll refuse to cooperate with authorities  ... TMZ has learned.


Dawn Holland, who told TMZ earlier this week how Lindsay ripped a phone from her hand causing a severe sprain, now says Lindsay should not be prosecuted.

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, "Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution."

And this is interesting ... we asked Davidson how his client would respond if she's subpoenaed, and he said, "She won't."

Davidson says Holland and Lindsay share a common bond -- they're both recovering addicts, Holland does not want "in any way shape or form to do anything that would violate Lindsay's probation or cause an arrest."

Davidson says, "A crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan."


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In other words, LL paid this woman off to drop it.

1401 days ago

pink floyd    

i smell a pay off $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1401 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

How can zoophilia be wrong when it feels so right?

1401 days ago


No snitchin.

1401 days ago


I bet she garnered some substantial money and signed a very well authored settlement agreement.

I believe LL assaulted this woman and the only thing that results in this sort of outcome is a truck load of MONEY.

1401 days ago


Hmm. Payoff or tradeoff, maybe.

But Lindsay is the one who started everything in motion by calling 911 and then getting all frantic about trying to get the tech fired, all just to deflect attention from her own refusal to do the breathalyzer test in a timely manner. My guess is that the tech would have simply reported the incident to the BF people otherwise. Lindsay would still be in trouble with the judge if BF is doing its job, but the tech wouldn't have done anything else. No police report would even have been filed, that was all precipitated by Lindsay's 911 call and her blathering on about bringing charges herself. So it all would have stayed under the radar without Lindsay and her "people" blabbing about it all. It was only when the tech was faced with losing her job thanks to Ms. Lindsay that she started talking.

By the by - a sprain might not seem like much to y'all, but it could easily make it impossible for the tech to do her job at BF for a variety of reasons for at least a while. Not as long-lasting a problem as a break, but still could interfere with the job for many reasons.

1401 days ago


This woman knew she was in big trouble for violating patient confidentiality, and so she had to backtrack to try to get out of trouble. She's just a drug-addicted gold-digger. I don't think Lindsey paid this woman off. This woman knew she was going to lose any case she made against Lindsey and was probably threatened by Betty Ford to stop pursuing it.

1401 days ago


I think MUCH less of BF after this incident. It's clear LL's treatment is more like a wink and a nod than real treatment for addiction.

And one last thing-->they had better do more to protect their employees when they are doing their jobs.

I'd call leaving an addiction tech to demand a drug test all by herself absurd.

1401 days ago


Interesting. Could be a pay-off ... Could be she had a change of heart ... Could be it never happened.

However, I'm sure 95% of you will probably cry "pay-off" since you all hate Linday so much. Maybe for Christmas you can send her some cyanide to put her out of her misery. I know some of you trolls are capable of it.

Merry Christmas, disparagers.

1401 days ago


Dawn is an addict but not on drugs. BF tests their employees frequently. Secondly, the assault took place FIRST. Not the breach of confidentiality. "Fire the bitch..." and NO real backup from BF (Dawn's employer) that caused her to finally say something. I don't know any employee that would have remained silent seeing "fire the bitch" in print all over in the media. And BF stayed silent leaving their employee to say something or be misjudged entirely.

Don't transfer the blame here.

1401 days ago


Lindsay is disliked because she lies and denies all of what is so very obviously true. Is her behavior in the last few years respectable? It's impossible to like a young woman that floats the most absurd lies. At this point we cannot believe anything she says. Addicts lie very well and combine that with being an actress and you have LL.

It's utterly ridiculous to think we should all love her or admire her at this point. And that doesn't make anybody bad or a toad, troll or other very immature teenage terms.

1401 days ago


I don't think there was any payoff at all; I think Holland originally thought she could manipulate the system and press charges against Lindsay JUST so she could later sue Lindsay and get lots of money from her--therefore, she gave the TMZ interview in hopes of bolstering her case. But, pretty much as soon as she got fired and got a lawyer, I think she realized she had broken the law and both Lindsay AND Betty Ford could go after HER personally for damage to reputation, emotional distress, etc., and is abandoning first the civil suit against Lindsay, and now the criminal case because that's what Betty Ford and Lindsay WANT HER TO DO. Basically, she's now realized she's in deep sh*t and is hoping that if she cooperates and does what they want her to do, they won't go after her civilly and might look upon her more favorably when it comes to helping her out with the criminal case she's likely going to be facing.

I bet she realized the surveillance footage/ witnesses would back up Lindsay's version of the story, too.

Basically, I think she could make money off Lindsay because she thought nobody would believe a drunk/addict over a staffer. Then she got a little money-hungry and did the TMZ interview, not realizing that by trying to make Lindsay look bad, she was violating HIPAA rules, etc. Now she realizes she's in big trouble, so she's backtracking.

Dawn Holland obviously isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer--she should have realized the TMZ interview for $ wasn't the smartest move, plus she should have known all this damaging personal info would come out. I think she was blinded by the $ signs she thought she'd get out of Lindsay and totally didn't think her plan through.

1401 days ago


jberry, that's exactly what I think happened too.

1401 days ago


JLS--do you seriously think people are more likely to listen to you if you make 17 million posts about it? Seriously, give it a rest!

#7 Holly and #9 AnnieSH--good to know everyone on here isn't ridiculously biased against Lindsay and sees this as what it appears to be--a stupid gold-digging staffer who thought she could get money but was such an idiot that she screwed it up bigtime.

1401 days ago


i wonder how much she is paid off?
any guess?
i would say 40 k

1401 days ago
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