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Sandra Bullock's Kid -- The Sit-Down with Santa Claus

12/24/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Almost one year after Louis Bardot was adopted into Sandra Bullock's life -- the little guy had his very first meeting with Santa Claus ... to ask for another Christmas miracle.


The meeting went down in Southern California earlier this month -- when Sandra and Louis rolled over to a party at the Shadow Hills Riding Club ... a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities.


Sandra also got a face-to-face with the big guy ... wonder what she asked for this year?


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jo hoochie
, Obama didn't cause it you ignorant person, people like you that are full of hate caused it, simple, stop the hating! So many people here are so full of hate, grow up.

1366 days ago


Santa - Man i have to pretend to like the
little Homie, but Sandra sitting on my lap.
The north pole just got magnetic

1366 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

She is a fake and she will be back with her husband.

1365 days ago


There is so much blatant racism in these posts! Does TMZ just not care? Well they are aiding and abetting.

1365 days ago


These photos of her and the kid make me sick

1365 days ago


Lucky bastard... i mean Santa...

1364 days ago


She looks happy and better than before. Louis is such a cutie. I'm so glad she has been able to move on from Jesse and the humiliation he caused her. Now if she could move to New Orleans and let go of his kids it would make things so much easier for her. Cuz Im sure everytime she sees or talks to Jesse she is reminded of all the hurt again.
Can't wait to see who she is really dating!!

1364 days ago


"Does anyone else find these white celebs that parade their black kids around a little suspicious? It's like they are throwing their PC bs in our faces and don't they think the kids will kind of figure this all out? Sandra, Tom Cruise the pathetic Madonna to name a few. Isn't it all a little transparent? Like they are carrying around the latest must have accessory? And aren't there enough basketball players and rappers that could do this instead?"

Wow...who died and made YOU Scrooge? What do you care about who is adopting these kids?
If it bothers you so much, don't look at, or read about it. Maybe, just maybe, these were the kids that, when they saw them, made these celebrities feel they had a higher purpose to their life.
I hope the same thing happens to you in 2011.

1364 days ago


Okay... wow! Really!? I am 14 and even I can see that people are immature and taking her adoption in a completely wrong direction! Inconsiderate jerks get on here and talk sh*t about a choice that Sandy made for herself. She made it perfectly clear that this adoption of a black son wasn't for attention. She doesn't care about color of the skin. She has someone to love unconditionally and he'll love her back. She will raise him right and he will not become some gangbanger. People are talking about the black population like they're all part of some gang that wants to kill everyone! ?? I for one am not black, but I'll stand up for any human being that doesn't get a second opinion. They are immediately categorized as "one of them..." She will be a great mother, she's not out just for attention. He will probaby grow up to be a polite young man.

1362 days ago


... also, she was at a friend's party! It's not like she walked out of her house, held him up and went "Hey! Look at my son! Take pictures!" She's not flaunting him for everyone to see. If it were up to her she would probably prefer to be in a place where no one knows her name to raise him happily... But She's Sandra Bullock. Everyone knows who she is! Just because she has a life outside of her career you think she should just hibernate to stay out of sight!? I'm sure when he's old enough she can explain to him why people want to take their pictures! But she has the right to go to a Christmas party with friends even though there may be someone with a camera!

1362 days ago


What difference does it make if your a black child and being paraded around? What are you racist or what? Sandra is doing a fine job raising her baby. She probably wants to give her child a normal life and I don't see nothing wrong with that. Quit hating and leave them both alone.

1360 days ago

cornell smith    

well little baby louis looks consumed by what he's experiencing for the first time.He seems to be enthralled by the things and people new and strange to him.Some more stranger than others,but exhibiting no fear but a curiosity to what he is seeing.Like a sponge soaking up water,once saturated we will begin to see his response like most all our introductions to new people and things. Without any further analysis, he is being given his first awakening to christmas and some of its delites.Lets not comment or look beyond that. That we too may be experienced as yet another new delite for little baby Louis to discover and enjoy.Merry Christmas and many more HAPPY, NEW years.Sandra Bullock and baby Louis ROCK!

1357 days ago
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