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'Real Housewife' Victim Files Criminal Charges

12/24/2010 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The TV news reporter who was brutally hit while celebrating the holiday with Lisa Vanderpump -- star of  "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- just left the Beverly Hills Police Department and formally requested that criminal charges be filed against his assailant.


TMZ broke the story ... Lisa was at the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel early this AM with good friend Robert Kovacik, a reporter for KNBC in L.A., when a drunken man taunted them, got in their faces, and then sucker punched Robert in the mouth.

We've learned Robert spent the morning at the office of Dr. Paul Nassif -- a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and husband of Lisa's co-star Adrienne Maloof. It appears the drunken assailant was wearing a heavy ring, because Kovaciks lip was not only split open, the gash went into the muscle tissue. Kovacik received 5 deep sutures and 2 dozen stitches.

A police report has been filed.

Lisa went to the BHPD with Robert and told TMZ the assailant's actions were "disgusting."


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She should file charges against her husband for being the biggest PU__Y in the world. Why did this guy not defend his wife? I don't get it he must be a little bag of bones that gets pushed around all the time. He probably has had money all his life and doesn't know what it means to be a man.

1401 days ago

Almost famous    

Chileee...I LOVE Lisa BTW

1401 days ago

who dat    

They should take this crap off of tv. It would be more beneficial to simply test the emergency alert system tone for 60 minutes if something better can't be found.

1401 days ago


That drunken pig needs to be prosecuted and severely punished, both with criminal charges and civil damages. What an *******.

1401 days ago


The donkey bung who did this needs some jail time to cool his drunken temper. I want to see a picture of this sodden bully.

1401 days ago


@kevin#14 U ARE SO RIGHT!

1401 days ago


But how is Jiggy Vanderpump handling all this?

1401 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Once had a 375lb. Swedish, powerlifter land a running haymaker on me ‘flush’ outside a nightclub - dude had on a jagged ring meant to tear your face apart. I was WAY too wasted to feel it then - next day I looked like john merrick. Still, I never went to the cops - I went to alien life form Daśagrīva. Not long after my attacker was diagnosed with terminal testicular cancer. I visited him before he croacked, I was like “Remember MEEEE? I prayed to alien life form Daśagrīva for this to happen to you.” All he could do was gurgle in agony. Flawless victory.

1401 days ago

Moe Green    

Assuming this is not a PR stunt, to anyone who would say the guy's a wimp for not punching the drunk, I would say what's worse? The sober guy being arrested for assault and possibly getting injured. Or having the drunk: arrested, charged with assault, spending thousands on a lawyer, possible felony conviction, 86'd from the restaurant, years of probation, court enforced counseling, anger management classes with other low lives, etc.

Think before you commit assault, now matter what the cir***stances. Once violence starts it's very unpredictable.

To all you wannabe tough guys, jersey shore, macho, types. If you can pull it off and want to act like a tough guy try reading a few books like The Long Goodbye, The Wheelman by Duane Swierczynski, Casino Royale, etc.

Actual tough guys avoid fights because they know the potential consequences. Who want's to have homicide on their records.

1401 days ago


if this was an assault, then why wouldn't he press charges unless there's more to the story than what is said.

1401 days ago


quit being a ***** and admitt u got ur ass kicked!

1401 days ago


OH la la! Lisa Vanderpump can hold her own! Fierceness oozes from her delicate and fabulous pores! Poor Robert is so lovely and we love him anchoring and reporting the news here in LALA Land. He was obviously being a gentleman and standing up to a bully!

LOCK THE BULLY UP! Send the drunk to the JailHouse! Make him lay down jackets for Ms. Vanderpump to walk on over the puddles in this rain! He needs to be Robert and Lisa's bitch boy.

Thinking of it he can replace her gay porn star looking ex house mate!


1401 days ago


Anyone who reads post no. 15 knows who is attacking and stalking whom here. You are are way over inflating your importance to me, Dee Dee Russell.

While it's true I do not care for you (at ALL) and your nightly games of whose first to post, I am so far above you in life I will distance myself from you and this website because of this immature nonsense. TMZ can confirm what email address is behind your imposter. It's not me.

One last thing. Who cares who poses as you? Are you really this immature that this kind of thing disturbs you? Think a little more lofty in life, Dee Dee. Not that big of a deal to most.

That's it for me on this website. It's just time.

1401 days ago


how do we know this is not one of those PR stunts in Hollywood those stupid people try to pull out on us in public, just so they could draw some attention to their idiotic show and talentless so called stars in it

1401 days ago


DeeDee Russell,

JLS is a phony who has told us all a long time ago how intelligent she is...apparently she is an attorney with a busy practice making moola money and has promised several times she was leaving and not returning...

We are all looking forward to that day when she finally follows through with her promise...

However, don't hold your breath...she never keeps her promise which shows us how she is not so trustworthy about keeping her words... thus, whatever she posts, you just cannot believe everything she says!

1401 days ago
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