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Lindsay Lohan ... The Movie Role of Her Life

12/27/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan followers have clearly missed the boat ... her alcohol and cocaine-fueled hijinks, reckless driving, failed rehab attempts, career-ending partying and ruthless hangers-on are actually comedy gold ... at least according to the guy who's making a movie about her life.

Lindsay Lohan Movie
Lydia Hearst will play LiLo in Charles Casillo's new movie, "Dogs in Pocketbooks."  Casillo told the New York Post, "Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab, in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media."

Casillo says the script is a satire ... the only glaring omission from the description -- scheming, sponging parents whose lives derail their child.



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Bubbles The Chimp    

I predict a lawsuit from LiLoser and DiLoser.

1367 days ago


LOL, you can only sue if it's NOT true and they use our real name. Otherwise, it's fair game.

1367 days ago



Cron, the expert defense lawyer, says he believes Holland was ok calling police about the Lohan alleged incident – but committed a crime by then giving the information to TMZ.

“I didn't have a problem with her (Holland) notifying the police to report a crime (i.e. battery), but to go to TV with TMZ, and to get paid for it, is a blatant violation of HIPPA, for which she could be prosecuted criminally and sued civilly,” Cron told

“I see no likelihood of BFC getting prosecuted criminally because they didn't do anything to violate HIPAA, and in fact, immediately fired the employee who had disclosed information. BFC could easily be sued civilly because in a civil context they're responsible for the actions of their employees.” was first to report that a lawyer for the Betty Ford Center called the attorney general’s office to report the Holland situation.

The rehab center said Holland violated patient confidentiality and made a confidential do***ent public in explaining why she was fired. Both of those allegations can easily be the basis for a federal investigation against Holland for violating HIPAA – a violation that could carry jail time.

The feds are not expected to comment on the situation until the new year begins. It is also possible that TMZ can be criminally investigated and prosecuted for its role in the scandal, by paying the health care worker for confidential information. The website has not returned’s calls for comment.

LoL Hilarious!

1367 days ago



1367 days ago


I predict no lawsuit for TMZ. They are smart enought to check whether this particular incident and the report relate to LL's medical treatment or a criminal assault. It's intimidation, only. Otherwise the lawsuits and an injuction to stop talking about the incident would ALREADY be filed....

Oh yeah, the Lohans LIKE the publicity. that how they make their money...

1367 days ago

snooki = ewwww    

ha ha! from the looks of the movie trailor...>> i think this shizz is going to be hilarious! sorry fire crotch@ hehehe

1367 days ago


Oh crap, another "B" movie!

1367 days ago


Fire crotch is not even good enough to play herself!

1367 days ago

Illinois person    

Funny thing is that the person playing LiHo actually looks better than the real LiHo. Guess that's what years of abuse will do to you. Read it and weap LiHo!

1367 days ago

Ozzie X    

Does she die in the movie?

1367 days ago

Illinois person    

#13/Ozzie comment was way too funny!!!

1367 days ago


Sounds like a "movie of the week" (if they still made those) rather than a real movie. Any studio that thinks it will make money off of this is fooling themselves.

1367 days ago


I keep waiting for the tons of projects of Lilo's to be announed to us. Surely Dina the Dino would be trumpeting them from the rooftops if they existed.

As to her having lots of money - she probably made a goodly amount but hasn't worked in several years and blows it (pun intended) on all manner of expensive things - drugs, jewelry, clothes, Mommy, Ali, etc. She seems to have no sense when it comes to holding on to any of her dough.

As for being well-respected in Hollywood, remember, she was called out PUBLICLY about her behavior, via letter, during the filming of Georgia Rule. I've never heard of another actor having this done to them PUBLICLY. Says a lot for how ill behaved she was and how exasperated the studio was with her. She also blew her stint on Ugly Betty, and blew her "comeback" movie as well. Looks to me like Hollywood wants nothing to do with her at the present time.

And finally, yeah Lydia Hearst IS prettier than Lilo because her hair is glossier, her skin healthier. Lindsay doesn't have the same youthful glow about her anymore. Pretty sad for a kid of 24 to look like a woman of 54.

1367 days ago


Any person associated in any way with Fire Crotch has a permanent taint or stain on them.
Why would a Hearst want to even be named in the same breath with her?
Big mistake Lydia, there is nothing funny or charming about a liar, drug addict, alcoholic, jail bird, lesbo, smoking, rehab failure, thief on the skids.

1367 days ago


It is a one note shallow part with no depth, growth, wisdom or self awareness.
There is no drama here, no conflict good vrs. bad but a monotonous superficial gloss that is a person with no soul or insides.

1367 days ago
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