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Report: NFL to Punish Brett Favre Over Sexting

12/29/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brett Favre will finally have to pay for allegedly texting photos of his dong knob to former NY Jets employee Jen Sterger -- the NFL has reportedly decided to fine the legendary QB over the scandal.

There was speculation Favre could face a suspension -- but early this morning, FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer twittered, "Commish is expected to fine Brett Favre today, tomorrow the latest, but NOT suspend Favre."

As we previously reported, the NFL had launched an investigation to see if Favre had violated the league's personal conduct policy during his correspondence with Sterger.

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So what? He was not hurting anybody. Is not like he was hanging her, drowning her, shooting her or electrocuting her like Michael Vick did to the dogs.

So what if Michael Vick is a good player? Hitler was a hell of a good public speaker too

1331 days ago


Oh yes, SNIDLY she is looking to make a buck off of his d-ic-k.

Come on, if that was true, she has been getting his gift of text pics for two years now. She could have made an a-s-s out of him then. And would have started to make money back then
don't ya think?

She didn't. I suspect she was hoping he would stop so she wouldn't become the bad guy, and the one at fault, and the 'gold-gigger' Gee, and that is actually what has now happened.

Brett is the sasuage here, not her. A GROWN man, married I might add, is sending pics of if his d-ic-k to some youngtser.

Hello!!!! Why is that technology makes fools of grown men? What is the deal with that? Is there some battery cells oozzzing out some oooozer moron stuff they breathe?

And.... disgusted in pasadena, oh yes I'm so sure she was just thrilllllllled to get photos of his d-ic-k, and oh yes, she sure shoved them down her pants.....I suppose rape victims who dress sexy deserve it in your book.

Where do you people get this sh-it? Esp you gals, use some common sense here ladies and put yourself in her shoes.

Unless of course its just normal now-a-days-to-get-d-ic-k pics?

1331 days ago


what a joke. the fine will probably be like $10 to favre. i was a fan but no more. just like the rest of them, they all fall eventually!

1331 days ago


Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt in the pic not Jenn Sterger

1331 days ago

paul a.    

Come On!!!

First the snow cancellations! Now this?

The NFL is such a wussy organization...

This woman has seen more ding-a-lings than a QC manager at a doorbell factory. She's loving every minute of the attention.

BTW, gimme her email address. I want to send her a pic of mine!!!

1331 days ago


I think it's dumb that she takes no responsibility for this. She is already cashing in on her fame; I saw in my BF's playboy that she will be in next months issue. Fame Whore for sure.

1331 days ago


For those of you saying that the NFL has nothing to do with it, you are very wrong. It's the same as going into your workplace and the same thing happens. He violated the league's personal conduct policy, therfore they have EVERYTHING to do with it.

1331 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

Penis? I thought he had his thumb over the camera lens!

1331 days ago


$50,000, lol @ Jenn Sterger. Eat it you tramp.

1331 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

She was ALL eye Candy with the Jets and Brett fell for the game. She got her 15 minutes. Next up, a porn movie and tell all book.
Brett was in the wrong no doubt but lets face facts, she was Jets eye candy at functions & events, nothing more, nothing less.

1331 days ago


"They let Michael Vick, Dog Killer/Abuser/Sicko Convict, into the league, and punish THIS???"--Michael Vick did his time. Get over it. No one thinks what he did was okay, but he served his time.

As for Favre, read up on the "breaking" story--he was fined $50k for NOT COOPERATING with the investigation. Seems like an admission of guilt, and he SHOULD have been suspended.

1331 days ago

moe l.    

Jen..."look at this cute picture Brett just texted to me! Looks just like a penis only smaller!"

1331 days ago

Sophie L    

I'm glad I read some of the remarks first. Snidly said everything i was thinking.

1331 days ago


His wife must be soooooooooooo proud of her hubby!!!!! Hope his kids are just as proud when they are old enough to see what Daddy did!!!

1331 days ago


Can someone explain why he's being punished for sexting? Is it illegal? No. Do married men do this everyday across America? Yes. This is a complete joke, why is the NFL even involved??? The woman who got the texts should've gone to the police if she felt harassed and let them deal with it. Or, to the tabloids if she wanted a payday. Ultimately, this is between Favre and his wife if no crime has been commmitted.

1331 days ago
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