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Chris Brown -- Death Threat in Raz B Twitter Feud

12/30/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's Twitter feud with former B2K singer Raz B took a violent turn last night -- when Raz's brother posted a video threatening to put a "mother f**king pistol" in Brown's mouth.

The threat came after a scathing exchange between Brown and Raz yesterday afternoon -- which erupted when Raz made comments about Brown's attack on Rihanna.

But after Brown retaliated with several racial and gay slurs directed at Raz -- the B2K singer's brother stepped in ... posting a video message saying, "If I see you in L.A. my dude, I'm gonna put my mother fu**ing pistol in your mouth."

Raz's brother, Ricky Romance -- who's also a singer -- added, "Step your game up homeboy ... when I see you my n**ga, I will smack you in the mouth, beat you, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b**ch my n**ga. This ain't no mother f**king game homeboy.  You ain't welcome in L.A. and if I catch you alone, watch what I'ma do to you."

Last night, Brown twittered a response, "Ill be in LA REAL SOON!!!!!!"

UPDATE: RazB's rep tells TMZ ... "Raz B wanted to make sure everyone knows that what his brother says does not represent him."

The rep adds, "Those are just a brother's tendencies to protect his brother coming out. Raz B has already spoken to his brother and told him to chill out."


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Johnny Wadd    

This is good P.R. for both parties, because no one was talking about them before. Now people are talking, which in the long run means more CD sells. To make this even better, would be to turn it all into a Vegas event, like celebrity boxing. To top that off, would be to make it a charitable event.

1393 days ago


UUuuummmm.... CB is suppose to be afraid of a dude named "Ricky Romance".... HA! too funny!

1393 days ago


this guy is so ugly and look like he's on drugs how yu wanna act all gansta wit a twitter name like ricky romance lol since he so gansta where was he when his brother was getting molested looser some ppl hate the fact that chris brown is actually trying to change tmz trying to make chris brown the bad guy well razb started it and im sure this was a publicity stunt he wanted to be in the news again and its been a while!!

1393 days ago


***** Pleazzzeee!!!

1393 days ago


I think it would be best if they made a reality TV show concerning these so called rapper/singers(what a joke)...let them fight with weapons or not,maybe better than UFC if we could let them kill each other,I`m sure some day like the Romans it will turn out this way and I can`t wait!!

1393 days ago


I know from experience that on twitter you will make yourself look and sound like a complete fool. There's just something about twitter that makes you feel it's fine to lose your mind as the entire twitterverse watches...reads along.

I don't have the slightest idea who any of these people are except for Chris nor do I know what all the fuss is about however is violence really necessary? They all sound petty and immature. Hopefully no one will get hurt over this nonsense.

1393 days ago

Scotty G    

We need Al Sharpton or Jesse JAckson to fix this war.

1393 days ago


All this cause of what. So Raz B can some publicity. C'mon shut that **** up. Pathetic *****s at they best tryna threaten other people for the **** that they started cause if Raz B wouldn't of opened up his dumb ass mouth none of this **** would of been started. I'm sorry to say this (not really) but Raz B is a ****ing pathetic ass bitch who wants some sympathy. Dude wants to get everybody in his personal life so he can get his little 15 minute. But eventually his times gonna be up and he's just gonna be another dude on a Where are they now tv special.

1393 days ago


And low-life sc**bags like these, are given record deals???
These pieces of sh** should be given LIFE IN PRISON. No possibility of parole. The f'ing s*** of the earth.

1393 days ago


Nothing says 'I'm tough' like a Twitter Feud. High profile black men pull stupid crap like this and then wonder why there are stereotypes. Act with class and that's how you'll be perceived. These punks ought to apologize to the upstanding members of the black community for perpetuating the negative image.

1393 days ago


WHO THE HELL IS RICKY ROMANCE???? Attention seeking, talentless hater?? Chris did his time and is still putting out hits. What has this guys done? Don't respond to the haters CB!

1393 days ago

timma breezy     

you all waiting for chris brown to make mistake .. why you didn't talk about Threatens Raz B to chris brown ??................just watch Ricky Romance on Video Threatens Chris Brown & than you can talk.
& chris brown says" i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love"

1393 days ago


Wow!! This is the lamest video ever. First all your name is Ricky Romance and career is about as successful as your brothers... no one know's you sweetie. Secondly, I'm pretty sure Chris Brown isn't scared of you, what are you gonna do attack him with those lips!! And why don't you leave Omarion out of this because out of all y'all he was the only one who didn't get into the petty argument. And your Andre Merritt comment was stupid. If you don't want to see him on your TL then there's a nice button on Twitter that says UNFOLLOW, you should try it!! You and your brother should seriously GET A LIFE and get out of Chris Browns!!!

1393 days ago


Ok...Chris Brown...grow had to respond for'll be in LA for what....didn't you just complete a class to do things difference. You need to take a page from J-Z....some things just don't deserve a response.....Grow up already....and here folks think you have changed....Grow the F--- up Chris and know the difference between what should and need to be addressed.....Geesh...

1393 days ago

La La Land    

Chris Breezy is about to get stomped out...hahaha Hey ricky romance make sure an record the beating and post it on world

1393 days ago
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