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Scott Disick

Explodes on Photog

12/30/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick went ballistic on a photographer at Miami International Airport yesterday -- screaming at a snapper who got too close to the couple's little kid.

Multiple photogs -- not ours -- were shooting Disick and baby Mason, when Scott turned to one snapper and said, "How close can you get?? ... stand back, you f**king idiot."

Seconds later, Disick snaps -- charging towards the photog screaming, "Don't get that f**king close to me!!!"

Moments later, Disick calms down and tries to explain himself ... saying, "I mean he's this f**king close to my kid man."

Scott left the airport minutes after without any further incidents.


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this act is a PR goldmine. Their NY show is starting in a few weeks, and Scott was whining about his anger management problem; BINGO. In the last Miami series, he was drinking, drugging, smashing mirrors; doubt if he has changed. In real life, the guy is a hard partier; ie., drinking, drugging, whoreing around with skan****s and drug dealers. Yawn. Another temper tantrum for publicity.

1390 days ago

go home!    

yeah, this would be mean more if they werent keeping their child off future kardashian shows just because E! refused to pay mason 20,000 an episode to stand around and slobber. who cares about that kid, really.

1390 days ago


Sure Scott is a douchebag, but I completely agree with him on this. Imagine if you had to deal with this every day? It would get a little old. I know celebrities (and reality stars) put themselves in the spotlight but give them a little space when their children are around.

1390 days ago


Disick came from a wealthy family who had inherited their money from their parents...bunch of nobodies.

1390 days ago


I agree with Scott did and I do not care for him too much. The photographer was warned not to get too close. If it was my husband he would have punched him. That would be self defense since the photographer was warned not to be so close to Mason. Good for Scott and hopefully he is still on the track to becoming a better person.

1390 days ago


I love the comment from the photographer who says "I knew that was going to happen." There should be a law about provoking people and then getting to sue. I hope all you photogs rot in Hell. I hate Disick, but I like him more than you, Harvey and that loser Mario Hilton...

1390 days ago


He is such a loser and so is she for staying with him!!

1390 days ago


listen again folks. Scott clearly states " got to close to me" his comment about "my kid" was an after thought. My first husband exploded like this, til while he was in a rage, and our baby 8 wks was screaming, took the baby and threw her on our bed..Run like i did kk. We have left that idiot,and my kids have the best father( wont even say step), he is their hear from the bio once every couple of years..Run Kourtney.

1390 days ago


Everything about this family is about making money and the "Big Show", but once one of them asks you to stand away from them child than respect that and back off. You have enough pictures of them that you don't need one more and you can snap from a distance. They are entitled to privacy.

1390 days ago


This joker is just the poor man's Tom Cruise...who cares what he says....

1390 days ago


stop reporting on this loser! this guy is a nobody! everytime you make a post and we comment on it, his ego gets even bigger...if that's possible???

1389 days ago


These skanks would hang their baby from a tree for publicity

1389 days ago


what is the big deal i was expecting the video two be worse than that i have seen him act worse on the show that was g rated

1389 days ago


This whole family is full of idiots. I don't want to see a child in danger, but he put him there when he pimped out his family for media attention. I can't stand any one in this family. I am most disappointed in Bruce Jenner, the guy lets his wife walk all over him and allows his youngest daughters to follow in the path of his step-daughters. Fame whores, all of them.

1389 days ago


I don't blame him. Now, he is the bad guy for screaming at a leach photographer. There should be laws that they ned to stay back so many feet

1389 days ago
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