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New 'Teen Mom' Audio -- Gary's Cover-Up Call

12/30/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, desperately tried to get his other chick to cover up another alleged Amber beating that occurred just two weeks ago ... according to a recording obtained by TMZ.


The audio -- recorded Dec. 15 -- captures "Teen Mom" co-star Gary on the phone with a girlfriend named Ashley. He's telling her how to stonewall reporters who got wind of a Dec. 14 incident where Amber allegedly beat him again.

Gary advises Ashley to tell reporters, "No comment, no comment, no comment ..." adding, "every time they leave you alone."

During the call, Gary admits, Amber "f**king hit me." You also hear Gary whisper to a friend in the room that Ashley didn't actually see Amber hit him -- she was outside waiting in a car.

In return for Ashley's silence ... Gary makes this gallant offer to her -- "Maybe one day we can start a family."

So much for learning from mistakes.


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you can hear call of duty in the back. AHHAHAHAA.

1391 days ago

Just Sayin'    

Poor Amber gets bagged as a crazy psycho mom but hey she knows she needs to work on things give her that at least she knows her flaws and is trying to improve. As for Gary yea i dont understand how he has the things he does has he gotten off his lazy ass to get a job or is he still mooching off of people? MTV what have you done with the real "Music Television"? Been turning it into making stupid teenage kids reproducing for some TV time. Come on kids dont be so self sentered but watcing their sad lives on tv makes everyone feel better about their own crazy life not a way to be a star.

1391 days ago


gary is such a loser just like amber. they dont deserve a baby gary and amber need sense beat into them. they sure deserve eachother u ugly stupid no godd losers. they should be on worest parents in history...

1391 days ago


I see it now, looks like your daughter will be next if you dont get the hell away from her. Take the baby and leave that state and start a new life and give the baby a REAL mom.

1391 days ago



1390 days ago



1390 days ago

Gina Benn    

How do these losers even get on television? Has society really sunk so low that people really want to watch white trash on TV? Even more pathetic, a production crew pays for this???

1390 days ago


Gary needs to take custody of the child and leave Amber alone or child services needs to take the child until they can get their stuff together. Amber cared nothing about Gary and he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. You do not fight or put your hands on one another in front of a child. Teen mom or not there are certain things you don't do in front of children. i have 7 grandchildren and I would never allow that to happen. There is to much help out there for Amber to act like that. Its not a bad thing to ask for help.

1390 days ago

Hispanic dude     

The Fat Fk needs to be stop be the victm and be act like a man not like a lil girl... I can't stand to see him cry and act like he is an angel. I know that Amber is not a angel neither and she has a bad temper but who doesn't? So please dude stop be so freaky *****...

1390 days ago


this guy's not embarassed to get slapped around by this girl....he's getting paid for it like a freaky fetish whore

1390 days ago


So who wants to star a family with this guy? Come on, he is available, ladies.

1390 days ago

Truth Hurts    

So much for learning from mistakes?

It seems like the guy realizes the felony charges are BS and is trying to protect the girl being made an example of months after the girl hit him.

Amber should take this to a jury trial, any real man on the jury would never convict her, but I guess that's a risk with everyone being so PC now a days. What a joke that she's being charged as a felon, Gary didn't call the cops on her, and the cops wouldn't know if they had real police work to do instead of sitting around watching reality TV.

1390 days ago


I find it hilarious how some one commented, "what a tool", when they're the dip**** looking on TMZ for the latest gossip on the reality stars of a show called Teen Mom. You're a dude, why are you even watching this? I know. You have no life and in addition to that, absolutely no knowledge of the guy or his life that you just called, "a tool". You're the tool. Plus, Why wouldn't Gary have a girlfriend and baby mama? It's people like you making ignorant comments that probably don't have a girlfriend. Stop trying to analyse it dude. I don't even know you and I can clearly see why you're single. As for Gary, I know about 10+ girls who watch this show of true reality and because of the person he really is, want to date him. SO WHAT IF HE's A BIG GUY! Much rather have that over some small, skinny twerp. He's sincere, kind,and genuine. Anyone can tell that from watching the shows. Gary is a straight up guy that any girl would be lucky to have. Wish we had more like him. The only problem gary has in this video are the friends he's trusting who've clear leaked it to the public. THANK YOU GARY FOR BEING A GOOD MAN AND FATHER. PLEASE NEVER CHANGE, you're absolutely wonderful!

1388 days ago
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