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Lindsay Lohan Prosecutor Runs for D.A.

12/31/2010 1:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's legal nemesis, L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, has thrown her hat in the ring to become the next D.A.

Meyers, a no-nonsense veteran prosecutor who wanted Lindsay locked up after giving her multiple chances, announced her candidacy this AM.

She's handled multiple hardcore murder cases and is widely respected by judges, prosecutors and even a bunch of defense lawyers.

Meyers has been a D.A. for nearly a quarter of a century and has been named prosecutor of the year.

If elected she'd be the first woman and first African American elected to the non-partisan position.


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"She couldn't even put Lindsay Lohan in jail!

How's she gonna put away violent killers?

I'll vote "NO"..."

It was out of her control, or do you not understand basic court processes? When you appeal a judge's decision, it doesn't go back to the same judge. That would be a kangaroo court, and it's illegal in the United States because it's not fair (how many judges are going to overturn their own decision). With the appeal, Lindsey took her case to another judge who granted her, her freedom.

I admire this woman because she didn't buy Lindsey's bull, and actually wanted to help her and teach her a lesson. But Lindsey and her lawyers found a loophole, and not every judge is as good as this woman.

1391 days ago


I agree she presented a good case and was only asking for 30 days in jail which is standard for a probation violation.
Khloe Kardashian had Lindsay's lawyer and missed her alcohol classes, didn't even enrol in her community service and all she got was 30 days in jail. She only ended up serving 4 hours 37 miniutes of that.
Danette Meyers even got that crazy Judge removed after she imposed the ridiculous sentence and didn't oppose Lindsay's early rehab release and she would have finished probation on November 1st if she didn't fail the drug test.

NO there won't any further action taken
Lindsay is leaving rehab next week and only has 56 days of supervised probation left.
All she has to do is not fail a drug or alcohol test until she goes back to court on February 25th and she avoids jail and completes probation.

1391 days ago


OH!!! How shockin'

Gran Standing explained...

She didn't care about the people or Lohan, it was purely self-serving. Go figure!!!

1391 days ago


She is a phenomenal prosecutor who has handled much more serious cases than Lohan. She has prosecuted hundreds of criminals and has fought for justice. Vote Danette Meyers for LA's D.A.!!!

1391 days ago


tmz taking my post off you notice how they are all getting down on the females. bunch of ***s, an lesbians, that is why they are in tmz , the twenty mile zone, too keep thes idiots away from everone elese

1391 days ago

Ms E    

Hey idiot, david jones, it's not her hair that matters, it's what's under it. And I'm sure she's got a lot more going on in there than your dumb ass.

1391 days ago


Nicole your on EVER gossip site saying the same old stupid crap!
Do you sit there with a calander marking off the days. You need to seek help ASAP

1391 days ago


@ 19 Nicole

My basic problem with the hearing that got Lindsay put in jail for 13-14 days was the the judge presumed to have the authority to change the contracted services of the rehab center. That "you must attend 1 class each 7 days" was wrong, she should have jailed Lindsay for 6 months at that hearing.

Khloe Kardashian did have the same lawyer, and she was well aware that the sheriff would tag and release her if her sentence was the standard 30 days for a parole violation. Again, another bad judge, she should have been sentenced to 35 days which would have gotten her 3.5 days in the jail. Just enough time to know what it is like.

Of all the "celebrity" cases the only person I have any real sympathy for is Paris Hilton. Fewer than 6 people in the last 4 thousand cases of parole violation have ever been sentenced to jail. Not only was she sentenced to more than the standard 30 days she was made to do 50% of the 45 days and was tortured by the corrections officers for the first 3 days she was in there resulting in 6 days of hospitalization before she could finish her sentence. She remains the only female prisoner ever made to do 50% of a sentence.

1391 days ago


shabby writing, TMZ (again, sigh)
how can you say she's running for DA when in the article you mention "Meyers has been a D.A. for nearly a quarter of a century ".

1391 days ago


Anyone but J Edgar Cooley.

1391 days ago



No i made a countdown until exactly 0830 on February 25th

I agree she should have gave Lindsay 180 days and she would have been free from jail and probation in August
I agree completely about Paris Hilton. I don't even think what the Judge did was legal but after she was sent back she just decided to serve her time. The Judge even raised her time back up to 90 days after she didn't go to court but the sheriff reduced it back to 45 days and the Judge knew he had already went way over the top.

1391 days ago

DeeDee Russel    

I agree with david jones. A professional Afro-American woman should take better care with her hair.

1391 days ago

George Bush    

I think Lidsay has been out since she has been in.

1391 days ago


So she is a senior 25 year veteran prosecutor - and she prosecutes Lindsay Lohan. Shouldn't the most experienced prosecutors in LA County be prosecuting extremely serious crimes like Murder, rape, child killings. No she finds the time to be the Star to prosecute Lindsay.
That is a disgusting abuse of the legal system, being hardcore on a young starlet to better yourself - nothing to do with the citizens of LA County - just me, me, me. I'd fire her.

1390 days ago


How much money did she waste prosecuting Lindsay. Not a good use of resources.

1390 days ago
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