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Willow Smith

I Work For Daddy

12/31/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Willow Smith knows her place -- she's a daughter/employee of Will Smith.


TMZ has obtained documents filed by Roc Nation, Willow's record label owned by Jay-Z.   According to the docs, Roc Nation entered into a recording agreement with Spooky Girl, Inc. "for exclusive recording and entertainment services of Willow Smith."

Spooky Girl is Willow's company -- sort of.  You see, the Prez of Spooky Girl is Will, and Willow is listed as an "employee."

And it gets more interesting, because Jada Pinkett Smith is listed as Willow's guardian. Will can't list himself as a parent or guardian because it conflicts with his duties as president of Spooky Girl.  So legally speaking, Jada protects Willow from Will!

Contracts involving minors must be filed with the court.  But Will and Jada argued in legal docs that the Roc Nation contract contains "highly sensitive and confidential proprietary business and financial information."  So the Roc Nation contract was filed under seal, so no one could see how much money Willow is raking in.


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Am I the only one who thinks the Smith kids so annoying, along with the parents.

1394 days ago


What's so secret about this particular business deal?

And how is one parent able to pass off as guardian and the other an employer. This stinks. And the judge rubber stamped the charade.

1394 days ago


The smith kids have been forced on the public that is not interested in them or their family with all of their unlikable pushy stuck up personalities!

1394 days ago


I wonder how much money these kids "give" to Scientology? Maybe THAT'S the "sensitive information" the parents don't want disclosed.

1394 days ago


that poor lil girl is terribly fugly!

1394 days ago


How sad these kids have a 'career' bought, paid for and completely artificially created by their parents. What will happen to them when they grow up and realise none of it was actually real and that no talent existed in the first place.

1394 days ago


they just want to cheat on there taxes

1394 days ago


I know this is off topic but I love how they named their kids after themselves. Jada/Jaden Will/Willow I think it's kind of cute.

1394 days ago


No, #1 those kids are annoying, and untalented. We shall see how far their Dad's talent will take them. My bet is not far!
They will have to study and train many years before they develop any kind of talent, even then, who knows.

1394 days ago


Naming their Kids after themselves, Forcing them into show "business", brainwashing them with crazy Scientological philosophies which must be ultimately on how much REVENUE you can generate for the "mother ship".

This is gonna be the most EPIC Hollywood child stars gone bad story EVER!!!!!

1394 days ago


I met Will and he is the real deal. His wife lived in the same building as I did in Baltimore, MD - Harborview. He is a sincerely nice guy and I believe he is doing what he needs to in order to make his kids happy.

1394 days ago

two cents    

Will an undercover clam and the cult's only chance since Tom Cruise was exposed with the release of the Co$ tapes. Public opinion has also backfired on John Travolta after Jett's unnecessary death thanks to their refusal to treat his autism. Besides opening a scientology cult school, now they have their kids raking money in for them and the cult.

As for naming their kids after themselves? That's quite an ego, poor kids can't even get their very own names. Sad how no one is protecting kids from selfish, brainwashing parents.

1394 days ago


It must be nice to be a parent who's 9 year old basically pays for herself. Every parent should have that agreement with their child. LOL!

1394 days ago


I wonder how much money these kids "give" to Scientology? Maybe THAT'S the "sensitive information" the parents don't want disclosed.

Posted at 2:20 AM on Dec 31, 2010 by Claire


Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I read on here before that they are out of that Scientology religion or whatever it is, because it conflicted with Will and Jada wanting to donate money to a certain school or something regarding Blacks. And he looks so much better since leaving them. Because before he was looking very old, gray and very thin like he was sick or something.

1394 days ago


It's a good thing they have money, because the girl admitted she's no good at "maths."

I find both of those Smith kids terribly annoying.

1394 days ago
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