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Chuck Berry Falls Ill During Concert

1/2/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Berry had to be escorted off stage during a concert in Chicago last night -- but rather than jumping in an ambulance, he jumped back on stage.

Berry was playing a gig at the Concert Theater and, according to the Chicago Tribune, began showing signs something was wrong early on. The promoter of the event told the paper, "Obviously, something was off ... Fifteen minutes into the set it went from fine to something wasn't right. He was starting songs mid-song, playing 15 seconds of a song."

After several failed attempts at the guitar, Berry played keyboard -- then slumped over.

Berry (who is 84) was taken off stage but came back 15 minutes later and tried resuming the show ... but was taken off stage again. He returned one more time, assured fans he was OK (see video below), and did his signature duck walk before leaving for good.

Berry did not go to the hospital ... he took a limo home. That's how he rolls.


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1359 days ago


Thank You Chuck Berry. You are a good Man. Fall down, take a moment...get back out there and do it again. Other males in recents posts have set very poor examples.
You Rock Chuck!
God Bless!

1359 days ago


He has spent 60 years on that stage.Chuck wants to go out playing. And that's exactly what he will do.

1359 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

That's Alright, 1954? Uhh, try what is widely recognized as the first rock 'n' roll recording, Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner's "Rocket 88," from 1951 on for size.

By the way, Elvis' "That's All Right Mama" is a COVER of the Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup song from 1946, lol. You my friend have been pwned. Thank you come again!

Yes, before Elvis there was nothing, to WHITE people. believe it was John Lennon who also said, "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry."


revisionists abound. Amazing how time re-writes history. April, 1954..."That's Allright" Find one song written by any of these names that pre-date. Encyclopedia of Rock, by Rolling Stone puts that as the begginning. As John Lennon famously said "Before Elvis, there was nothing." You cannot change do***ented evidence. I am sure some dude invented the light bulb in his basement a hundred years before Edison... but without a patent or wide use, would anyone have known. Also, the Best of Berry's, Chuck's Greatest Hits put out in 1959, it has those classic two or three songs, the rest are instrumentals. Don't change history to what you want it to be. At the very least, use Wikipedia if you are too lazy to do proper research.

Posted at 11:58 AM on Jan 2, 2011 by bbb

1359 days ago


"Thats all right mama" was written by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup

1359 days ago

Gentleman John    

The venue this happened at , last night , is called The Congress Theatre. I saw it happen , and it looked more like a siezure. If he'd actually had a mild stroke , he would'nt have returned (Twice)to the stage , like he did. It may have only been severe exhaustion. He did two gigs in New York , then flew directly to Chicago , where it was 15 degrees last night , which did'nt help. It was probably as cold or worse in NYC , he could have been in early stages of Influenza , on top of what else may have happened. Regardless of whether or not he should retire , I thought , for sure , they'd get him in the ambulance, and that , yes , he'd resist , but , that even he could'nt do anything about it , this time. Chuck was , for much of the gig , disoriented , as pointed out , earlier. Some people thought he was drunk , but , I've never heard anything about Chuck being a drinker. This looked like something else , entirely , but , I did'nt see it coming. Even after the fact , he looked like he was just listening to see if the piano was in tune , but , when he leaned to the right side ,he did'nt get back up. Get Well , Chuck.

1359 days ago


I thought he had died yrs ago.

1359 days ago


so sorry

1359 days ago


A man's ding-a-ling can't be expected not to break down now and then.

1358 days ago


Someone needs to take him in for a checkup. Hope he's ok. I don't think it's right that the people around him just let him go home unless there's lots of people around him there.

1358 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1358 days ago


Pervert! i remember in the 60"s he was hittingon all the cute girls in the audience, or the waitresses. Nasty old man!

1358 days ago


I was at the concert he played very badly we didn't know what was wrong hopefully he is alright and hopefully he plays better then that I know he use to be amazing but he might have to retire but overall Chuck is a legend

1358 days ago


Pervert! i remember in the 60"s he was hittingon all the cute girls in the audience, or the waitresses. Nasty old man!

Posted at 5:11 AM on Jan 3, 2011 by JANP

wth are you talking about? Among a few other things most dudes that get into rock and roll/singing will tell you they do it for the money and the girls. Don't try and blame Chuck, groupies are just as bad then as they are now. His old a s s probably still pointin' out which one he wants to take backstage. I hear viagra works wonders...

1358 days ago


All of that p00p he has been eating is catching up to him. Gross man.

1358 days ago
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