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J.Lo Tells Indoor Playground to Shoe

1/2/2011 5:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Jennifer Lopez didn't throw on her Louboutins, but she was allowed to keep her boots on at an allegedly "shoe-free" kids indoor playground.

The 41-year-old "American Idol" judge took her twins and five (FIVE!) helpers to Bright Child indoor playground in Agoura Hills recently.

We were told the policy there is that absolutely everyone has to be shoe-free -- but J.Lo was allowed to hang out with her boots firmly placed on her diva feet. Ugg!

Despite what you heard, she's not Jenny from the sock.


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B/c someone may run off with her shoes and sell in on ebay.

1388 days ago


If you look at the pictures...the lady in white is probably a nanny because she's standing there holding diapers and wipes....You know Jlo doesn't change her kids diapers....are you kidding me!

1388 days ago


What's up with FIVE nannies for her TWO kids? I mean, come on, seriously?! Is being a mother so hard for her that she can't manage two kids at the play park? Wow...

And she calls herself a "mother"?! It should be more like uterus donor because God knows those weren't her eggs. You know, I used to like her but after reading stuff like this it's hard.

1388 days ago


Who cares!!! What a BITCH. NO class at all.

1388 days ago


Five helpers for 2 kids? WTF?????? What a total DIVA LOSER and PATHETIC MOTHER!!!! Too busy on with the cell phone to watch your kids Jenny???? Ridiculous.

1388 days ago


racist btch.

1388 days ago

Catherine Kroetsch    

Are you all seriously taking on TMZ for this article? REALLY? We are reading TMZ! HELLO!!! If we want "news" we need to be clicking onto another site, this is just gossip for fun. Get over yourselves!

1388 days ago


Please picking on J.Lo and Please putting J.Lo down. Someday J.Lo and I will meet each other on purpose.I really do care about J.Lo. I really am concerned about J.Lo. I really really am madly deeply continuously passionately and romaticly in love with J.Lo. I really really love enjoy crave honor cherish respect and obey all of J.Lo from head to toe. To see J.Lo totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see J.Lo.I like to see babies and little kids to have fun. From George William Gockel.

1388 days ago


Hey, those are the same boots she was wearing in the photo's from when she had that store "TooFab" closed down just so she could shop and she spent $6,500 in 30 mins! Sure she's not a spoiled rich diva..

1388 days ago


Anonymous- I hope you are kidding me, otherwise you need serious help. As a nurse I urge you to GET HELP!

If you all actually LOOK at all 5 pictures you will see that the lady in white shoes is one of her nannies (I don't think she'd let a stranger stroke her daughters head). Also, her daughter is in the lap of an older boy, one I would assume is one of her step children. In another picture she is talking to an even older boy, assuming her other step son. So, now it makes sense (at least to me) that bringing 4 kids to an overcrowded indoor playground on a holiday week as an A list celebrity that she is going to need help in case a psycho like anonymous above approaches her or her children. She looks pretty involved with them here if you ask me.

Good job J. Lo!

1388 days ago


who cares to hear anything about jlo she is nobody special !!! and as far as her wearing shoes it is a good thing i wouldnt want my kid to walk in a place where she had her shoes OFF ! can u say SKANK

1388 days ago


her kids look like the taco bell dogs

1388 days ago


What a piece of S@@t! talk about entitled! With them blowing off federal taxes like 4 times now while us little guys pay year after year, and then all of the other special treatment on top of that I can't stand her anymore. I hope her new show is a flop, which from what I hear as far as her role in it is, it is, which will make my day watching.

1387 days ago


in that SAME photo you posted is another adult with sneakers on. what's your point.

1387 days ago


On Monday,January 19th,2011 I will record American Idol on DVR(digital video recorder) and I will watch Jennifer Lopez as a juge on American Idol on Thursday,January 20th,2011. Especially baby girls and little girls cute. Baby boys and little boys are funny. From George William Gockel.

1387 days ago
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