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Alleged Pam Anderson Fan

Arrested in London

1/2/2011 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Anderson had a run-in with an allegedly overzealous fan on a train in London ... who was arrested by police and eventually pepper sprayed after he assaulted one of the officers.

According to the agency that took the photos, the man tried to confront Pam on the train, but was removed from the train by British Transport Police. According to the cops, the man eventually became violent and assaulted one of the officers.

The man was then pepper sprayed and taken away by several police officers (see above). According to several UK outlets, the same man has been bothering Anderson for weeks, causing her to use extra security.

A rep for Anderson described the events as follows, via Twitter: "Pamela Anderson is safe and sound on train back to the English capital -- no problems with her safety due to excellent security personnel."

Anderson is in London appearing as a sexy genie in a stage version of "Aladdin."


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give me a break...17...doubt leeches except herself...she is a prostitute..she has to be as no one will hire her for anything else..and 16..she does not care about anything but herself..she is a proven liar and will get naked because that is all she knows how to do..she is a joke and she knows the way where are her kids...?? with her mom?? or her brother...her boys must be so embarrassed by her..she does not raise them think the mom does OHHHHHH wait lets see what ever else she does..she's a coke whore and everyone knows this...

1391 days ago


nobody thinks A.I.D.S. chicks are hot.. honestly stop with this old lady

1391 days ago


Would not be shocked to find out that the idiots at peta paid to have some retard get himself arrested on this washed up bag of bones behalf to drum up some buzz.. More like Zzzzz, who cares about this old, ugly, turned-out **** anymore?

1391 days ago


Enough with all these children who think she's old. I'm in my 20s and I know better. Although she's certainly not the Pam from the mid 90s anymore, although I suspect that's more because of excessive drugs and surgery.

1391 days ago

the truth    

# 17..STFU! She is a whore and an old UGLY one at that!

Posted at 8:56 PM on Jan 2, 2011 by 2 tellthetruth

you gotta be a kid lol
is that all you can come up with? your such a fighter ! hahaha

1391 days ago


Ummm have things got that bad for Pamela that she needed to get public transport?

1391 days ago


she is a prostitute
give her a few K´s and she´s yours

1391 days ago


She usually covers those scars with make up.

Most life long vegetarians look alot healthier than she does though. It appears that her partying has taken a toll on her skin.
I remember Kid Rock said that she partied all the time and never watched her kids.

1391 days ago


She was SO pretty before all of the boobs and Smokey eye makeup, you know when she was on Tim Allen's show, then BOOM! Boobs, bleached ( even more so) hair etc.a train wreck in the making.

She makes Demi Moore look good, who also is desperately trying to hang on to her 20s/30s, sometimes NOT flaunting it is the real key to being sexy.

Yes Teri Hatcher this means you as well, Twitter is just awful with these gals posting pics, it's like those sad animal commercials "look at us, see us, help us." I don't think that is the ladies intent but boy it's just as sad and pathetic to watch all of them behave so foolishly.

1390 days ago


Dr's give those red marks to patients who have hepatitis B so you can "spot" them out- no pun intended!!!!

1390 days ago


to this day of all the men she has beeen with (a lot of course)

I still can't beleieve my favorite QB Tom Brady screwed her

1390 days ago


Why would he chase down this Skank! geez.. she's not that hot fella.. plus look at the track marks on her shoulder..

1390 days ago


Oh no! those poor leeches are infected. Poor little buggers are now going to be sick as s**t!

1390 days ago


I call BS on this! She doesn't have any fans. Probably just someone who got an STD or worse from her. Another plain jane woman with celebrity boobs and nothing else.

1390 days ago


Why are you guys so mean about someone just because of their age? Everybody gets older. It's what is SUPPOSE to happen in life. And why, why, WHY do you assume that all women in their 40's (Demi, Aniston, Pam, etc.) are "desperately trying to cling to youth"??? Because they go out, do their hair, do their makeup, dare to put on a bathing suit? I do all that, and am not trying to be any particular age. I just wanna look my best......

1390 days ago
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