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Michael Jackson's Son Will Not Be Witness at Prelim

1/3/2011 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Michael Jackson manslaughter preliminary hearing -- which begins tomorrow -- will not call Michael's eldest son, Prince Michael, to testify about what he saw the day his dad died ... sources tell TMZ.


Dr. Conrad Murray has said after administering CPR he ran downstairs and asked the chef to send up Prince Michael, who saw his dad's lifeless body lying in the bed.

In fact, we're told no one from MJ's family will be called to the stand during the prelim.

As TMZ first reported, prosecutors plan to call 30 witnesses during the 2-week prelim ... many of whom will be medical professionals offering opinions about the standard of care administered by Dr. Murray.

There will be no "star witness" in the prelim.  Sources tell us the various witnesses will form building blocks, making the case that Dr. Murray acted recklessly by administering Propofol and other drugs to Jackson the day he died.


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"What business is it of yours what Jackson spent his money on..who CARES? He worked his butt off since the age of 5. Spending habits...really, he gave $350 million dollars to charities and did tons of concerts FOR FREE, on stage for hours for NO money. STFU, you don't know what they heck you're talking about."

$350 to charities? Cite, please.
Tons of free concerts for "NO MONEY" (free means "no money" btw), cite please.

It's not my business, he had every right to piss away all the money he ever made on crappy eBay trinkets, grawdy thrones, paintings he commissioned to make himself look like a king (or God, or whatever was in his warped head), suits of armor, life-size Star War toys (oh, sorry... lost childhood and all that) and all sorts of stuff he didn't need.
Did you hear he died BANKRUPT and owing MILLIONS of dollars to everyone he ever did business with? THAT is not good money management. I don't care what he spent it on - as you pointed out, it was his money. I'm just saying he was a spendthrift who made MILLIONS over the years and died owing a fortune. Great role model for his "kids." If Prince, or any of MJ's "kids" are going to be "good stewards for his largess," they ain't learning it at home (see: Joe, Katherine, JERMAINE, etc.)

1385 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

Prince Michael J. is going to RULE the world one day just like his dad did!

1385 days ago


@62 Katie10 Right on girl!!! He worked his whole DAMN LIFE to PLEASE US LEAVE HIM ALONE!

1385 days ago


@CN If Michael was as broke as others want u to believe and u are naive enough to believe it he would have never been killed...U know nothing about music publishing so back off!

1385 days ago


Glory have you even seen MJ's children in person before? You have no room to talk. Anyone with two good eyes can easily tell the children are mixed and definitely of both MJ's and Debbie's bio kids. It's so obvious when you see for yourself in person. Try hanging out in Disney of Orange County one day to catch a glimpse of the children to see for yourself.

1385 days ago


This IS Michael Jackson's biological son. He has vitiligo just like Michael which is hereditary. Haha think again losers who think this is not his son!!! he didn't lie about the child molestation, why should he lie about his own children being his biologically?

1385 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

MJ USED his own SPERM you idiot haters! Just watch THIS VIDEO here at 9:15 mark! Look what he TELLS TO Martin BASHIR in the interview! HE IS NOT LYING when he says this! JUST look at his face when he says this! YOU CAN TELL HE is NOT lying one BIT!

1385 days ago


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1385 days ago


The King of Pop is Alive!!! No guilty No Murder!!!

1385 days ago


@JANAR "Prince Michael does seems to display characteristics of his father, Michael Jackson."

And you've spend how much time with - in the presence of - MJ? Oh. And how much time with Prince? Oh. And what are the similar characteristics of these people that you have observed so closely and know so well? Oh. I thought so.
You are soooo lucky. Most people never got to know MJ and his family as well as you.
@ TGIS - "Prince will be a responsible steward of such largesse." Wow. Nice, fancy wording, but it won't happen if Prince "inherited" his "father's" spending habits.

Posted at 9:11 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by CN


CN, you seem to be somewhat lacking in knowledge, intelligence, and sensitivity on a number of different levels, so I hope to enlighten you.

It is not necessary to personally spend time in the presence of someone in order to get a feel for and make a reasonable, rational, and informed judgment about their character and personality. I have been able to make one about you in about sixty seconds just from a handful of sentences.

In regard to Michael Jackson, such a judgment was made by spending decades observing him in live and recorded interviews, as well as numerous video clips of personal interactions and performances, reading books and countless articles about him (and some by him, especially those about his values and beliefs), listening to and reading comments made about him by those who actually did spend time with him personally -- such as family, friends, colleagues, fans, neighbors, etc. (many of whom describe him similarly) -- observing his reactions toward both victory and defeat, observing how he treated other people, witnessing his reactions to intense personal and professional pressure, persecution, and disappointment, etc. In addition, there is knowledge of facts, such as his personal generosity, charitable contributions, do***ented humanitarian efforts, and expressions of concern for the environment, etc.

I will let Janar speak for him/herself, but, based upon the foregoing, I have been able to come to a reasonable conclusion that Michael Jackson possessed the following positive characteristics, and many more. He was: loving, kind, sensitive, generous, nonviolent, hard-working, self-disciplined, self-sacrificing, intelligent, autodidactic, responsible, courageous, mature, wise, tolerant, forgiving, gracious, calm, quiet, gentle, strong, tough, and honest. In addition, he also possessed unshakable self-respect, unwavering integrity, and dogged perseverance, and he wielded certain powers of the mind very effectively -- a rare skill accessible only to those who have achieved a certain level of spiritual maturity. Like all of us, he had some flaws, but he was a man who strove for excellence in all things, and he was and remains worthy of honor, respect, admiration, and love. Michael Jackson was an extraordinary human being, and he will be remembered as such by people all over the world.

Granted, my observation and knowledge of Prince Jackson has been minimal, as previously described; yet it is a testament to his strength of character that he has been able to portray a strong sense of his personality simply by his very limited media exposure. This is also backed up by what those who have actually met Prince say about him.

Prince is just an adolescent, so of course he would not exhibit the full panoply of his grown father's admirable character traits. Nor should he intentionally strive to do so. Prince is not Michael Jackson. Prince is Prince Jackson, and he is his own person and will make his own mark on the world in his own way, which may be in a very private, and far less celebrated, way.

Nevertheless, Prince's comportment is uncannily similar to his father's, at least to those who possess the requisite sensitivity to discern it. Also, it has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. On more than one occasion, and especially in the photo accompanying this article, both Prince's eyes and his countenance convey his father's spirit, which is an outgrowth of character. Clearly, Michael Jackson has left the imprint of his spirit on that boy, and both Paris and Blanket also exhibit evidence of Michael's spirit and character. This is undoubtedly because Jackson spent a great deal of time nurturing, teaching, and guiding his children -- by all accounts. This powerful unconditional love and discipline helped to create the people that they are today -- it molded and shaped their characters -- and they will carry his influence on them for the rest of their lives, hopefully to be passed on to their own children.

Now, those are a whole lotta fancy words to simply say that "Prince reminds me so much of his father -- not necessarily in regard to his features, but rather spiritually" -- but I felt tht your comment cried out for a more detailed explanation. Hopefully I have clarified things for you.

In regard to Michael Jackson's "spending habits," you seem to insinuate that those "spending habits" where the cause of Jackson's financial difficulties. I know that many in the press like to state this, but the real causes of Jackson's financial problems were several shameless extortion attempts by unscrupulous parents and lawyers, as well as cruel and unrelenting media bullying, both of which negatively impacted Jackson's career and earning ability, countless meritless lawsuits, criminal financial mismanagement of Jackson's finances, excessive compensation paid to employees/consultants, and Jackson's legendary generosity. And don't forget that the man gave about $350 million of his money to charity.

1385 days ago



Thank you, my exact sentiments, with regard to the photo of Prince, I see as you do, I could not have expressed it better.

1385 days ago


besides the fact about his paternity...
he's probably too young to testify anyway...
he is soon going to be the exact double of arnold klien in 2 years. and paris will be the exact double of mark lester..

1385 days ago


face it people mj lied!!!
hopefully when they're real parents come to claim them.
because if anyone of them have a good chance at getting those kids. Paris would be the first one to go... she looks exactly like Mark Lester! lets be honest here Paris and Prince look like they came from two different parents...they don't even look like brother an sister despite both having brown hair..even though Princes hair was dyed that weird platnuim blonde...when he was little they still never looked alike.
its ashame though because kathrine deviantly won't be able to raise them she's too old its only amatter of time before the sperm donors/ come to get those children.

1385 days ago


when they're biological parents come to claim them.
they need normal names they cannot just walk around like that when they're adults.

1385 days ago
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