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Porn King

Face-to-Face with Octomom's Landlord

1/3/2011 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch just met with the guy who holds the note on Octomom's home -- and by the sound of things ... he's even closer to banging out a deal for the Octo-crib. 

As we first reported, Hirsch is looking to take the note off the hands of Amer Haddadin as a way of "beginning a relationship with Octomom" -- since she's turned down all his previous job offers.

Hirsch still needs to see some paperwork -- and the inside of the actual house -- before things go any further ... but he tells us things are going in a very "positive" direction.


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I hope the porn guy can save Octomom's house.

I really like Nadya and really want to start banging her. So she needs a place.


1389 days ago


id so ROTF if he buys the house then she decides to move out.

1389 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

What a skeevy slimeball. Sounds like he plans to get what he wants through extortion. Almost as low as a Paparazzi.

1389 days ago


I don't know if there is a hand soap presently on the market that you would want to use after shaking hads with Hirsch.

1389 days ago


Think she`s wishin she had stayed outta the mall and the plastic surgeon`s office and paid her damn bills?

1389 days ago

me not you    

What a despicable sociopath. He's buying the house so that HE can evict her in a few months when she still refuses to have anything to do with porn. I think Octo-mom is an obvious nutjob but at least she's not cruel, and I give her props for refusing to get into his "industry". Her children will at least be able to be proud of that, if nothing else.

1389 days ago


Dress like a porn star, get the fake boobs and lips like a porn star...then don't be "shocked" when someone thinks you are a porn star.

Loans are sold every day, people. Get over it.

1389 days ago


Why do people assume he want her to do porn? He may just want to broker the sale of some of those kids.

1389 days ago


Me not you - 2:13 PM

The only way Hirsch can evict Octoscam is if she misses payments. Otherwise, she can stay there as long as the lease says she can.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure her children will be proud of her...

1389 days ago


Hirsch has kids of his own. He might just be trying to do a good deed out of sympathy for her children, but wouldn't he have done this all privately? Then again nobody in the group has the decency to keep their private affairs private. In the meantime workmen's compensation has opened a fraud investigation into Octomaim's WC case.

1389 days ago


Even though I think Octomom needs to be in a mental institution for the protection of those kids (present and future)....Bletch on him! Lower than low, he is. An underwear stain, really.

1389 days ago


This whole thing is just creepy.

1389 days ago


I never thought I'd feel badly for Octomom but I do. NO ONE deserves to be forced to work in porn. I hope if he tries it, she goes after him legally, and wins. Nice way he treats women.

1389 days ago


I think its disgusting that hes gonna pay off her house when there are way more other people that deserve that done to them then her! its her own fault she decided to pop 8 kids out of her ***** and buy a house out of her means!

1389 days ago


Well I hope TMZ is there if this guy starts trying to strong arm Nayda as she did turn him down multiple times, hasn't she stopped exploiting her kids unlike whatherslavemasterkate? At least Nayda admits she has/had problems unlike that sociopath KG, who is destroying her kids' minds and souls.
TLC/Bravo needs to stop trying to make women who have multiples as reality show queens who get freebies/free trips/$$$ off the backs of their children....young girls think they can be like that too by taking fertility has become a $ick joke.

1389 days ago
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