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Face-to-Face with Octomom's Landlord

1/3/2011 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch just met with the guy who holds the note on Octomom's home -- and by the sound of things ... he's even closer to banging out a deal for the Octo-crib. 

As we first reported, Hirsch is looking to take the note off the hands of Amer Haddadin as a way of "beginning a relationship with Octomom" -- since she's turned down all his previous job offers.

Hirsch still needs to see some paperwork -- and the inside of the actual house -- before things go any further ... but he tells us things are going in a very "positive" direction.


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Hey Barbie, I would appreciate an apology. I'm waiting......... and waiting..... and waiting.... Never mind, didn't really expect one.

Thank you Bellestarr for providing the link.

1354 days ago


Good Morning bellestarr.. smile
I checked this site and it's probably not updated.

If she closed the case last April with a C/R then she could do hand stands all day long in her front yard and their is nothing anyone can do about it... She knows this...

Posted at 4:04 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by My Little Girls


Not true, MLG. The EAMS website is continuously updated. It's the primary means of communication between the W/C board and W/C attys. California also has a clause in their W/C compromise and release statements and laws that give the state 5 years to go back after someone for fraud after a settlement.

A brief overview of the fraud unit in Cali:

1354 days ago


I'm not of fan of Nadya S. actions and I believe that she did not exercise proper judgement in continuing to have children that she could not afford to take care of and emotionally support. But, at the end of the day, the children are already here and the best thing that people can do for the CHILDREN is to not demonize their mother. These babies will always love their mother, despite her mistakes. It is more beneficial for the CHILDREN, that Nadya is given emotional support and encouragement in making good decisions for herself and her children.
The fact of the matter is that she has got alot of temptation out there...she had 14 kids and i'm sure loads of people offering her all kinds of stuff everyday ( in order to drag her into only God knows what). I saw her interview on Oprah and she admitted that she did the media stuff ( photo in bikini) because it paid really well and she has 14 mouths to feed (14..good Lord..i cant imagine being a single mom to 14 lil people).

1354 days ago

Khate sucks    

This is sickening! WHY does that whore deserve ANYTHING! She doesn't work OR take care of her own kids! The kids should have been taken away a year ago!

1354 days ago


Of the two, the landlord is a complete skeev!

1354 days ago


She is the one that puts herself out in the public eye. It's obvious that she wants fame and fortune. She implanted twelve embryos despite extraordinary dangers for the innocent babies just so she could profit. In that case, she deserves all the scrutiny she gets. If she were a good mother, then I would care if she scammed some money here and there, but she's a horrible, greedy person, and she's a terrible mother.

1354 days ago


Noone has tied this skidmark to the railroad tracks in the path of an oncoming train. If she does not like who buys the note she chose to default on instead of paying of when she had more than enough money to o do it and doesn't want to continue to live there when she has permission to do so, who is stopping her from moving? Seriously? I bet Hirsch would pay her moving costs to the projects.I bet he'll end up having to.

The idea that this virginal middle-aged rose-bud could be forced into porn. Because the people who look at porn really have such a desire to see someone who looks like 10 pounds of shhit stuffed into a five pound sack squealing like a pig in a well. That idea is fantasy.

The reality is that by next year she'll be jammed into some subsidized hovel in some small out of the way town where 14 unsupervised kids can get into not a much trouble as the gang-ridden low-life populated crowd her mother is in now.
Porn would probably be a step up from who these kids get to think grown-ups are now..

Do you really want to see 14 kids who have gang tats on them before they get to junior high? That would be the ones that aren't in wheelchairs or riding the short bus.

Hirsch should save his money and offer to rent her a house in some small town. He'll still get the publicity and it will be a lot easier on his lawyers to walk away from her when the time comes.

1354 days ago


Octomaim is it true you own and have a gun in that house with those 14 unsupervised children?

1354 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

I have to agree with others. Octomom's actions are no better than a porn star.

Why anyone has sympathy for a welfare cheat, a workmans comp scammer and a deadbeat, I sure don't know.

1354 days ago


USAgrl- You fail to realize that she continuously CHOOSES to put herself out there in an unflattering light. Barfkini pics and shooting plastic babies out of her **** on MTV weren't for "securing revenue", it was done to feed her ego. You don't see any other HOM mothers doing things like that.

1354 days ago


Maybe her fan club can help her out. Calling all members of her fan club... Hello, anyone out there? I'm not hearing anything. Hmmmm.

1354 days ago


USAgirl, I guess I have lost patience with the poor argument that, despite Suleman's [utter] lack of [adult] judgment, the kids are here, and we must support HER. For the children's sake.

You say we could support and guide her toward making better judgments in the future.

Do you know HOW MANY PEOPLE have tried to do that? She doesn't LISTEN!! She knows it all!!

Many, many people in her community stepped forward to help with the children. Volunteers, like other HOM families relied on. Nadya turned everyone away lest they disapprove of her set up with ROL. Ironically, the ROL footage revealed how disturbed and dysfunctional her family is!

Despite her delusions that her "love" is enough, NO ONE can take care 14 very young children adequately. She could open her door to help, but she WON'T.

I watched that German do***entary. Someone commented that if she were the babysitter, and her treatment of those babies caught on a nanny-cam, she would be fired and possibly charged with abuse.

1354 days ago



So, badczech does your mother know you are really a girl?

1354 days ago


Who told the Hoe to have those many kids anyway. She is stupid and did it for the money and now it is not working out.

1354 days ago


What kind of porn flick could he actually use her for? A lesbian love story with the cat lady Jocelyn Wildenstein - two mentally ill women console each other about their ugly plastic surgery nightmare faces. Maybe Vivid is going to move into horror movies and she will star in Day of the Living Village Idiots - and we can follow her to Yogurtville for daily yogurt for fourteen as if the babies could actually eat a pint apiece, Strip Mall Nails for a mani/pedi/mrsa infection, the gym for four hours of mirror love, a sprint to the car for the scheduled spontaneous paparazzi pic, and finale of Nadya throwing things at the eight little zombies in their cages. Go away you pesky zombies. You didn't make me rich and famous enough.

1353 days ago
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