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Palm Desert PD Gunning for Lindsay From the Get-Go

1/4/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Palm Desert Police Department was rabidly trying to get Lindsay Lohan arrested just days after her altercation with a Betty Ford Center staffer.

Sources say a police lieutenant contacted L.A. County Deputy Probation Officer Barbara Parker shortly after Lindsay's December 12 run-in with Dawn Holland, asking her to come to Betty Ford and arrest Lindsay for violating her probation.  When Parker told the lieutenant it would be premature to take such drastic action, we're told the lieutenant began arguing with her and it got "extremely heated."

We've learned after the call, the lieutenant's boss called Parker to apologize.

As TMZ reported earlier today, the police are now saying Lindsay violated her probation by committing a battery.  What's interesting is that it's for the L.A. County Probation Department and ultimately a Beverly Hills judge -- not the police in Riverside County -- to conclude if Lindsay violated probation.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will take no action against Lindsay unless she's convicted of battery in Riverside County.


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Does anyone know if Lindsays P.O. is a man? Cuz this person sure does cover for her all the time

The DA should look into her P.O. its bull**** how they cover for her all the time and what they let her get away with

1357 days ago


Lezby violated curfew and snuck back into BF. She was caught by a staffmember and told to take a drug test. Instead, she called DUIDina who told her to resist, and she got into a verbal and physical fight with a person who was simply doing her job. Unfortunately, that person, and her color does not matter here, chose to speak to the media about the incident and then got scared of being prosecuted for HIPAA violations and withdrew her complaint, and perhaps she was paid off by DUIDina as well. The staffer's error in speaking out does not negate the fact that Lezby attacked her and violated her probation. Riverside PD has more cojones that LAPD and they are willing to do the right thing. BRAVO TO RIVERSIDE PD! This junkie skank needs to go back to jail.

1357 days ago


"heated conversation" = battery charge? I don't think so . . .

1357 days ago


This is obviously President Obama's fault...because he is a black man. Every white person knows that only white people are good, honest, generous, loving and tolerant. All you have to do is look at Rush Limbaugh, Charles Manson, Scooter Libby or Lindsay Lohan to see that white people are the bestest people on Earth!

1357 days ago


Lohan was arrested three years ago for drunk driving. Now doing naughty things like pushing someone while trying to get her phone is a felony.

once someone is under the supervision of the US penal system, the odds of every getting unhooked from them is only 20%. Lohans odds are not good.

1357 days ago


#18,#19 I am not an "idiot". (Nice choice of words..) I just know that things are made up and magnified when your in the public eye and people jump to conclusions before knowing the full story.

Moving next to Sam is an awful move but that in no way proves she is not taking her sobriety or comeback seriously.

1357 days ago


Can anybody tell me what crime did LiLo committ in the first place other than getting drunk and high and being a slut celebrity? Is that a crime? So she did a little blow, ummm, dude there's gangsters and Eurotrash dudes all over the country doing way more coke and stuff than Lindsey. I feel like for some reason she's being made an example of or something. It's kind of retarded.

1357 days ago


And did she or did she not violate her probation by a) Refusing to take a drug/alcohol test (my God, the woman's in rehab for crying out loud!) and b) Sneaking OUT OF REHAB to go party? It most certainly would be for the rest of us slobs.

1357 days ago


Time has done her no favors.. No such thing as aging gracefully when talking about her.. My lord she looks like she is 40!

1357 days ago


This girl is what? 24? Her face looks as bad as mine and I'm mid-50ish. She needs to clean herself up or she's going to be in the same boat with MJ, Elvis Presley and Anna Nicole Smith. Your body can only take so much drugs before it starts coming apart. Actually, I think she is talented, but she needs to come back to earth.

1357 days ago


@MIDNIGHT TOKER - Give me a freakin' break. This has NOTHING to do with the color of Lindsay's victim and everything to do with who Lindsay is. Don't throw out the race card here. It makes you sound ignorant.

@James - What do you think happened to Li-Lo? Drugs, alcohol and lack of sleep can make a 20-something look 40-something.

@jjmom22 - Give her a break? Really? You can't be serious. Li-Lo has been getting nothing but breaks and eventually, she's going to kill herself if she doesn't end up killing someone else.

1357 days ago

billy cema    

What can we, the public, do for Lindsay? We can pray, or have the clergy pray for her. That would help her more than judging her.
She will quit one way or another. Hopefully, she will decide she wants to live.

1357 days ago


She violated her probation by refusing to submit to a test after being suspected. She new she was drinking that night thats why she refused. If she was not drinking than she would have taken the test just to prove the worker wrong. This is crap. If this were a common black non celeb she would have been violated in a heartbeat. The probation dept just does not want the heat. What a bunch of *******.

1357 days ago


Hey jmak10-
Did you proofread your comment before hitting send?? This is Blohan's 5th time in rehab-why?? Because she is a junkie, just like Dawn Holland. Blohan 5- Dawn 8. Not much difference there, sport. At least Dawn is working, somthing which LL has not done in a long while. Additionally, Dawn's background is that of a battered woman. All of you LL sympathizers are morons.

1357 days ago


"#18,#19 I am not an "idiot". (Nice choice of words..) I just know that things are made up and magnified when your in the public eye and people jump to conclusions before knowing the full story.

Moving next to Sam is an awful move but that in no way proves she is not taking her sobriety or comeback seriously.

Posted at 12:04 PM on Jan 4, 2011 by Ashley

And THIS!! sounds like a comment coming from Dina Demon Lohan.... look.. you're the main one at fault.. like your daughter you are in denial.. you have the "denial symptoms of a pageant mother who wish she could be the star".. you're living your life as if everything single bad thing your lil girl does is not a big problem.. you downplay these incidents like its "all a mistake and the truth will come out" when in fact.. it is YOU working the backend attempting to cover up lindsey's real actions.

parents like you suck dina, really,, i would assume that for once you checked yourself and made a worthy attempt to behave in an adult fashion.. but you're running the mouth and fingers attempting to provide your misinformation tactics.. sorry lady lohan.. its over.. its been heard before, said before.. this is IT!.. lindsey is busted for her true actions.

i think we all agree she has a problem.. but you are the enabler which IS THE PROBLEM..

she's addicted to Sam, like she's addicted to partying, if Sam did not want to be hasseled by the paps then she would simply say so and begin proceedings to a restraining order since THEY HAVE WELL DO***ENTED VIOLENCE between the 2 in the past.. your lil girl has some issues.. but im sure you're well aware of that.. she's your offsping afterall..

she is not thinking about her life.. she's still thinking about a life with Sam and the other girls and is steadily walking right back into the same circles for which it got her into..

PRICELESS!!! how can some chicks be in such denial!

1357 days ago
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