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Camille Grammer Quitting 'Housewives of Bev Hills'

1/5/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille Grammer is quitting the show ... and she's even lawyered up to negotiate an out.

Camille Grammer Quits Real Housewives

Sources tell us Camille is upset with the way she's been portrayed on the show.  And, we're told, Camille did the show because Kelsey Grammer wanted her to, and now that she's a single mom, "circumstances have changed."

We're told Camille's lawyer and Bravo are already discussing a "settlement" and an offer is on the table for the terms of her departure.

A rep for Bravo tells TMZ, "No decision has been made for season 2."  Bravo says they just filmed the "dramatic" reunion show and questions will be answered.


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If you Google pictures of Camille Grammer when she first married Kelsey, she looked so much healthier and fresh -- then she really DID change into a Beverly Hills housewife. I know time isn't always kind when it comes to aging, but I think the attempt to stay looking young and thin backfired.

1389 days ago


That ugly arrogant broad looks like the hooked her up to a vacuum sealer and sucked all the moisture of her, leaving only a bony skank with horrible trout lips and a big nose, she is scary looking!

1389 days ago

moe l.    

Holy Crap she's ugly!!!

1389 days ago


She doesn't need the show. She did what every woman apprises to do these days. Marry rich, don't sign a pre-nup, divorce and walk away with 50 mil.

1389 days ago


It's sure going to be boring without that screeching, whiny, "woe is me...LOOK at ME" stick walking around in expensive clothes...but I'm sure the show will do just fine without her.

She really is too hard to watch, you cannot ignore the lies and pity party she has going on.

SEE YA Camille..or hopefully NOT.

1389 days ago


I think Kelsey signing her up for RHOBH was brilliant!

If she wants to blame editing, I'm sure there is a ton of extra footage showing her behave just like she does every week on tv.

She's delusional to think thatall women are jealous of her.

1389 days ago


You people are just plain rude. I do agree they have shown her in an unkindly light as they have to do with someone on these reality shows. Until you walk in someone elses shoes you shouldn't judge them as the shoes may PINCH if you do!!

1389 days ago


Actually, I'll be sad to see her go. Similar to Danielle Staub and Michaele Salahi, I think that Camille's crazy is entertaining. The group dynamics of the shows require that someone be the antagonist.

In all fairness however, while Michaele is nuts/delusional and Camille is not a likable person, Danielle is/was evil and quite literally a dangerous person.

1389 days ago


I think us viewers were put off by her showing off her weath so much.
this woman is very super phonie, and I would not be a bit surprised
if she wanted out before the "Reunion" show.
She reminds me of the girls in high school who spoke in a low sexy voice
and thought they were all that, and are not.

Besides, she acted very much in love with that "Nick" guy. I'm still not sure
if he is gay or not. But the display she put on with him was shameful.
It was sooooo obvious that she wanted to "**uk" him badly.

1389 days ago


Just cancel the whole show along with all the other HW shows. THey all suck and the people on them are all mentally off.

1389 days ago


Maybe Kelsy wanted her to do the show so when he left Camille they'd be more sympathetic towards him. 13 years - I'm surprised he lasted that long - she is a nut job. She is also too in love with Kelsey's money and fame - I think she loved it more then she loved him. She's plain gross. Glad she won't be on next season

1389 days ago


It's about time. She needs to head straight into therapy. And that psycho "psychic" friend needs to get over herself. I have watched that stupid show "Medium" once and I thought she was a freak. I was right in real life she is a horrible person. Thank's Camille the show will do better without you.

1389 days ago


Good, she portrayed her image herself. She is a stuck up conceited person and does not deserve all the attention, let alone her husbands money. Single mom, give me a break, she has 4 nannies, I dont feel sorry for her, as far as I am concerned she isn't even a mother. Get a life Camille, I feel bad for your kids and happy for Kelsey. Such a big LLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

1389 days ago


Aww, everybody is ganging up on the crazy lady, lol.

I think Camille could be a nice person if she was poor. But she's set for life so it's probably not gonna happen.

The show will be better without her forced drama.

1389 days ago


She seems SO SELF-RITUOUS. To say that she single-handedly saved Kelsey's life/career.... MEH! If I were Kyle, I'd slam a bitch to the ground. I mean common bitch weighs like 70 lbs.

1389 days ago
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