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The Michael Jackson Prelim Fashion Report

1/5/2011 9:30 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

The Jackson clan turned day 2 of the Conrad Murray/Michael Jackson manslaughter prelim into a couture runway show.

From Janet in Jermaine drag to Katherine's purple Barney suit, check out all of the killer fashions.


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MJ's family is so very beautiful. Where is crazy Joe? Did he also attend?

1330 days ago


Really!? Fashion is what we are worried about? The woman loses a son and yall bitch about what she wears to court? Really?

1330 days ago


Like swarming predatory vultures they come to steal the last morsel and blame someone for their faults, greed and addictions.

1330 days ago

get it right    

Randy said in his tweets that he didn't think he would be there today as he wasn't feeling well, but that it did not mean he was giving up the fight... he just didn't think he could make it as he wasn't... well... feeling good.

See he made it there today, anyway... he DOES look tired, and under the weather a bit. Figured maybe MJ went in worse condition to trial in 05 so decided he could do so now LIKE him, and FOR him. Kudos Randy.

KJ/Barney? LOL omg... sorry, but yeah.

LaToya... don't like her at all either, but of the 4 today she wins as far as 'fashionable' although satin trousers in a courtroom is a touch tacky....

JJ silk suited Pimp left the BLING at home I see, he must be ITCHING without it. LOL

Yep... No Jerm. lol Prob back at KJ's rented backdoor (was tossed out his rented mansion just a little while ago) the second they left the house to serve as look out while Alejandra + kids and their things move right on back in there "behind *wink, wink* KJ's back". LOL Told PPB they were there just to visit, and 'babysit' them while the fashionistas were at court.

Dang this tribe is nasty, but HILARIOUS... in that ghetto "reality show, but really THEIR reality!" showing way.


1330 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

What a no-class bunch of ghetto-fabulous losers.

1330 days ago


that is the rude,,, plain and simple.... to make fun of an older lady is just plain rude... you should be ashamed of yourselves... and i bet you are getting a ton of feed back on this... you really should re track it as fast as you can....
this is a black mark on you... i am very sad..

1330 days ago


I've always thought Janet tried to look like Michael. This is, in my mind, disrespectful to MJ
on her part.

1330 days ago


Beautiful family. :)

1330 days ago


Katherine is so cute and such a sweet little lady. Met her a few times. MJ was just like his Mom and looked so much like her.

1330 days ago


I've always thought Janet tried to look like Michael. This is, in my mind, disrespectful to MJ
on her part.

Posted at 3:10 PM on Jan 5, 2011 by karen

Definitely reminds me of MJ, too! Maybe she just trying to pay tribute to him? But anyway, I don't think she can help looking so much like her brother! No matter how she puts her hair she looks just like him.

1330 days ago


correction: No matter how JANET puts her hair she always looks like a darker version of MJ.

1330 days ago


Latoya looks fantastic, just like her mom. Janet doesn't look like MJ, let's get real she looks just like her father especially the older she gets. I agree however with those who think it's tacky to critique their fashion. Who cares what they are wearing, they are there to get justice for a doctor who administered the drugs that caused the death of someone they loved and waited an inexplicable amount of time to call an ambulance and report a time of death. It would be pretty sick for them to be uber concerned about what to wear.

1330 days ago


Funny, the sister who called her own brother a liar during his pedophile trials(LaToya), shows up to court. I guess she is trying to look good to get some of that cash im sure these money hungry mooches are gonna get when they sue the doctor.

1330 days ago


If you look under "disfunctional family" there will be a picture of the Jacksons. Poor Michael. He shouldve had a kind smartass agent back then who wouldve cut all ties between him and his family who was exploiting him (except his mom, who would live with him). Perhaps give some money if someone was in trouble but other than that only regularly talk to perhaps Janet.. Have the best shrink present all the time to deal with his totally messed up mind and he would be fine today.

1330 days ago


These ppl just lost a son & a brother you and yall are worried about how they look smh. Grow up TMZ

1330 days ago
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