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Power Balance Bracelets are Total BS ... Says Lawsuit

1/6/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you still don't understand how those super-trendy "Power Balance" bracelets make you into a better athlete ... it's because they don't -- this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.


The class action lawsuit, filed this week in federal court in L.A., alleges consumers were duped into believing the hologram-embedded band was scientifically proven to enhance balance, flexibility and strength. There was just one small problem -- there's no hard proof to back those claims.

In fact, the suit claims Power Balance honchos admitted they had "no credible scientific evidence that supported the representations" -- but continued to "mislead" the public anyway ... selling 3 million units in just three years.

The lawsuit claims Power Balance needs to shell out more than $5,000,000 to make things right with consumers.

So far, no word if famous band-supporters like Kobe Bryant, Shaq or Paul Pierce will join the class.

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you know I have seen some crazy stuff. If its worth even having the confidence or what ever it might be that it gives you then sweet. I watched an army guy come into our store try one on. Before he put it on he told me the story of how he was hit by a bomb schrap metal etc. Full bionic arm gnarly scary scar could not move his wrist. I witnessed it! Then he put it on & and then he could move his wrist. scientist can suck it & the guys throwing a law suit. What ever it is Placebo's work. I saw it with my own eyes. That product brought light to a dark person life. And to me thats priceless.

1323 days ago


But they do work. Everyone who wore them lost weight (from their wallet). A fool and his money are soon parted and you can't legislate against stupidity.

1319 days ago


So Josh Roche, because you can't prove that powerbands do not work that means that they must work. Are you by any chance a person who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible? Because what you have just cited is referred to as a god of the gaps hypothesis. Just because you can't explain how a species evolved then god must have done it. Totally wrong and very naive. Other people have done studies (check the Australian Skeptics website) that have proved that powerbands are a con. Also check the ACCC, TGA and Choice websites in Australia for more information.

1319 days ago


CHECK OUT THE DEMO I DID AT UAB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie-kzh9gUPw

An independent university research lab has completed a double-blind, placebo-controlled, repeated-measures, PILOT study. This pilot study found that participants using the 8ight holographic disks have better muscular endurance than placebo. These findings have been submitted to ACSM for presentation." Expanded studies are being planned.No known company selling holograms or wrist bands has submitted their products to a major university for a double blind, placebo controlled study, besides 8ight. Remember, only use holograms or wrist bands Powered By 8ight. 8ight is the company that powers MOJO and produces the technology behind all of Mojo's products and 8ights products.

1317 days ago


CHECK OUT THE DEMO I DID WITH TJ SLAUGHTER FROM THE NFL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkdB36dVeGM
How can you tell if a wristband is a Power Wristband or just a custom rubber band?
What is the science behind performance wristband technology?
Atlanta, Georgia (2010) — 8ight LLC created the industry of Holographic Signal Transduction Technology in 2006 in La Jolla, California and was the only company making claims of influencing the body holographically at that time. 8ight or Powered By 8ight companies are now operating in 10 countries around the world.
The industry has now grown to over $100 million in sales and there are dozens of companies entering the market claiming influences on the body using wristbands or other wearing apparel. Unfortunately little science or even explanation, and certainly no machine testing, is presented by the vast majority of companies to back up their claims.
If you see a wristband that you like the looks of, buy it, but if you want a performance wristband and you see no science on the website or you see esoteric descriptions of channeling, or inner forces that create un-measurable claims from ions, just know you are likely not getting a real performance wristband that will increase your strength endurance, stamina, balance, and flexibility. If the company name has Power in the name be careful and check the science and description of what they are claiming.
Machine testing and research with a double blind study is only way to prove the effects of a hologram or holographic wristband on the human body. 8ight has done extensive testing with live blood, heart rate variability, thermal imaging, ORP, pH, biocoherence and body voltage to measure effects that are positive for the body. In addition, a major
university as just finished a pilot study and submitted the study for publication confirming the claims of Powered By 8ight holograms.
"An independent university research lab has completed a double-blind, placebo-controlled, repeated-measures, PILOT study. This pilot study found that participants using the 8ight holographic disks have better muscular endurance than placebo. These findings have been submitted to ACSM for presentation." Expanded studies are currently being planned.
No other companies selling holograms or holographic wristbands have submitted their products to a major university for a double blind, placebo controlled study.
8ight is licensed with numerous universities and organizations to create custom performance wristbands with individual school logos on the bands. Initial Universities approving 8ight as a licensee are Alabama, South Carolina, Clemson, FSU, LSU and SMU. It is anticipated three additional universities will we added this year and 24 more will be added in 2011. Numerous high schools and colleges are using Powered By 8ight technology in several states including Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.
8ight research revealed in 2006 that the body can be energetically influenced passively, no drugs or chemicals, by exposing the body to colors, numbers and geometric patterns in a concentrated way using a thermoelectric effect known as the Seebeck effect in physics. This effect is targeted on acupuncture points to create the same effect as explained in acupuncture manuals using needles.
Acupuncture is being used more and more in athletics in the U.S. with good results and is used and approved throughout the world. 8ight Performance wristbands could actually be termed acupuncture-on-the-go bands due to the prolonged effect on acupuncture points that can provide pain relief and other effects known in acupuncture. 8ight technology is also currently being carried in 1500 independent pharmacies in the U.S.
The 8ight holographically reflective process is similar to a person exposing their body to the sun and having vitamin D3 levels go up and melanin levels increase, causing the body to tan. Nothing is consumed to create this effect and it all occurs from the thermal and light spectrum reaction to the sun.
8ight is using a similar process of reflection with holographic film and differences in temperature on each side of the hologram to create an energetic acupoint stimulation. We are constantly testing different holographic material to improve this signaling process.
With regard to colors, numbers, and geometric patterns, there have been numerous studies done on these effects and how the body responds. You can see the details in the Science Center on 8ight.com. Of particular interest is the number 8. It became apparent early on, with machine testing, that the number 8 had a positive influence on
the body and if the sign of infinity was added to the number 8 the effect was magnified. We then added an octagon around the double 8s and the energetic effect improved again.
8ight then started doing research around the world and found numerous references to the number 8 in every culture. The Chinese started the Olympics on 8/8/08 at 8:08 p.m. to bring good fortune and success to the Olympic Games. So we laser the geometric and numeric 8 patterns in the center of all 8ight holograms and the influence Of 8ight is there for every wearer. We live in tough economic times and everyone needs all the help they can get. More interesting information on this can be found on 8ight.com under About Us.
To create the effects of the example of the sun, there has to be a way to capture the light signatures and imprint on the holograms. This area was the hardest to determine but became the most powerful. We created a way to convert light signatures to sound and sound to longitudinal scalar waves to imprint the holograms. The reason for longitudinally scalar waves is that energy and information can be transmitted in the same wave form and the scalar wave will transmit through any material no matter how thick. So if we are programming 10 wrist bands or 10,000 we get the exact same effect.
We also use this array to program not only the holograms in the bands but also the bands themselves. We are including different minerals in the bands now to add to the effects we are seeking which is a negative ion effect to add alkalinity to the body. We live in a toxic world and our bodies are negatively influenced by acidic foods, acidic drinks and positive ions in the form of EMF’s in the air. We can counterbalance part of this issue by exposing the body to negative ions in a similar way as walking by the ocean.
The use of all this technology is dramatic for not only athletes of all ages, but to the general public and the aging population. We are seeing sales of our bands and holograms increasing to the Baby Boomers due to the normal aging process affecting balance, strength, and pain as noted in acupuncture. So when you see claims of power bands increasing strength endurance, stamina, balance, and flexibility, and you do not see Powered By 8ight on the wristband, then you need to check the proof of claims on the company’s website.
If you see no explanation of how the band is affecting the body and no proof of the explanation then the science is just not there and you are likely overpaying for a fancy rubber band.
The overall goal of 8ight is to increase the quality of life for every person who utilizes our technology, and the use of Powered By 8ight wristbands is just one of a number of ways we are achieving our goals.

1317 days ago

Ryan T.    

you cant prove they dont work either. just because a holographic emblem has no scientific properties, does not mean its a scam and doesnt work. obviously selling 3 million bands says something. send me another band and we will be fine, these things work.

1311 days ago

mike colman    

it a mojo hand or is it wrist

1237 days ago


I sell those dumb Bracelets to people but hey people really buy them from us lol.

1187 days ago


www.oskyoo.com . watch and bracelt

1174 days ago


I didnt believe either, till I tried it out and now
I am a believer. It does work.

1125 days ago


How do I get in on this lawsuit? I bought them and it was bull!

1005 days ago

H Marki    

I would like to know where to return the bracelet that I purchased for $30.00.

996 days ago

regina m. jackson    

i would like to be a part of the class action lawsuit. i brought 2 of these xtreme braclets during christmas time 2012 and i have the receipt. please give me an address and phone number so i can start the process. thank you

577 days ago
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