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Camille Grammer to Bravo: I'm Now Ready to Walk

1/6/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer has negotiated a settlement with Bravo, which gives her the ability to leave "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" immediately, TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Camille hired the famous Larry Stein, Esq., who has repped Rob LoweEva Longoria, Timbaland and many other celebs, to sit at the bargaining table with Bravo.

As we reported ... Camille wanted off the show because she feels she was portrayed as a hateable woman ... not representative of who she really is.

According to Camille's deal, Bravo had the right to either pick up her option for season 2 or cut her, but the contract didn't give Camille the right to walk.  Stein went to Bravo and argued the network misrepresented to Camille the way she would be portrayed and therefore she was fraudulently induced into signing on.

TMZ has learned ... a few days ago Stein got Bravo to give Camille an out in her deal, allowing her to walk right now.

We're told Camille's intention is to leave the show, but she won't formally exercise her option until the reunion show airs later this month. The subtext -- if Bravo has any hope of keeping Camille they better be nice in the editing bay.

Stein could not be reached for comment.



No Avatar


She was portrayed herself........a nasty pathetic, jealous, rotten, beotch... The girl we all love to hate. She thinks everyone is jealous of her...........I would never want to be like her.

1394 days ago


Camille was portrayed as a hateable woman only because she IS a hateable woman. I can't wait until I hear someone tell me that she said "Don't you KNOW WHO I AM??? I'm Kelsey Grammar's EX-WIFE!" lol

No one cared about you before and don't worry honey, no one is gonna start now either.

1394 days ago

Joe Camel    

She accepted money to sleep with the Sultan of Brunei. She was an escort in Hollywood too. She accepted money to sleep with men.

Nothing wrong with that, until you pass judgment on others like she did.

heh, wait for the True Hollywood Story on E!

1394 days ago


The truth hurts. You are a stuck up witch. That is obvious it is you on the show how can they fake that. You are the most hated person on all of the housewife shows

1394 days ago


Good riddence to her!!! "It's who I am.."...."That's not who I am...." that's all this wackadoodle can say on the show...seriously...she's psychotic and needs help.

1394 days ago


I like Camille. I am not watching anymore because of Kyle, she is the real beotch, sorry c and I hope you and Kelso get back together, because I looooooooooovvvvvvvvveeee him too!!!!

1394 days ago


She did nothing nice or redeming that would suggest she's nothing other than a stupid vile Biatch. No editing can change what was shown. This is another dimented ploy by her to blame others for her vile behavior!!

1394 days ago


Bravo must be eating their hearts out that she doesn't want to be on their show anymore. Seriously, how boring would the show be without that conceited hag going on and on about how fantastic she is and how everyone is jealous of her, and constantly humping on anyone and everyone's leg? Hating this chick and hoping someone puts her in her place, OH AND WAITING FOR THE STORYLINE TO TURN TO KELSEY DUMPING HER BONY ASS, makes us tune in every week!!! Yeah, yeah, Taylor was abused and Kim has relationship issues, would someone please punch Camille in the face already?? We're waiting!

1394 days ago


PLEASE take her off the show..She makes me want to NOT watch...

1394 days ago


She's such a BITCH, Y is she even on the show? I think she needs to lay off of the drugs & the pool man. Pay back IS a bitch an't it.

1394 days ago


Camille is something else, why didn't her lame friend tell her that her husband was cheating on her? Talk about insecure. She has the very ugly narcassictic sickness.

I think we use that term as a joke - being narcassitic, but it's actually very very UGLY.

I love Kyle and Lisa. Suprisingly I didn't think in the beginning I would like Kyle, but I do.
I feel sorry for Taylor - honey, your husband just isn't that into you. Kim is a whimp.

1394 days ago

BM Barbie    

I love when these people blame "editing" and Bravo for their representation. Bravo cannot put words in people's mouths Camille. And I hated you when you said your 3,500 square foot apartment in NY was tiny so if Bravo made you say that then you're right. You are a victim. And you were also a prostitute. So is life.

1394 days ago


I am embarrassed to admit how happy this news has made me! Adversity doesn't make character it merely reveals it. And Camille you have been exposed!!! Camille needs to take responsibility for her behavior. She said what she said and she acted the way she acted! Period! If she had even a modi*** of moral courage she would simply release a statement of apology to the Bravo team, her castmates, friends and the viewers for her poor behavior.

1394 days ago


I'd be interested in hearing Kelsey's opinion of how she is being "portrayed". Are we to believe it is through the magic of "editing" that she does that annoying little smirk and roll of her eyes after she says something snarky about her co-stars?

1394 days ago


People are so naive about Hollywood. Poor Camille says she only did the show because of her husband (Kelsy's) encouragment. Given what he has been up to, did she ever stop and think for one moment that he did that to show her in her "true light"? Thus garnering public sympathy for himself...and his new girlfriend. Oh, Hollywood.

1394 days ago
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