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Camille Grammer to Bravo: I'm Now Ready to Walk

1/6/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer has negotiated a settlement with Bravo, which gives her the ability to leave "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" immediately, TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Camille hired the famous Larry Stein, Esq., who has repped Rob LoweEva Longoria, Timbaland and many other celebs, to sit at the bargaining table with Bravo.

As we reported ... Camille wanted off the show because she feels she was portrayed as a hateable woman ... not representative of who she really is.

According to Camille's deal, Bravo had the right to either pick up her option for season 2 or cut her, but the contract didn't give Camille the right to walk.  Stein went to Bravo and argued the network misrepresented to Camille the way she would be portrayed and therefore she was fraudulently induced into signing on.

TMZ has learned ... a few days ago Stein got Bravo to give Camille an out in her deal, allowing her to walk right now.

We're told Camille's intention is to leave the show, but she won't formally exercise her option until the reunion show airs later this month. The subtext -- if Bravo has any hope of keeping Camille they better be nice in the editing bay.

Stein could not be reached for comment.



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marianna kerr    

Camille....u swing yourself around in the intro proclaiming how u want out of your husbands shaddow...your psychic psycho should have told u to be careful what u wish for..and she can tell us all how we're gonna die and what will happen to out kids...huh? oh the glory of all that wealth, fame, and fortune. Housewives of Harlem would no doubt, be more classy. btw ...who would be interested in you without Kelsey ?

1331 days ago


Go ahead Bravo let Camille Grammer walk. All she is doing is what it seems she always does on the show, if it doesn't go her way she lies, stomps and pouts so it doesn't look like anything is her fault. And while your at it Bravo let Camille know that no matter how she is edited her true horrible self comes out regardless of how you try and portray her. GET RID OF HER AND GET A NEW HOUSEWIFE OF BEVERLY HILLS...AND TELL CAMILLE THIS SHOW WASN'T MADE FOR HER!!!

1331 days ago


my god now she get's that she is a stupid bit!! that noone like's or even care's about how sad 4 her thank god kelsey got out 2 bad he had 2 spend such o long marriage 2 someone so misrable lol

1331 days ago


I love Camille!! I think Kyle is realy jealous of her, Kelsey was dead wrong for what he has done cheating on that poor woman all the way across the United States!!

1331 days ago


OMG>>> how funny is this..... if Camille had brown hair in this photo she would be look exactly like Danielle from New Jersey!!!!!! Could they be sister's in real life!!!!!! lol

1331 days ago


GO! Develop a "deal" somewhere...ha ha. You know, like you did with medium, cause she was such a find. What a joke the both of you are. You two should ride off into the sunset smoking fake cigarettes.

1331 days ago


If she leaves the show she'll regret it. There's nothing a narcissist hates more than being irrelevant.

1331 days ago


I saw Anderson Cooper last night Beg her to stay on the show. I saw the show for the first time this last weekemd and what a bunch of face lifted/ botoxed/stretched/spray tanned bitches. Who watches this ****?

1331 days ago


she wants off the show because it showed her true colors. I would love to see her go...she is rude, hateful and selfish. She should go raise those kids of hers instead of having the 10 or so nannies she has. No wonder Kelsey left her.

1331 days ago


I guess the program finally mirrored the woman that Camille did not want anyone to see and she doesn't like the reflection. She portrayed herself. Kelsey wanted her to do the program. Excuses, excuses. If you're such a strong woman and the powerhouse behind Kelsey Grammer, why didn't you just say NO!???

1331 days ago


Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch, the mean old witch, ding dong the wicked witch is dead! Camille you are a senseless, stuck-up, pretentious, self absorbed, narcissistic, delusional pig. You have nothing to offer in life except for hair tossing and gawdy eye rolling. Thank God your man left you. You're a piece of trash and it's actually very sad and pathetic that it took Kelsey 13 years to leave you. It must be sad to know that 98% of the population hates you. The other 2% are idiots which would lead me to believe that you have paid them off in some form of monetary way. Nobody would be that stupid to look at you and not get a bad taste in their mouth. Thank you to whatever little angel has graced us with you leaving the show. Now GET!!!!!!!!!!!!

1331 days ago


I am PRETTY SURE Bravo didn't force her to speak! Editing? Give me a break! Maybe editing her OUT would have helped her, but that is all! She makes me cringe. Bravo should be very grateful for DVR's because I have a feeling without them, no one would have been able to stomach this...this...UGH. I'm too nice to say what I want to say. I WILL say..I have NO IDEA how Kelsey Grammer stayed with this Queen wanna-be for so long. She was never worthy of him.

1331 days ago


She needs to go eat a meal!!
All of these women are emaciated, anorexic, and vapid! They really never show any of them actually eating anything!
They do nothing all day and everyone else does everything for them. It is disgusting! They really are all sooooo ugly and boring!

1331 days ago


What is really hysterical to me....All the women who act like Camille...the pretentious...usually have a shady background. She KNOWS she is a fraud....hence her need to buy "friends." Newsflash Camille...You would be completely alone with your children(gasp) if you couldn't pay people to listen/be to you. That young man you claim is just your "friend?" Do you think you would ever see him again if you were without means? FRIENDSHIPS ARE EARNED THROUGH KINDNESS, CHARACTER AND HONESTY ALL OF WHICH YOU LACK. You are an empty shell to be pitied, not envied.

1331 days ago


Comment by DV...I'm so with you per your comment on Camille Grammer and her narcissism. What a pretentious and phony broad and she is a broad in every sense of the word - former porn star who plays a good skin flute and nude layouts in cheesy magazines, yep, that's where Kelsey found you as he began his alcohol recovery. She has the nerve to try and insult Faye Resnick... Kyle jealous of her, what could she possibly envy or be jealous of? Kelsey is obviously taking care of Kelsey, and that's sad for his two young children who are the true casualty of his selfish decision to stay in New York and begin a new life with a young woman whom he hardly knows. But, then again, who knows what he endured over the past 13 years with Camille. He's carried and bank-rolled Camille and her disgusting greed through the years and she brags about all of it on the show. To tell her friends on the show and the viewing public that she is responsible for Kelsy's sobriety is false and insulting to him - the recovering alcoholic. No one is responsible for one's sobriety, but themselves. What balls she has!!! That plastic ugly face with those mega bug eyes and fake tits makes one understand why Kelsey must have had a plan to finally bolt across the country and is willing to pay her off to get her out of his life - can't blame him. Bravo isn't responsible for the portrayal of her, she's 100% responsible for how she comes across on the screen. She claims to not get on as well with women, but better with men. Hmmmm, and with other womens' husbands how appropriate of Camille. And, the supposed friends that she invited to her night of horrors dinner party are a perfect match to Camille. Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are!! I saw the lovely women friends of Kyle's that attended Lisa's charity luncheon with her and they were great gals who were classy, sophisticated and complimentary to Kyle.

Narcissism defines Camille to a tee! Spoiled with no sense of values particularly her own children... she needs four nannies to raise them! A woman who doesn't work and needs a woman to run her household and plan their trip to "HER" home in Hawaii while she's telling the nation that she's sooooooo busy unlike the other women on the show! OMGosh, who is supposed to believe this - Kelsey???

It appears that they've all engaged in plastic surgery and injections of all kinds, but we watch... Lisa, Adrienne and Kyle are great gals and mothers. The three of them have fantastic husbands who appear to love and adore their wives, it's so nice to see. Taylor, that thing you're married to is beyond soul-less on every level, he doesn't have a clue to making a human connection (his eyes are empty and void) and obviously doesn't love you, but you must know this; it's hard to watch your segments with him. Honey, you deserve better and are a nice lady, stop the reckless shopping and throwing ridiculous and expensive parties and get something cooking for yourself that will give you personal self-worth, value and financial security. You now have an open and unique forum and are well-liked, what more do you need to take advantage of a stellar and once in a lifetime opportunity? Bethany Frankel is a great example to many women out there, I admire her. She lived and endured many hard knocks in her life as an only child with emotionally bankrupt parents, but decided to create a brand in herself and has not stopped trailblazing at every turn and opportunity and along the way met a fabulous man who is now her husband and father of her precious baby girl. Camille Grammer wouldn't know what any of this means if it hit her right in her thick botox'd forehead! Hard work, rolling-up her sleeves to contribute and even raise her own children... NOPE, taking off her clothes, posing and opening sesame for the cameras is her former body of work. Camille is the definition of uber "Gold-digger!" And, BTW, Camille, your dermatologist appears to be missing the three wrinkle rolls below your hairline, it looks so freaky... a stone wall forehead and above it are three major rows of wrinkles!!! Botch job, get your money back!!!

1331 days ago
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